Smok TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank

By Smoktech
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SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank

Within the vaping industry, few companies have managed to establish themselves as one of the foremost leaders in the way that SMOK has. Renowned and coveted for their exceptionally progressive, high-quality, and powerful devices, every product bearing the SMOK name is genuinely second-to-none. Having raised the bar of the vaping experience, enthusiasts from around the globe turn to SMOK for their vaping needs.

The SMOK Prince Cobra Tank

Among its extensive collection of prevalent devices, SMOK is particularly esteemed for its award-winning collection of tanks and coils. Delivering vapor production and flavor intensity once only obtainable via a rebuildable atomizer, SMOK made this possible in a user-friendly pre-built format. One of the most celebrated of SMOK’s tanks is undeniably the TFV12 Prince.

This masterpiece is truly unparalleled in all forms and maintains its place as one of the most widespread vape tanks the community has ever seen. On the heels of this popularity, SMOK has stirred a tremendous buzz with the release of the latest edition of this prized line—the SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra.

TFV12 Prince Cobra Design

In line with the other TFV12 Prince Tanks, and indeed with all of SMOK’s premium products, the Cobra Edition is fabricated with the highest quality materials. The body, frame, and chassis of this gem are constructed with durable 304-grade stainless steel. A blend of various alloys, this solid material is built to withstand the strains of heavy daily use, while also remaining remarkably resistant to rust and corrosion. The self-adjusting, spring-loaded contact pin is also made with stainless steel, thereby enabling it to endure the rigors of continuous screwing and unscrewing.

Prince Cobra Tank Construction

The SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Sub-Ohm Tank is equipped with a high-grade borosilicate glass reservoir to house the e-juice. With a massive 7ml capacity, the tank will last for extended periods between refills, making it exceptionally expedient. Due to the unique characteristics of borosilicate glass, it is entirely impervious to the acidic composition of e-juice.

As a result, the tank will not only remain aesthetically untainted, but with no plastic material seeping into the liquid, you will appreciate a substantially more accurate, clean, and pure flavor as well.

TFV12 Prince Cobra Features

Perhaps the most striking feature of the SMOK Prince Cobra Tank is its stunning visual appeal. Integrated with a gorgeous metallic mesh accent piece that gracefully rests within the glass tube, this masterpiece radiates class, sophistication, and elegance. The top of the Prince Cobra is ornamented with the exquisite Cobra Resin Drip Tip, which enhances the overall aesthetic allure of the tank as a whole.

Available in a variety of color combinations, each variation is more attractive than the next. From the top-down, inside and out, there is no denying the fact that the SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank is one of the most handsome tanks ever released to the vaping community.

As with all of SMOK’s groundbreaking TFV12 Prince Tanks, the Cobra Edition is engineered with a pioneering top-fill e-juice system. Unlike standard bottom-fill devices, this configuration enables you to refill the tank directly from the top without requiring you to separate it from the battery or unscrew the base.

However, SMOK’s radical design surpasses other top-fill systems, as it is equipped with a lock-and-hinge swivel top-cap, which swings open and shut, thereby eliminating the need to unscrew the top, as many other arrangements require. This not only makes the TFV12 Prince Cobra exceptionally convenient but also virtually eradicates the mess associated with refills as well.

At the base of the SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank rests the high-quality adjustable airflow control valve. By simply rotating the decorative wheel clockwise or counter-clockwise, you can precisely control the volume of air that enters the tank during use. As a result, you are afforded the ability to enjoy tighter or airier hits, in line with your personal needs and preferences.

Moreover, the ability to fine-tune the air intake is also advantageous in its ability to limit or even eradicate flooding or gurgling when alternating between e-juices with varying degrees of vegetable glycerin.

Why the TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank?

The SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank is ideal for any vaper seeking an exquisite, powerful, and leading-edge vape tank that is as aesthetically stunning as it is well-performing. With a variety of atomizer coil types and resistances to choose from, you are sure to achieve the very best vaping experience obtainable with this remarkable device.


Recommended Wattage (X2, STRIP & MESH coil): 40-80W


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SMOK TFV12 Atomizer Coils

 Purchase Replacement Coils for the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank






7 ml






0.4, 0.17, 0.15, 0.12 Ohms


SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 7ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Drip Tip Material: Resin

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Available Resistances: 0.4 Ohms, 0.17 Ohms, 0.15 Ohms, 0.12 Ohms

Height: 2.48 Inches (63mm)

Diameter: 1.1 Inches (28mm)


SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank Includes:

1 x SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank

1 x SMOK Prince Strip Coil (0.15 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x SMOK Prince Mesh Coil (0.15 Ohms)

1 x SMOK Prince X2 Clapton Coil (0.4 Ohms)

1 x Acrylic Bulb Tube

1 x Acrylic Drip Tip

1 x Bag of Spare Parts

1 x User Manual

SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra Tank Features:

Groundbreaking Top-Fill E-Juice System

Dual-Adjustable Airflow Control Valve

Massive 7ml E-Juice Capacity

Cobra Delrin Wide-Bore Drip Tip

High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Tank

Entire Tank Can Be Disassembled

Replaceable Drip Tip

Stunning Aesthetic Design

Made with the Highest-Quality Materials

Manufactures Astonishingly Large Vapor Clouds

Delivers the Unsurpassed Flavor Intensity

Better Performance Than Rebuildable Atomizers

100% Authentic SMOK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Remove the mesh and gets 5*

My magical color-changing vape is supposed to go from red to white, but it's always pink because it's so hot in Colorado. 😅 If I wanted red, I would have been annoyed, but it matches my new cyber blue and pink Vaporesso MaxS Mod perfectly! 😍 The tank has good flavor, but it's no Freemax or Smok TF. 💨 The mesh-colored coil gave me dry hits, but it's been fine since I removed it. 👍 There's a lot to love about this tank, but also a lot to hate. It might not last long before it leaks or drives me crazy, but for now, I'm enjoying it! #VapingLife #VapeFam #Smok #Flavorchaser #Vapelife

Angelo V
Not what it says it is

I absolutely would’ve loved this tank. If it didn’t go from red to pink it’s supposed to be red to white first of all second the color is not that of what the picture shows. If I would’ve known this I would’ve just bought the black one. I’m so frustrated because I had to buy four things of strawberry Vape juice in order to get this product for free I was so excited until I got the Vape juice which is candy king strawberry belt I don’t like the Vape juice and now I’m stuck with this terrible tank. Also, I have to fill it five times a day because the little mesh coil inside it’s supposed to make it look like a cobra ohoooooooo doesn’t even look like it just looks like a cage inside of my tank that fills up way too fast hauling all I give this product a two out of a five not buy this unless you want to constantly fill up and unless you want wrong color, do not get the red to white

chris hall
Very nice

Airflow is on point. Comes with 3 different coil options, which is unique in my experience. Also comes with acrylic tank and matching acrylic tip. Very impressed with the versatility of this tank package. Thumbs up in a big way.

Jakob Dombrowski
Smok TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank Wonderful

The Smok TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Tank is one of my favorite tanks by Smok. The tank is well constructed and very beautiful. I love how this tank has a lot of great features. This is the first tank that changes colors when it heats up and cools down. I also love the interior mesh that just adds to the beauty of the tank. I highly recommend it to everyone. If your new to vaping or have been vaping for awhile, it’s a great tank to have.

James Sanders

It works for my needs. Delivered promptly no problems


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