Innokin iSub V Vortex Sub Ohm Tank

By Innokin
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Innokin iSub V Tank (iSub 5 Vortex)

Across all measurements, the Innokin iSub line of remarkable tanks is irrefutably one of the most popular and highest-quality ever released to the vaping public. Made with only premium materials, meticulously engineered, and designed to perform, Innokin’s flagship iSub tanks are truly second-to-none. It is, therefore, with great enthusiasm to introduce the latest in the iSub family—the Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank.

In line with all of the Innokin iSub tanks, the iSub 5 Vortex is fabricated with the very best materials, thereby providing longevity, reliability, and durability. The frame, base, and internal components of the device are made with top-of-the-line 304-grade stainless steel. This stainless steel alloy blend, which includes nickel, chromium, and manganese, is lightweight, solid, and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The entire exterior shell is then dual-coated with exceedingly durable paint, which is capable of withstanding the exposures of regular use. The precision-machined steel 510-threaded connector also provides for extensive use with minimal wear.

Correspondingly, the Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank is equipped with a high-quality Pyrex glass e-juice reservoir. The device’s 3ml glass tank is not only substantially more aesthetically pleasing, but also offers some additional benefits as well. Due to the acidity contained within e-liquid, when it makes contact with a plastic tank, it will slowly erode it. This, in turn, causes trace amounts of plastic to seep into the e-juice, thereby noticeably altering the flavor. Pyrex glass, on the other hand, is entirely resistant to such deterioration, consequently providing for a much cleaner, purer, and truer taste from your e-juices.

The base of the Innokin iSub 5 Vortex Tank is fitted with an exceptionally well-preforming and precise airflow control valve. By simply rotating its wheel in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, this fantastic component allows you to accurately fine-tune the amount of air that enters the tank when taking a hit. You can increase airflow if you enjoy airier hits, or decrease it for tighter drags. This greatly assists in customizing the vaping experience according to your preferences. The iSub V Vortex’s airflow valve is also very useful in helping to eliminate gurgling and flooding when alternating between various e-juices that may contain more or less vegetable glycerin (VG).

One of the most impressive and striking features the Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank offers is its proprietary “No-Spill Coil Swap System.” This groundbreaking design affords you the ability to very easily swap out the atomizer coil by simply disconnecting the halves of the tank’s deck. This capability is not only exceedingly convenient, but also drastically reduces the chance of leaking or spilling when switching out the atomizer head—a problem commonly experienced with other popular tanks.

However, perhaps the most remarkable and notable of the Innokin iSub 5 Vortex Tank’s many capabilities is the exclusive “Easy Top-Fill System.” Eliminating one of the most common burdens and frustrations experienced by vapers, this ingenious system permits you to remove the tank’s top cap by simply rotating it one single time, thereby exposing the e-juice reservoir. Once the top cap is off, you can very easily and rapidly refill the tank without being forced to disconnect it from the battery. This makes refills tremendously easier and more convenient.

Extremely feature-rich, made with high-grade materials, and designed to maximize flavor and vapor production, the Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank is undoubtedly one of the very best clearomizers on the market today.

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Innokin iSub-V User Manual Download the Innokin iSub-V Tank User Manual




Innokin iSub-V Atomizer Coils

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Mouth-to-Lung, Direct-to-Lung


3 ml






0.2, 0.5, 1.2, 2.0 Ohms


Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Innokin

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 3ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Available Resistance: 0.2 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms, 1.2 Ohms, 2.0 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (0.2 Ohms): 20W - 50W

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms Kanthal): 20W - 35W

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms SS): 30W – 60W

Recommended Wattage (0.5 Ohms Clapton): 30W – 70W

Recommended Wattage (1.2 Ohms): 8W - 16W

Recommended Wattage (2.0 Ohms): 10W - 16W

Available Colors: Black, Stainless, White, Blue, Red

Height: 2.36 Inches (60mm)

Diameter: 0.87 Inches (22mm)


Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank Includes:

1 x Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank

1 x Innokin iSub Stainless Steel (316L) Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x Replacement Innokin iSub Stainless Steel (316L) Atomizer Coil (0.5 Ohms)

1 x Spare O-Rings

1 x Tank Ring

Innokin iSub V Vortex Tank Features:

Made with 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Spring-Loaded Contact Pin

Dual-Adjustable Airflow Control Valve

Proprietary No-Spill Coil Swap System

Easy Top-Fill System

Compatible with iSub Atomizer Coils

Coils Made with Japanese Organic Cotton

Pyrex Glass Tank

Large E-Juice Capacity

Provides Intense and Robust Flavor

Generates Large Vapor Clouds

Includes Delrin Drip Tip

100% Authentic Innokin

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Benoit Beckers

You’re asking for feedback because you sent my order 14 days ago and haven’t eard of me !!!
It will be impossible for now because you still do expensive business with USPS instead of using FED/Ex or UPS so after 14 days of ground travelling my order is almost half way to my house but took a break somewhere since December 4 ???
I will write a review when i receive it hoping that to be this year.

William Flanary

An oldey but a goody isub v by innokin one of my favs Thanks W.F.

Genuine Innokin™ iSub V Vortex Sub Ohm Tank

I bought this for a extra one to have because I do travel. I absolutely love this kind. This is my third one and wouldn’t buy a different one. It’s very easy to use.

Genuine Innokin™ iSub V Vortex Sub Ohm Tank

This is a good tank. No fancy bells or whistles but that’s what I was looking for. EXTREMELY easy to change coils (a huge plus for me). Good purchase.

I also want to review vapor Authority as this was my first purchase. They are amazing!!! Super fast shipping, constant emails telling me the progress of my order and overall a great company I will buy from again!!!

Genuine Innokin™ iSub V Vortex Sub Ohm Tank

The vortex is not a bad little tank although after a week of use I am getting some spit back...I use it on TC @ 470f and 57.5 watts with 316 stainless steel coils...the screw on top is a little tricky and you have to be careful but no problems. I get good vapor and taste out of it.

As always Vapor Authority took good care of me as a customer and will always have my loyalty.


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