Genuine Horizon Tech™ Arctic V8 Eight Coil Sub Ohm Tank

By Horizon Tech

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Sale Price: $21.99

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Sale Arctic v8 eight coil tank by horizon

Horizon Tech Arctic V8 Eight Coil Sub Ohm Tank

Horizon Tech has established a very well-deserved reputation within the vaping industry as a brand-name manufacturer of quality vaping hardware. Their wildly popular Arctic line of tanks have been some of the most highly-regarded and coveted devices among vapers worldwide. They have now added their latest to the Arctic line with the release of the remarkable Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank. This spectacular device is the first tank to sport a mind-blowing octuplet-coil configuration, thereby producing staggering amounts of vapor production that rivals All productseven the best rebuildable atomizers.

The body and frame of the Horizon Arctic V8 Tank is constructed with high-quality 304-Grade Stainless Steel. This particular class of metal is combined with other alloys, such as chromium, nickel, and manganese, resulting in a superior quality metal that is extremely solid, highly corrosion-resistant, and relatively lightweight. Stainless Steel 304 also provides a beautifully brilliant finish that substantially adds to the overall aesthetic appearance of the Arctic V8 Tank.

The 4ml e-juice tank portion of the Horizon Arctic V8 is fabricated with high-quality Pyrex glass. Pyrex glass is unique in that it is combined with boron, which is the fifth element found on the periodic chart. Boron changes the glass on a molecular level, thereby enabling it to withstand high temperatures without breaking the way conventional glass does. The use of glass as opposed to plastic is extremely important, as it significantly adds to the quality of the vapor produced, and therefore your overall vaping experience. Unlike plastic tanks that are vulnerable to deterioration from the acidity found in e-juices, glass tanks such as the one used with the Arctic V8, are completely resistant to such erosion. This not only provides for a much longer lasting device, but without plastic slowly percolating into the e-juice, it also offers a noticeably cleaner and truer taste from your e-liquids as well.

The base portion of the Horizon Arctic V8 Tank features a state-of-the-art airflow control valve. By simply rotating the airflow ring, this magnificent component allows you to accurately adjust the amount of air that the tank takes in while in use. This permits you to customize the vapor by making it airier or tighter, based on your personal preference. Additionally, the capability of fine-tuning the air intake is also very beneficial, as it helps eliminate gurgling and flooding that is often experienced when rotating between e-juices with varying levels of VG consistency.

As widely known among vapers, one of the primary hassles with vaping involves keeping the tank full of e-liquid. Horizon brilliantly resolved this issue by designing the Arctic V8 Tank with a fantastic top-fill system. Unlike conventional tanks that require you to remove it from the battery, unscrew the base, fill the tank, then reassemble everything, you can effortlessly fill your Arctic V8 through an allotted slot located at the top of the device. This eliminates the need to detach any component whatsoever when refilling the tank.

Horizon solved another common problem with respect to tanks with their revolutionary Spiral Splash-Proof Vent. Unlike the majority of tanks on the market that often spit trace amounts of e-juice into your mouth, the Arctic V8 Tank’s unique spiral shape of the air vent virtually eliminates this possibility. This is an exceptional and proprietary design exclusively seen with the Arctic V8.

In addition, Horizon Tech intelligently designed the Arctic V8 Tank so that it can be completely disassembled. The ability to detach each and every component permits you to very easily and efficiently clean and maintain your tank by allowing you full access to all of the various nooks and crannies. Moreover, the removable drip tip affords you the ability to replace the included metal mouthpiece with virtually any 510 drip tip you wish. You can use various colors and materials for a tank unique to your style and preference.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable and truly cutting-edge features of the Horizon Arctic V8 Tank is the available atomizer coils that can be used with it. This masterpiece is one of the first and only tanks that can support an octuplet-coil setup. By simultaneously using four dual-coil atomizer heads in conjunction with one another, the Arctic V8 Tank is capable of producing truly mind-numbing amounts of vapor. In addition, with 8 coils working in unification with one another, the intensity of flavor that is produced is genuinely second-to-none. Upon first drag of your favorite e-juice, you will experience flavor notes you were unaware of previously.

If you are on the market for an exceptionally high-quality tank that provides immensely large vapor clouds, extremely robust and intense flavor, and features that make it effortless to use, the Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank is the perfect choice for you.

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Horizon Arctic V8 Atomizer Coils

Purchase Kanthal Coils for the Arctic V8

Purchase Nickel (Ni-200) Coils for the Arctic V8






4 ml






0.2 Ohms, 0.3 Ohms, 0.35 Ohms


Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Horizon Tech

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex (Borosilicate) Glass

Tank Capacity: 4ml

Available Resistances: 0.2 Ohms, 0.3 Ohms, 0.35 Ohms

Recommended Wattage: (0.2 Ohms Kanthal): 60W – 150W

Recommended Wattage (0.3 Ohms Tiger): 60W – 80W

Recommended Wattage (0.3 Ohms Snake): 40W – 70W

Recommended Wattage (0.35 Ohms Hive): 80W – 120W

Height: 2.75 Inches (69.85mm)

Diameter: 0.86 Inches (22mm)


Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank Includes:

1 x Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank

1 x Horizon BVC Quad-Coil V4 Clapton Atomizer Coil (0.2 Ohms)

1 x Horizon BVC Dual-Coil V2 Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

1 x Set of Replacement O-Rings

Horizon Arctic V8 Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

Made with High-Quality 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Portion Made with Pyrex Glass

Features a Fantastic Airflow Control Valve

Entire Tank Can Be Completely Disassembled

Top-Fill E-Juice System

Features Proprietary Spiral Splash-Proof Vent

Revolutionary Octuplet Atomizer Coil Configuration

Produces Incredible Amounts of Vapor

Provides Extremely Robust and Intense Flavor

Remarkable Aesthetic Design

Exceptionally Solid and Durable Construction

Works with a Variety of Atomizer Coils

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