Vaporesso Switcher 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

By Vaporesso
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Vaporesso Switcher 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

 Now that several years have passed since the advent of the first vaporizer, the industry has settled into a distinctive groove. Although multiple competitors exist in the sector, most vape-manufacturing innovations are forwarded by an elite few. This has created a somewhat pedestrian dynamic for long-time veterans. Fortunately, we have Vaporesso producing quality kits such as the Switcher Kit with NRG Tank to jumpstart the vaping industry.

Utilizing many vape enthusiasts' favorite design motifs, as well as including their own, the Vaporesso Switcher is a remarkably attractive vaporizer. Layered with multi-texture contours and elements, the styling of the Switcher is reminiscent of modern exotic sports cars. In addition, the 0.96 inch OLED screen interface is situated front and center, featuring an elegant clock face as the default display.

Best of all, if you get tired of the look of your Vaporesso Switcher, you can replace the outer case quickly and easily. Not only does this add tremendous value to your vaping investment, it also allows you to fit your Switcher depending upon your circumstances. Need to go incognito at work? Slide on a darker toned case to blend the device in. Or, for a vaping competition, you can set yourself apart with bolder, audacious colors.

However, the Vaporesso Switcher isn't just a pretty face. Everything about the mod is geared towards the vaper. All the critical functions are situated at the front, so there's no guessing as to the location of your desired button or switch. Additionally, the OLED interface is crystal clear, even under the most lighting-challenged environment.

In addition, the outer chassis of the Vaporesso features a strong grip, helping to ensure that you won't accidentally drop the device. It's also ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and use. This is an important, but often overlooked feature. When fully loaded with batteries, a vaporizer can get heavy and unwieldy. Vaporesso engineers mitigated this challenge by making the Switcher one of the most comfortable vapes to use.

But just in case an accidental drop does occur, the Vaporesso Switcher is constructed using zinc alloy casting. While it's obviously not recommended, this device is sturdy enough to handle many incidental bumps and bruises.

At the core of this groundbreaking device from Vaporesso is the powerplant, which churns out 5W at the low end to an earth-shattering 220W at the maximum point. Utilizing two external 18650 batteries, the Switcher makes excellent use of the energy, delivering tremendous cloud production and superior flavor profiles.

But what truly separates the Vaporesso Switcher Kit from the competition is the class-leading NRG tank. The NRG is one of the most consumer-friendly platforms available, providing five different coil options and the choice between 2ml and 5ml capacities. As Vaporesso advertises, the NRG is a "nuclear" cloud maker.

Even more impressive is the vapor quality of the Vaporesso NRG Tank. It's one of the few tanks that feature a bottom-heat insulation layer, which helps reduce the temperature of your vapes. This is particularly useful for sub-ohm enthusiasts as they typically run large power outputs to produce thick, robust clouds. With the insulation layer, they can also enjoy cooler, soothing vapes - a big plus for flavor lovers!

What Vaporesso is known for besides its outperforming vaporizers is their eye for detail, especially in the user-convenience department. For the NRG tank, Vaporesso engineers incorporated a "Slide-n-Fill" design. As the system's name implies, all you have to do to refill your tank is swivel the reservoir cap open, and fill your choice e-liquid from the top. This design removes one of the more cumbersome and frustrating aspects of vaping, and allows you to quickly get back into the game.

All in all, the Vaporesso Switcher Kit with NRG Tank is one of the best values in the vaping market. Featuring expert craftsmanship, ergonomic and intuitive design, and a premium-grade sub-ohm tank, the Vaporesso Switcher fires on all cylinders. In addition, this device provides a different look from the usual fare in the sub-ohm category. For savvy and stylish enthusiasts, take a good look at the Vaporesso Switcher!

