Genuine Vapor Shark™ DNA 250 Box Mod

By Vapor Shark

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Genuine Vapor Shark™ DNA250 (Evolv) Box Mod


Vapor Shark is known the world over for their truly exceptional and ultra-high-quality devices. Their DNA collection of premium box MODs has earned Vapor Shark a wide range of awards, reviews, and accolades for their progressive technologies at the time of their respective release dates. Vapor Shark has done it again with the latest in this legendary collection—introducing the DNA250 Box MOD. This astounding device is the most powerful and technologically-advanced MOD that Vapor Shark has ever developed. Loaded with a vast array of features, this masterpiece is surely one of the record books.

The body and frame of the Vapor Shark DNA250 Box MOD is constructed with 6031 aluminum metal alloy. Seldom used for vaping devices, this exceptional material is generally utilized for marine parts, railroad cars, trucks, and other heavy duty machinery that requires extreme rust and corrosion resistance. In addition, 6031 aluminum is remarkably solid, resilient, and sturdy, while remaining surprisingly light in weight. These unique qualities will lend itself to a long-lasting MOD that you will be able to use for an extended period of time.

Once the Vapor Shark DNA250’s body has been fabricated, it then undergoes a multi-stage process to further ensure unsurpassed resistance to potential weathering. It first goes through an electrolytic passivation procedure, which includes a black anodization process. Although this is an expensive process to administer, Vapor Shark found it to be a critical step, as it augments the natural deposit of oxide that exists on the surface of metallic materials. This, in turn, provides for unrivaled protection against deterioration, corrosion, rust, and exposure to the elements. It also substantially increases paint adhesion, thereby helping to ensure that the DNA 250’s paint will not easily chip or otherwise peel.

Once the DNA250 Box MOD’s anodization procedure has been concluded, the entire frame is then dual-coated with ultra-premium oxidized matte black paint. This, coupled with the previous steps, virtually eradicates the possibility of the device’s paint chipping. For added protection, as well as a superior grip, the complete body is then layered with an exclusive rubberized coating. This three-stage layering technique is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and durable finish that Vapor Shark has ever included on any of their MODs.

Vapor Shark included a gold-plated 304 stainless steel 510 connector within the DNA250 MOD, thereby guaranteeing fantastic electrical conductivity. Gold is one offers one of the most rapid conductivity times, which will then allow for lightning fast response between the MOD and the atomizer coil. The pin is also spring-loaded and self-adjusting, which helps promote a secure and solid connection between the MOD and any tank you wish to use with it. The spring-operated pin eliminates the need for manual adjustment when various tanks are used with the DNA250.

The brains behind this truly remarkable MOD is the Evolv DNA 200 chip. This is the most advanced chipset ever to be released by Vapor Shark, thereby making the DNA 250 MOD the most cutting-edge and progressive device on the market today. The Evolv 250 is capable of a vast array of impressive features, making it perfect for even the most expert of vapers.

The face of the Vapor Shark DNA250 Box MOD is equipped with a state-of-the-art OLED screen. This component clearly and vividly brings a wide range of important information to your fingertips. When the screen is activated, you can digitally monitor the wattage, the voltage, the resistance of the atomizer coil, the remaining battery life, the temperature setting, the duration of your hit, and any errors that may arise while the DNA 250 is being used. This vast amount of data makes using and managing your DNA 250 unequivocally effortless.

The Vapor Shark DNA250 MOD is powered by a top-of-the-line tri-cell, 10-Watt-Hour battery. This incredibly powerful 35 Lipo battery pack is capable of lasting through the course of the day, even with heavy use before requiring a recharge. When the battery has been depleted, recharging it can be accomplished at an unmatched speed, as the DNA 250 is equipped with a Zip Charging board, which is capable of charging the tri-cell battery more rapidly than any other comparable MOD of the market today. In fact, the Vapor Shark DNA 250 can be fully charged within an astonishingly swift 90-minute timeframe.

One of the many phenomenal features afforded by the Vapor Shark DNA250 Box MOD is its variable wattage and variable voltage capability. The device’s output wattage can be set to a low of 1W and a maximum of a mind-blowing 250W, in 0.1W increments. This remarkable range of available power affords you the ability to use your DNA 250 with any resistance atomizer coil you wish. This versatility makes this marvelous device perfect for sub-ohm and standard resistance vapers alike.

Furthering the versatility of the DNA 250 MOD is its temperature control, sensing, and limiting functionality. When joined with an atomizer coil made with nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire, this groundbreaking MOD permits you to adjust and set the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. This capability delivers some great advantages that will help make your vaping experience much more enjoyable. First, the ability to regulate the coil’s temperature will eliminate the possibility of dry and burnt hits, which is a common problem endured by many vapers. In addition, the DNA 250’s temperature control feature allows for greater customization, as it permits you to tailor the temperature of the vapor that is produced by your coil. You can enjoy warmer or cooler hits, based on your personal preference.

