IPV6X by Pioneer4you Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

By Pioneer4you Greenleaf
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IPV6X by Pioneer4you Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

Pioneer4You has made quite an explosive impact on the vaping community with their revolutionary and legendary line of IPV box MODs. Jam-packed with a plethora of features, elegantly designed, and exceptionally powerful, all of the IPV MODs have represented some of the most cutting-edge devices on the market. In line with this tradition, Pioneer4You has now released the latest in this celebrated collection—the IPV6X Box MOD.

From the inside and out, the IPV6X is made with the very finest available materials. The engineers at Pioneer4You use aluminum-zinc metal allow for the body and frame of this masterpiece, ensuring a durable, solid, and rigid MOD that is also astoundingly light in weight. The aluminum-zinc construction, along with the dual-coat paint also provides for an exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion. To further ensure a long-lasting device that will withstand the rigors of daily use, Pioneer4You manufactured all of the hardware, thread-points, and connectors with 304-grade stainless steel.

The center of the IPV6X’s 510 connector houses the box MOD’s stainless steel contact pin. Pioneer4You cleverly designed the pin so that it is spring-loaded and self-adjusting. This is a wonderful feature, as it certifies a solid and secure connection between the IPV6X and the tank being used at the time, without the need to manually adjust the pin with a screwdriver each time a different tank is attached.

The IPV6X MOD is equipped with the ultra-advanced SX330-F6 chip by YiHi. This remarkable processor is not only extremely high in quality, but is also capable of reaching a wattage output of up to an extraordinary 200W. More impressive is the IPV6X’s ability to offer such immense power in an amazingly small and compact body. In fact, the IPV6X is currently one of the world's smallest 200W MODs available. The SX330-F6 chip is also capable of reading atomizer resistances as low as 0.04 ohms and as high as 3 ohms, making it perfect for sub-ohm and standard resistance vapers alike.

The Pioneer4You IPV6X is a variable voltage and variable wattage device, allowing you to not only customize your vape to your specifications, but also to use virtually any resistance atomizer coil. This makes the IPV6X Box MOD an exceptionally versatile device. The voltage output can be adjusted from between 1V to 7V, while the wattage output can be adjusted from 7W to a staggering 200W. The wide range of available power not only makes the IPV6X extremely adaptable, but is also very useful when alternating between e-juices with varying levels of vegetable glycerin (VG).

Adding to the groundbreaking nature of the Pioneer4You IPV6X is its temperature control, sensing, and limiting capacity. When matched with an atomizer coil made with stainless steel, titanium, or nickel wire, this remarkable device affords you the ability to regulate the temperature of the atomizer coil itself. By using the operation buttons, you can adjust the coil’s temperature to a low of 212°F and as high as 572°F (100°C - 300°C). This allows you to customize the temperature of the vapor that is produced, while simultaneously eliminating dry and burnt hits.

The remarkable Pioneer4You IPV6X Box MOD is equipped with a sleek and crystal clear OLED screen, which digitally displays the wattage setting, resistance of the atomizer coil being used, the remaining battery life, the temperature setting, as well as any error messages that may arise while the IPV6X is in use. This feature makes it effortless to use, monitor, and maintain your device.

The IPV6X Box MOD is powered by two external 18650 batteries (sold separately), which can be charged with the included USB charging cable. Armed with two 18650 batteries, this magnificent Box MOD will easily last through the day before needing to be charged. Moreover, the ability to easily swap the IPV6X’s batteries permits you to carry charged spares with you in the event that the ones in use die before you are able to recharge them. In addition, when the batteries have exceeded their total lifespan, rather than being forced to dispose of the device as a whole, you can simply replace the batteries, which is substantially less expensive to do.

Pioneer4You made battery removal and replacement a breeze with their convenient and innovative magnetic battery door cover. With the magnets firmly in place, you can effortlessly pop the cover off to expose the batteries, then watch the cover snap back on once it is within range. This eliminates the need for tools for unscrewing fasteners, as is required with many other comparable MODs on the market.

The Pioneer4You IPV6X’s USB port is not only useful for charging the batteries, but can also be used to connect it to your computer when firmware updates have been released by the manufacturer. The ability to update the device’s firmware ensures that your IPV6X will always remain up-to-date as new upgrades and technologies are available, rather than needing to purchase an entirely new MOD.