Note: Battery Sold Separately

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Vaporesso NRG Atomizer Coils

Replacement Coils for the Vaporesso NRG Tank


Vape MOD Batteries

Mod Batteries for The Vaporesso Switcher MOD






5 ml






0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 Ohms


50% VG or Higher


External (Sold Separately)




Intermediate, Advanced


Vaporesso Switcher MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 5W – 220W

Resistance Range: 0.05 Ohms – 5 Ohms

Temperature Range: 200°F - 600°F (100°C - 315°C)

Battery Compatibility: 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Height: 3.5 Inches (89mm)

Width: 2.09 Inches (53mm)

Depth: 1.22 Inches (31mm)


Vaporesso NRG Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 5 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Hit Type: Direct-to-Lung

Best E-Juice: 70% or Higher VG

Available Resistance: 0.15 Ohms, 0.2 Ohms, 0.3 Ohms, 0.4 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (GT 2): 55W – 65W

Recommended Wattage (GT 6): 70W – 90W

Recommended Wattage (GT 8): 60W – 80W

Recommended Wattage (GT CCell): 25W – 40W

Height: 2.2 Inches (56 mm)

Diameter: 1.04 Inches (26.5 mm)


Vaporesso Switcher Kit Includes:

1x Switcher MOD/ Switcher MOD

1x NRG Tank

1x GT8 Core (Pre-installed)

1x GT4 Core

1x USB Cable

1x Replacement Glass Tube

1x User Manual

Vaporesso Switcher Kit Features:

Exceptionally attractive mod

Ergonomic design with intuitive interface

Large, crystal-clear OLED screen

Robust zinc-alloy casting

Interchangeable outer panels

Tremendous cloud production

Rich flavor profiles

Great value for the money

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Really like this A LOT

I wasn't crazy about the coils that came with it. My vape tasted burnt within 2 days. But when I put in the ceramic coils, it was perfect. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Fits great in my hand and I LOVE the black and yellow.

Manaury Jerez
Great product

Is just what I was looking for works great and just as describe

A good solid kit for modest price

I like this the most compared to all the kits I've bought at one time or another. The clearotank is a reasonable capacity, the battery door stays closed well, and with two 18650 batteries it produces decent power with a decent battery life. Personally I lean toward the mesh or ceramic coils, but you should probably try the different options(there are plenty) to see what you like the most. Overall, the only thing I'm not pretty crezzy about is that the mod doesn't include moisture and shock resistance. To be fair, it isn't advertised this way, but since I tend to (unintentionally) play the role of Shiva when mods are involved, I like a mod that's moisture and shock resistant. Still, this won't stop me from buying this kit again, when I accidentally destroy the one I have. Kudos for VA for their fast shipping, and linking to the replacement atomizer coils for the NRG tank(or really, they link to coils from all the tanks they carry) which means I don't have to remember the coil part I need. Thanks VA!

Genuine Vaporesso™ Switcher 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

I bought this because it was on sale for a good price and because I prefer, from experience, Vaporesso over Smok. In my 2 years of vaping, this is my 6th mod (AL85, REVENGER X, ARMOUR PRO, 2 LUXE and now this one) I still have the Revenger X and it still works except I lost the front battery plate but luckily the battery plant for the Lux it's enough to leave it on there. The extra cover I ended up with for the Luxe was one I dropped in the toilet and the other Luxe disappeared after only two days of ownership. What I found from all this is that I like a mod that has two external batteries just in case you need all that power which usually you don't. The other big thing is that besides the power the mod puts out and of course is temperature controlled feature which normally includes all the bells and whistles you need it's not just the tank but the coil you use. All of the ones that I've had which includes the Gemini, 3 NRG's and 2 SKRR tanks made crackling noises despite the SKRR claiming otherwise. The NRG'S font do well with gasket changes and in my opinion, the SKRR and poorly designed from the glass tank that protrudes out making it a perfect Target for glass on the floor if you drop it. They do provide a nice rubber cover for the tank in the kit which quickly became loose and was hard to tell how much juice was in the tank. Now the saving grace from the irritating crackling noise ( I guarantee that I primed the coils before I started using them) are the ceramic coils. They are wonderfully quiet and last a long time. The current one I have in my Gemini tank has been almost 700 hits. I was lucky to get 100 or 200 at the most with the fancy new coils that make noises in the skrr tank. The only other downside of this mod is the battery cover. It reminds me of the Armour Pro Mod which I returned after 30 days because the battery cover fell off and then disappeared. That was a really poor design and this is similar but it does have a seemingly better latch howeve...

Genuine Vaporesso™ Switcher 220W TC Starter Kit (w/ NRG Tank)

One year on and off vaping now steady six months steady,i needed a upgrade from the eleaf pico and other devices i had bad luck with smok so i found VAPOR AUTHORITY saw the swicher le and i really like it alot will be buying from VAPOR AUTHORITY ALOT GREAT PLACE TO BUY !!!!!!


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