Genuine VGod™ Pro Mech 2 kit - Pro Mech 2 Mod w/ Elite RDA

By VGod

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Our Price: $79.99

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Vgod Pro Mech 2 All Colors

VGod Pro Mech 2 kit - Pro Mech 2 Mechanical Mod w/ Elite RDA

Upon their initial release, mechanical mods and rebuildable vaporizer platforms were a massive hit with the enthusiast community. Virtually any new release was considered an innovation simply because the concept was novel. Now, many vapers understandably have a been-there, done-that perspective. What’s desperately needed is a solid kick in the hind end: say hello to the Vgod Pro Mech 2 Kit!

Inevitably, the first component that every vape enthusiast or analyst judges is the aesthetics. We can talk all day about a particular device’s performance metrics and flavor-profile generation; however, the bottom line is that a vaporizer is first and foremost a work of art. Otherwise, manufacturers would simply create the cheapest device they possibly can, irrespective of how it looks.

Fortunately, the VGod Pro Mech 2 Kit is the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

The immediate impression that you receive from the VGod Pro Mech’s incredibly chiseled chassis is its rugged handsomeness. This is an exceptionally striking piece, which appears more at home attached to a military-spec rifle than at vape bar. Indeed, the second iteration VGod Pro Mech looks exactly like a tactical flashlight that you see advertised on survivalist programs.

Moreover, the Mech 2 has the goods to back up its powerful presence. Vgod engineers integrated CNC-machined, soft-touch Delrin materials onto the device’s outer shell. This feature has two user-friendly components: first, Delrin is very much soft to the touch, as it is incorporated in several e-juice tank drip tips. Second, it has a “grippy” quality that makes it easier to hold the VGod Pro Mech 2 under any environmental condition. For maximum convenience and adaptability, the Delrin material can be removed.

In addition, the Mech 2 is backed by a powder-coated underbody that promotes maximum grip. This underbody is also indented relative to the outer Delrin material, which makes finding and later modulating your device easy, and does not necessitate looking down at the device.

As mentioned previously, vape devices are works of art, and in that respect, the Vgod Pro Mech 2 Kit is simply one of the most attractive packages you can buy today! However, once the euphoria fades, it comes down to brass tacks.

How does the VGod Pro Mech 2 perform? Both in controlled laboratory studies and in the real world, the second-generation Pro Mech is light-years ahead of the competition. Primarily, this is the result of VGod’s renowned engineering expertise, and its no-compromises attitude towards every product they launch. With the Mech 2, though, the engineering team went above and beyond their own ridiculously high standards.

For instance, check out the TriCon copper switch located at the base of the Pro Mech 2. Unlike several other mods that you see in the vaping markets, the TriCon switch incorporates three independent pins which dramatically increases the surface contact with the battery.

Indeed, one of the leading causes of improper firings and other malfunctions and inconsistencies is the disruption of the power channel between the vaporizer device and the 18650 battery. With three independent pins working in conjunction, the chances of power failure are considerably lessened. Furthermore, the integrated copper materials are superior conductive materials, helping to ensure proper power delivery.

If that wasn’t enough, Vgod engineers integrated a built-in, self-adjusting battery ring. This component automatically confirms the proper fit and keeps the battery locked in place. It’s also an incredibly beneficial attribute should you accidentally drop your VGod Pro Mech 2. Of course, we don’t recommend deliberately testing this feature!

Lastly in regards to the battery component, the Pro Mech 2 utilizes a carbon fiber switch. Carbon fiber is one of the most durable but lightweight materials on earth, which is the reason it’s found in high-performance supercars. However, because of these attributes, carbon fiber is a natural partner to vaping’s high-energy demands. What this all results in is a firing mechanism that is not only rapid-fire quick, it’s extremely consistent; easily one of the most consistent platforms available today.

While top-level performance is a necessary criteria for success, it really doesn’t mean anything if the device doesn’t produce satisfying draws. Again, VGod proves that you don’t have to sacrifice one attribute to gain another.

The VGod Pro Mech 2 Kit includes the renowned VGod Elite RDA. Famous throughout the world for its crisp delivery of out-of-this-world flavor and consistency of draws, the Elite RDA is the perfect companion to the revolutionary second-gen Pro Mech.

Layered in a black, Elite RDA shield, this rebuildable platform effortlessly blends in with the Pro Mech mod. The Elite also features a well-depth of 0.36 inches (or 9.25 mm), and a well capacity of 2.0 ml, providing ample room for modification. Additionally, this RDA incorporates a hybrid-friendly protruding 510 pin, which is gold-plated for superior power delivery and transmission.

The bottom line here is that in the real world and within the hands of vape enthusiasts, no two Elite RDAs should ever be alike due to the plethora of customization options.

On to the build deck, the VGod Elite RDA features dual posts with 2.0 mm holes. For convenience, the posts can be removed with either a Philips-head or flat-head screwdriver. Or if you’re in a rut, you can also twist off the posts manually. Post hold spacing is 11 mm, which matches the specifications of several aftermarket vaporizer components.

In its standard format, the Vgod Pro Mech 2, combined with the VGod Elite RDA, delivers exceptionally robust clouds and smooth draws from your choice e-liquid. However, when you adjust the Pro Mech 2 to your exact preferences, the journey is an open book, a never-ending story of unprecedented nuances and tonal delights!

Finally, an overlooked attribute of the VGod Pro Mech 2 is its end-user intuitiveness, even for those new to the rebuildables sector. Everything is laid out where you would expect it, and more importantly, the VGod Pro Mech 2 Kit includes everything you need to get started in the amazing world of rebuildable vaping.

Priced at Vapor Authority for under $100, the VGod Pro Mech 2 Kit is the perfect launching pad for your vaping journey!

NOTE: Battery Sold Separately.

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    VGod Pro Mech 2 MOD Specifications:

    Manufactured By: VGod

    Threading: 510

    Body Material: Powder-Coated Copper

    Battery Compatibility: Single 18650 (Sold Separately)

    Type: Mechanical

    Length: 3.35 Inches (85.3mm)

    Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24.1mm)


    VGod Elite RDA Specificaions:

    Manufactured By: VGod

    Threading: 510

    Well Capacity: 2.0 ml

    Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Pin Material: Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

    Number of Posts: 2

    Well Depth: 0.36 Inches (9.25mm)

    Height: 1.3 Inches (33mm)

    Diamater: 0.94 Inches (24mm)

    Number of Posts: Dual post


    VGod Pro Mech 2 Kit Includes:

    1 x VGod Pro Mech 2 MOD

    1 x VGod Elite RDA

    1 x VGod Portable Bag

    1 x Accessory Bag

    1 x User Manual

    Vgod Pro Mech 2 Kit Features:

    Revolutionary new MOD and RDA kit from Vgod

    Immaculately constructed, robust chassis

    Delrin outer-shell combined with powder-coated underbody

    Incredibly reliable TriCon Copper Switch system

    Rapid-fire trigger response time

    Built-in self-adjusting battery ring lock-in system

    Incredible flavor delivery from Elite RDA

    Hybrid-friendly protruding gold-plated 510 pin

    Dual post build deck

    Premium vape at a not-so-premium price

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