Innokin Plexar Starter Kit

By Innokin
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Innokin Plexar 100w Starter Kit (w/ Plex3D Mesh) 

Vaping innovations have taken the entire enthusiast industry to new heights. Typically, this has meant bigger platforms to fit in the latest technologies and pioneering innovations. While there’s no replacement for displacement, many end-users prefer a discreet and compact vaping package, one that can be deployed and hidden at will.

For the practically-minded vaper who wants a touch of pizzazz when the time calls for it, we have the latest Innokin Plexar 100W Vape Pen Starter Kit. Known for its modernization of the vaping platform, Innokin has forwarded impressive products. However, the Plexar 100W Vape Pen may very well be their most profound contribution yet.

From the first draw, you’re left awe-struck with how the legendary manufacturer’s engineering team crafted such a dynamo in a compact package. Featuring an internal battery packed with gobs of power, the Innokin Plexar 100W delivers mind-blowing vapors consistently and effortlessly. Mated to the company’s revolutionary Plexus Tank, the Plexar has few rivals on a pound-for-pound basis.

True to form, Innokin refuses to overcharge for their latest flagship vape pen, even though they have every right to do so. Instead, they’re adopting their consumer-friendly stance, offering a remarkable platform for a fraction of the cost.

Innokin Plexar

Before any vapor can reach your mouth, a device must have a catalyst. Obviously, a vaporizer without a spark is nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Fortunately, Innokin is not in the business to make decorative pieces. Everything about them is geared towards the end-user experience.

The latest Innokin Plexar Vape Pen, includes the aesthetics. While not related to the conduction and transmission of your choice of e-liquids, we’d be remiss not to mention the Plexar Pen’s gorgeous lines. Simple but articulate, the Plexar flexes its muscles at just the right places, giving the overall platform a mature confidence.

Furthermore, the Innokin Plexar, despite being smaller than most other vape devices, is incredibly sturdy and rigid. Unlike the cheap knockoffs that have sadly littered the vaping industry, Innokin places a premium on product quality. Part of that ethos includes using only the finest materials to construct this vape pen’s striking chassis.

And while it may aesthetically impose its will on competing devices, the Plexar by Innokin is easy to stow away. Its compact dimensions allow the Plexar to hide virtually anywhere. In this day and age, sheer performance may not matter as much as acute discretion.

But once you’re in the clear, you’ll want to quickly advantage of the technical marvels inherent in the Innokin Plexar. Underlying this advanced vape pen is a replaceable 20700 battery (Battery NOT included). For your convenience, the company includes a 18650 adapter. No matter what you elect, you can expect lightning-fast performance and excellent response rates.

In addition, the Innokin Plexar features a micro-USB slot, from which you can implement 1.5A charging. Unlike other competitor vaporizers, the Plexar is quick on both the output and the input. Such smart thinking has kept the renowned manufacturer a step ahead of its rivals.

However, don’t worry about all this technology getting to your head. One of the most compelling reasons to buy Innokin is its world-class interface: even novice vape enthusiasts can start picking up their intuitive devices right away.

Plus, to help protect against unwanted, accidental mishaps, Innokin includes a robust range of safety features for the Plexar Vape Pen. These include mechanisms to prevent overheating, charging issues, short circuits, and over-discharges. 

Innokin Plex Tank

No matter how great a vape mod is, the technical granularity within the vape tank is where the magic occurs. Nothing can ruin a great session or platform more than an inadequate tank. Fortunately, Innokin has the right stuff to meet the most stringent demands.

Representing a shot across the bow, the revolutionary Innokin Plex Tank delivers in all critical areas. Most notably, the Plex is a downright gorgeous piece. Simple yet extraordinarily elegant, this latest sub-ohm innovation by Innokin appeals to the optics, but also maintains restraint.

This latter point is especially critical because of the compact nature of both the Plex Tank and the underlining Innokin Plexar. While groundbreaking aesthetics have always been a core feature of the legendary vape manufacturer, discretion has become increasingly important to many Vapor Authority customers. With the Innokin Plexar 100W Vape Pen Starter Kit, you get the best of both worlds.

However, great looks are just one part of the picture. What really drives the Innokin Plex is the company’s patented Plex 3D Mesh Coil technology. Utilizing premium components and construction methodology, end-users can advantage of the wood pulp and organic cotton wicking to maximum effect.

Many early reviews have reported phenomenal vapor production, along with exceptional richness across the entire taste spectrum. We are sure you’ll be mesmerized by the overall quality of your sessions, especially considering the small stature of this vape pen starter kit.

However, this is one of the positive ironies of the Innokin Plex Tank. Despite the encompassing structure’s compact nature, the Plex 3D Mesh Coil enhances what real estate it has. Through micro-groove technology, the Plexus increases the surface area to which your choice e-liquid makes contact with the wicking material. Naturally, this facilitates the vape pen’s vapor quality and texture.

In addition, the micro-grooves utilize less power from your battery. This logically leads to increased session length without disturbing the quality of the session. Therefore, you’re able to vape for hours on end without needing a refill.

More to the point, the Plex Tank’s generous 4.0 ml capacity e-juice reservoir ensures ultra-lengthy sessions. But when the inevitable time comes to reload, the process is incredibly easy and intuitive. With its top-fill design, Vapor Authority customers can fill their tanks quickly and without any fuss.

Included in the Innokin Plexar Vape Pen Starter Kit package are the Scion Plex3D Kanthal Atomizer Coils. This groundbreaking atomizer features a resistance level of 0.14 ohm and runs a power range between 60W to 100W. The best piece of advice to give on this setup is to simply try it out yourself: we’re sure you won’t want another vape pen platform!



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Innokin Plexar Vape Pen Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Innokin

E-Juice Capacity: 4.0 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Maximum Output Wattage: 100W

Diameter: 1 Inch (25.6 mm)


Innokin Plexar Vape Pen Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Innokin Plexar Vape Pen

1 x Innokin Plex Tank

1 x Scion Plex3D 0.14-ohm Kanthal Coils


Incredibly compact yet powerful device

Perfect for discreet, inconspicuous sessions

Sturdy construction with world-class components

Groundbreaking new Plex 3D Mesh Coil

Longer-lasting sessions with profound quality

Generous 4.0 ml e-liquid reservoir

Easy-to-use interface and functionality

Great value for the money

100% Innokin

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Deanna Wagner

Great product

Mario Eckenrod

Great flavor with the tank. Easy to use. Perfect for when I'm wotking outside in the field. Easy to slip in and out my pocket.

can't beat it!!!

this is the perfect, long lasting, tough, light, great looking, no frills, economically friendly mod that can power every tank i've tried. easy battery change via bottom screw which keeps the battery from falling out if dropped. as with all mods of this type, if you get juice into the trigger you'll run into issues, but if you keep your atomizers fresh and your pours clean, that's not a problem.

personally, i find it perfect for my vaping needs. you cannot lose with this one.

Kai Noa

I had a prnce stick (not from here) and I swear this thing is better! The flavor is better the feel and wheight better. Its just all around a better vape to me. THe tank is a beast IM TELLING YA!Mesh coils the best invention since sliced bread. Good stuff VA good stuff

Genuine Innokin™ Plexar Starter Kit

great luck with mine! Works perfect!


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