Vaporesso GTM Core Replacement Coils for Cascade (3 Pack)

By Vaporesso
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Vaporesso Cascade GTM Core Replacement Coils (3 Pack)

Thanks to the amazing innovations of the vaporizer industry, enthusiasts of the vaping art are blessed with an abundance of options. At the same time, the competitive dominance of a select few manufacturers have forced a monopoly in specific segments, such as sub-ohm vaping. But with the Vaporesso Cascade’s foray into the arena, hobbyists and cloud chasers can enjoy a fresh take.

Levered with distinctively bold styling, outstanding 7ml e-juice capacity, and a triangular, triple airflow system, the Vaporesso Cascade is one of the most impressive new product launches in recent memory. Taking on the sub-ohm category’s established leaders, the Cascade delivers profoundly rich flavor profiles and out of this world cloud production. It’s a joy to hold and vape for the end-user, but undoubtedly, provides much headaches for would-be competitors!

Underlining the Vaporesso Cascade is the company’s unique atomizer system. The Vaporesso GTM Core Coils utilizes an EUC style replacement system. This specialized calibration facilitates world-class flavor profiles thanks to the coils’ ability to extract all the nuances and tones of your choice e-liquid. Moreover, the Vaporesso GTM Core Coils produce absolutely ridiculous clouds – even more robust and richer than the leading sub-ohm tanks!

The other key advantage to the Vaporesso GTM Core Coils is their incredible ease of use. Due to the intuitive plug-and-pull design, changing your coils is a cinch. All you have to do is pull the base of the coil to remove it from the segmented chamber. From there, plug in your new GTM coil replacement – it’s that easy!

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Vaporesso GTM Core Coils

Manufactured By: Vaporesso

Wire Material: Kanthal

Wick Material: Japanese Organic Cotton

Available Resistance: 0.15 Ohms, 0.40 Ohms

For Use With: Vaporesso Cascade


Vaporesso GTM Core Coils Includes:

3 x Vaporesso GTM Core Coils

Vaporesso GTM Core Coils Features:

Fresh take on the sub-ohm vaping category

Constructed using high-grade Kanthal wire

Superior flavor profiles and astounding vapors

Outstanding 7ml e-juice capacity

Easy-to-use EUC style replacement system

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Serge M.

Only tried the GTM2 coil and it's a killer. Tested over the course of a year with a Vaporesso Cascade tank @50-60W with several e-liquids including the now sadly discontinued The Milkman Gold (ADV+) and its more mellow replacement, Cuttwood Tobacco Trail. Terrific flavor, great clouds; lasts up to a 1000 puffs, then you can rinse it under hot water and it's good for a few hundred puffs more. This is also the easiest coil to install/replace I ever used.

The product description is missing the wattages, so here they are from the official specs:

GT2: 40-80W
GT8: 80-200W

Michael Hawkins
Glad I found them

I hunted everywhere for the coils I needed. I have spent enough time and money in upgrades and replacements, and wanted to keep what I have because I like it and it works. Thanks to COVID-19 and shortages, it took me several stores to find what I wanted, and many of them said they had what I wanted, until the coils came up as "out of stock" on every attempted order. I sent an email to Vapor Authority and they said they had what I wanted. Skeptical? Hell, yes. They did have what I wanted and they got my order to me quickly with no issues. I'm happy and still able to avoid any reason to want to have a filthy, vile, expensive cigarette.

Lisa Kellogg
Genuine Vaporesso™ GTM Core Replacement Coils for Cascade (3 Pack)

Great company. Had what we needed in stock. Fast delivery. Great choice to do business with.

Genuine Vaporesso™ GTM Core Replacement Coils for Cascade (3 Pack)

Great low price for coils.

Genuine Vaporesso™ GTM Core Replacement Coils for Cascade (3 Pack)

Really love these ceramic coils in lower wattage. Order was shipped quickly and product arrived as expected.


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