Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 INR 3015mAh 22.1A Flat Top Battery

By Hohm Tech
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Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 INR 3015mAh 22.1A Flat Top Battery

Marketed as the “go all day” powerplant, the Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3015 mAh 22.1A Battery is the ace-pitcher in the serious vape enthusiast’s lineup. Featuring gobs of power, superior construction materials and craftsmanship, and renowned performance consistency and reliability, the Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh sets the gold standard for vaping batteries.

The biggest standout feature of the Home Tech Hohm Life is its proven ability to charge at 4.4 amperes. Though seemingly something out of a science fiction movie, this incredible rating is no typo, nor is it a trolling attempt. Hohm Life’s 4.4A charging capacity has been tested, proven, and certified by external agencies, immediately making this battery one of the astounding innovations in the vaping industry!

Another incredible attribute of the Hohm Life 18650 3015 mAh 22.1A Battery is its chemical composition. Levering a distinctive Lithium-Manganese (Li-Mn) compound, the Hohm Life essentially has multiple series of “lungs” that drive your vaporizer to performance standards that would leave other batteries in the dust. As demonstrated in lab tests, the Li-Mn bonding process generates 75% more capacity than the Hohm Life’s standard counterparts.

In addition, this latest component from Hohm Tech utilizes what the company calls “Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient (EPTC).” In layman’s terms, the 18650 3015mAh is able to deliver rip-roaring electrical energy while maintaining a critical safety threshold. Thus, you have greater confidence in blowing massive plumes at ridiculous sub-ohm resistance levels without fear of exceeding your battery’s internal capacity.

While the Hohm Life thrives on its proven technical specifications, what it really boils down to is this: vape enthusiasts now have the true capability of enjoying their digital art all day long without requiring cumbersome recharges.

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ANSI_Req  ANSI_Lithium-Explosion



  • KEEP OUT OF REACH of anyone under 18 years of age, AND pets.
  • DO NOT PUT IN FIRE, oven, microwave, or expose to anything over 100oC (212oF)
  • DO NOT  CARRY or store OUTSIDE of its protective packaging or a PROTECTIVE CELL CASE.
  • DO NOT PUT IN POCKET, bag, purse, or anywhere WITH METAL OBJECTS including COINS and KEYS. Otherwise, cell(s) could short-circuit and explode.
  • DO NOT PUT A DEVICE WITH CELL(S) INSTALLED IN POCKET or ON YOUR BODY.  As unlikely as it may be, a device can malfunction, have a defect, internal damage, and/or be affected by conductive debris or object(s) in pocket that can overload or short-circuit cell causing it to explode.
  • DO NOT USE IN A DEVICE THAT CAN EXCEED MAX CELL WATTAGE (W) or AMPERAGE (A) (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise, this can overload a cell, causing it to explode.
  • DO NOT USE A LOWER RESISTANCE (Ω) # (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise, this can overload cell, causing it to explode.
  • DO NOT USE CELL WITH ANY DAMAGE TO ITS STRUCTURE OR OUTER PROTECTIVE LABEL (also called “WRAP”, “sleeve”, “skin”). Damage may include: dent(s), tear(s), nick(s), puncture(s), corrosion, or any other undisclosed abnormalities or damages.  Otherwise, a cell can short-circuit and explode.  ALWAYS INSPECT cell VISUALLY and by TOUCH to SEE/FEEL for damage BEFORE EACH USE.  ** SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW AS GUIDELINE. **
  • DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED WHILE CHARGING, & REMOVE CELL(s) FROM CHARGER ONCE FULLY CHARGED to ensure it is not exposed to any potential charger malfunction such as overcharging which could damage cell causing it to explode.
  • DO NOT CHARGE HIGHER THAN MAX CHARGE VOLTAGE (V) (typically 4.2Vor DISCHARGE BELOW MAX VOLTAGE CUT-OFF (V) (typically 2.5V).  Overcharging or over-discharging cell(s) can cause irreversible damage and cause it to explode.
  • DO NOT MIX WITH USED or DIFFERENT BATTERY TYPES. Differences in cell capacity can lead to one or more cell(s) being overcharged or over-discharged. 
  • IF USING A MULTI-CELL DEVICE, the device MUST HAVE A NON-CONDUCTIVE BARRIER (typically plastic) OR FITMENT that PREVENTS CELL(S) from TOUCHING THE SIDE(S) OF ONE ANOTHER OR ANY ADJACENT METAL except for the very center of top and bottom of the cell. Otherwise, cell(s) could short-circuit and explode.
  • ALWAYS use, connect, charge, and operate cell(s) within their capabilities as listed on each cell, packaging, and product detail pages, while adhering to the device’s user manual.
  • COMPLETELY READ and follow the WARNING section listed on each cell, packaging, and here, in its entirety.
  • SEARCH www.YouTube.com for “18650 EXPLOSIONS to understand the importance of consistently taking safety precautions and using Li-ion cells properly.  Vapor Authority advocates recycling and replacing any damaged Li-ion cell/battery.  As a tool to find your LOCAL RECYCLE CENTER.  Your safety is #1.




    Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 3015mAh Battery Specifications:

    Manufactured By: Product of Indonesia Chemistry

    Chemistry Type: Li-NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt)

    Size: 18650

    Battery Capacity: 3015 mAh

    Battery Structure: Flat Top

    Pulse Discharge Current: 31.5A

    Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 22.1A

    Nominal Voltage: 3.7

    Voltage at end of Discharge: 2.5V

    Maximum Charging Current: 4.43A

    Standard Charge: 2A

    Charging Temperature Range: ideal between 10oC – 40oC (50oF – 104oF)

    Discharging Temperature Range: ideal between 0oC – 82.5oC (32oF – 180.5oF)

    Inner Resistance: ≤20mΩ

    Length: 65mm (2.56 inches)

    Diameter: 18mm (0.7 inches)


    We strongly recommend that you do not hold batteries inside of your pocket along with other metallic items, such as keys or loose change. If the battery comes into contact with the metallic objects, it can potentially cause a short, which can be potentially dangerous. In addition, we recommend that batteries be stored separate from metallic objects. Housing them in a plastic container is a good practice, and is highly recommended.

    Lithium-Ion batteries should only be purchased by adults 18-years-old or older. This battery is not intended for sale to minors under the age of 18-years-old.

    Please take caution in purchasing a battery charger that is compatible with this specific battery type. Using an improper battery charger can be potentially dangerous.

    Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are made with a very different chemistry than conventional batteries. Although Lithium-Ion batteries are more powerful than conventional batteries, they do have more known risks, and can be extremely volatile and dangerous. Make sure to use caution when using and handling Lithium-Ion batteries.

    Using an incorrect battery for your device can be potentially dangerous. Moreover, improperly using the correct battery can result in harm to your property or to your body. It is highly recommended that you use the appropriate batteries for your specific device, and that you are utilizing a suitable charger as well.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that you know and understand the potential dangers of using Lithium-Ion batteries. We strongly recommend taking time to educate yourself as to the chemistry of, the potential hazards of, and the ways to avoid harm when using Lithium-Ion batteries prior to purchasing and using them.

    We strongly recommend obtaining a minimum of 6 months’ experience prior to using Lithium-Ion batteries on your own. Please make sure that you have the adequate experience necessary prior to purchasing Lithium-Ion batteries.

    By purchasing and using this product, you hereby consent to wholly taking full responsibility and sole liability for the purchase and use of this item. You further agree to hold harmless and indemnify Vapor Authority, its managers, executives, successors, shareholders, owners, employees, directors, and all affiliates from any and all liability for the usage of this product. Vapor Authority, Inc. is in absolutely no way, shape, or form liable for the harm or hazard that may arise due to the use of this product.



      In the event that the battery leaks, and substances such as electrolytes make contact with your eyes, make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes. Rather, immediately and thoroughly rinse your eyes out with fresh water and immediately call 911 to obtain proper medical attention, as this can cause severe permanent damage to your eyes.

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    Lenora Sexton


    Chase Samuel
    Quality batteries

    Love these and hope they stay in stock. Great long lasting charge and couldn’t be more happy with these. Will be purchasing again.

    Philip Glendon
    The perfect extra battery

    I like these batteries as they charge quickly and easily and last a good long time.

    Diane Angel
    18650 flat top

    Works great in my SMOK Pod, I get
    2 days usage out of these Batteries!

    Very good battery

    Using as a replacement for Samsung 30q because they’ve been discontinued, and can’t tell the difference. Great runtime, charges as fast as the Samsung with nearly same specs.


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