Another extraordinary features afforded by the Vapor Shark DNA250 Box MOD is its exclusive Escribe interface. This outstanding software application permits you to manage an astonishing 93 individual customization options. Engineered with the end user in mind, this cutting-edge application affords you the ability to fine-tune your vaping experience to your personal wants, needs, and preferences to a level never before experienced with any other MOD. The Vapor Shark DNA 250’s Escribe interface allows you to program up to 8 separate profiles, which you can fine-tube based on the atomizer coil, tank, and/or e-juice you are using. This eliminates the need to fiddle with the various settings each time you alternate between your various tanks and coils.

The side of the Vapor Shark DNA250 MOD houses a micro-USB port, which not only permits you to charge the device, but can also be utilized to connect your DNA 250 to your computer as well. In doing so, you can take advantage of the Escribe interface, which can be manipulated on your computer. Moreover, once connected, you can also update the device’s firmware as new versions are released by the manufacturer. Due to the rapid pace of technological advancement within the vaping industry, the ability to update the firmware is greatly beneficial, as it allows you to keep your DNA 250 up-to-date, without the need to replace the device as a whole.

On the exterior, the designers at Vapor Shark did a marvelous job with the aesthetics of the DNA 250. It’s simple, chic, and sleek façade gives it an elegant look that you are sure to appreciate. Given the astounding 250W maximum output, as well as the hefty battery capacity, the DNA250 is surprisingly small and compact, making it extraordinarily easy to hold and transport. Vapor Shark also paid careful attention to the ergonomics of the MOD, making sure that it is designed for superior comfort, while simultaneously causing the least amount of strain on your hands as possible.

Vapor Shark did not stop with beauty and brains when they engineered the DNA250 Box MOD, as it is also equipped with a host of safety features as well. This beauty is armed with Under-Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, and Lock/Unlock functionality. These safeguards will help provide you with peace of mind when using, charging, and carrying your DNA 250.

If you are on the hunt for a truly cutting-edge, advanced, beautiful, and powerful new MOD, look no further—the Vapor Shark DNA250 MOD is the perfect choice. Equipped with a vast range of functions and features, while remaining extremely easy-to-use, the DNA250 can be enjoyed by beginner and advanced vapers alike. 

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Adjustable Wattage






Vapor Shark DNA 250 Specifications:

Threading: 510

Connector Material: Stainless Steel

Pin Type: Spring-Loaded

Pin Material: Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Wattage Output: 1W – 250W

Output Current: 55 Amp

Body Material: 6031-Grade Aluminum

Charging Type: Internal

Charging Time: 90 minutes

Battery Capacity: 10-Watt Hour

Length: 3.50 Inches (89.10 mm)

Width: 1.89 Inches (48.10 mm)

Depth: 0.94 Inches (23.90 mm)


Vapor Shark DNA 250 Includes:

1 x Vapor Shark DNA 250 Box MOD

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Vapor Shark DNA 250 Features:

Variable Voltage

Variable Wattage

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Clear and Vivid OLED Screen

Maximum Power Output of 250W

Constructed with 6031-Grade Aluminum

Tri-Stage Paint Layering Process

Illuminated Fire Button

User-Serviceable Battery

Exclusive Zip High-Speed Charging

Upgradable Firmware

Escribe Controlling Interface Software

Up to 8 Individual Profiles Settings

Internal Charging Capability

High-Capacity Tri-Cell 10-Watt Hour Lipo Battery Pack

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Handling

Anti-Slip Rubberized Coating

Over-Discharge Protection

Under-Voltage Protection

Over-Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over-Current Protection

Lock/Unlock Capability

100% Authentic Vapor Shark

Reviews for Genuine Vapor Shark™ DNA 250 Box Mod
5 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
from Nebraska on
Great customer service! This is a great MOD... I've had no issues, right out of the box ready, thanks VA!
from Michigan on
Excellent service! The device was exactly what I needed for accurate temperature control. I had issues with control on other devices; however, eScribe and this the DNA250 have allowed for consistent vapor and temperature.
from Ohio on
Super fast shipping! No issues. I love this Vapor Shark DNA 250. Plenty of power, feels great, very light device. One of my favorite devices for sure. Escribe is awesome, allows me to customize my DNA 250. I will definitely be a return customer! Can't wait to see what new products Vapor Authority has available when they come along. Thanks....Super Satisfied!
from Arkansas on
Love my new Vapor Shark DNA250!
The shipping was Lightning Fast !
Thanks for the great customer service
from Buffalo, NY on
I bought one during the New Year flash sale and after some time with it...IT ROCKS! It feels great in my hand, I really like the way the rubber feels. It works great with my Cloud Beast! Only downside is the screen is on the bottom, which is a little weird, but it doesn't hinder the performance whatsoever!
from Dallas, TX on
The guys at Vapor Authority pointed me in the right direction with this MOD. I am absolutely in love with it. Super fast shipping as well. Above and beyond customer service!
from San Jose, CA on
Ive been waiting for this new DNA 250 upgrade to the DNA 200 for months now and Vapor Authority was the first to have it in stock. Everything I loved about the 200 but with 50 more watts of power, better temp control and two-amp charging...Sold!