The Pioneer4You IPV6X Box MOD is not only remarkably powerful, technologically advanced, and exceptionally beautiful, but it is also armed with an array of safety features as well. This magnificent device includes Reverse Polarity Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Charge Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, and Low Voltage Protection. These safety measures help you vape with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected from potential dangers.

If you’re on the market for an exceptionally high-quality Box MOD capable of ridiculous wattage outputs of up to 200W, then the Pioneer4You IPV6X is the perfect choice for you!

Note: Batteries Sold Separately.

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IPV6X Box MOD Specifications:

Manufactured by: Pioneer4You

Threading: 510

Wattage Range: 7W – 200W

Temperature Range: 212°F - 572°F (100°C - 300°C)

Joules Range: 10J – 100J (120J Maximum with Titanium Coils)

Resistance Range (Power Mode): 0.15 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (Temperature Mode): 0.04 Ohms – 1.5 Ohms

Battery Compatibility: Takes Two 18650 (30A or Higher) - (Sold Separately)

Available Colors: Black, Blue

Height: 3.46 Inches (88mm)

Width: 1.63 Inches (41.5mm)

Depth: 1.1 Inches (28mm)

IPV6X Box MOD Includes:

1 x IPV6X Box BOD

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

IPV6X Box MOD Features:

High-Grade Aluminum-Zing Body

200W Maximum Power Output

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage

Exceptionally Small and Compact

Spring-Loaded, Self-Adjusting Contact Pin

Temperature Control, Sensing, and Limiting

Takes Two External 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)

Equipped with the Powerful Yihi SX330-F6 Chip

Ergonomically Designed

Can be Used with All Coil Wires

Magnetic Battery Door Cover

Equipped with a State-of-the-Art OLED Screen

Battery Level Indicator

Built-In Ohms Meter

Can Accommodate Virtually All Atomizer Resistances

Stunning Two-Tone Aesthetic Design

Reverse Polarity Protection

Over-Charge Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Low Voltage Protection

100% Authentic Pioneer4You

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lori S
Genuine IPV6X by Pioneer4you™ Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

I’m loving this little beauty, VA has it for much less than I paid and that’s why im writing this review! Their shipping is magical, seriously folks! I’ve placed my orders and literally the next 36 hours I have found VA VAPEMAIL! Talk about instant gratification!!! And the price is always fair as well as the authenticity of the products! I’ve had Cameron on my side if ever I’ve had a question for the customer service department, talk about personal service! With every order I’ve placed I’ve received a handwritten note card! They thank me for my business! When I first purchased from the I had some issues and honestly I believe that wasn’t from there, it must’ve happened somewhere along the way bc since those early days it’s been nothing but perfection!!! Who needs to shop anywhere else? VA has the BEST PRICES, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, BEST AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS, FASTEST SHIPPING EVER! What more could anyone ask for? That’s what I’m talking about! So people, let’s show our appreciation for them this holiday season and give our best shopping to VA, you know that you’re friends and family will love you for this! Btw, I’m not affiliated with VA in anyway shape or form! I’m just a customer like,(hopefully), you are too! May God Bless you all now and throughout the coming years, with His love, may He reveal Himself in undeniable ways to you and yours so that you too can truly understand the truth and extreme love of Christ and His Gift to ALL of us! Amen!

Genuine IPV6X by Pioneer4you™ Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

This is without question the best vaporizor mod that I have had. I own ones that are upwards of $100 and it doesn't even compare to the quality of this ipv6x. All my friends love it and two of them have bought them also. Why spend more when you can get everything you need for $50?

Phillip Bailey
Genuine IPV6X by Pioneer4you™ Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

In terms of bang for ya buck there ain't nothing better. $50 for 200W is unheard of. Most of the time you're looking at $70-90 easily, so for it's price its hard to beat. My main complaint is the battery latch. It could have had A LOT more care focused on that. It is pretty rattle-y. But It still performs well and was a steal at the price.

J.C. Porter
Genuine IPV6X by Pioneer4you™ Greenleaf 200W TC Box Mod

I got this as an XMAS gift and I wasn't too sure about it based on appearance alone. I'm glad I gave it a shot cuz this thing is great! Super powerful and I have gotten used to how it looks and feels in my hand.


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