Genuine Kanger™ Ceramic Wick SSOCC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)

By Kanger

8 reviews
Price: $14.95

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Kanger™ Ceramic Wick SSOCC Replacement Coils 

Kangertech has always been at the forefront of technological advancement within the vaping industry, as they persistently pursue uncompromising innovation and quality. Kanger has continued on this tradition with the release of their new Ceramic Wick Atomizer Heads. Built upon the popularity of this new design, Kanger has made this technology widely available to vapers worldwide.

Unlike traditional atomizer coils, which are furnished with wicks predominantly made of cotton, the Kanger Ceramic SSOCC Atomizer Heads contain no filament whatsoever. Instead, the atomizer coils are encompassed by a porous ceramic cylinder. The ceramic material absorbs the e-juice from the tank, and uniformly distributes it to the atomizer coil. This configuration results in wonderfully thick vapor clouds, and extremely flavorful taste from your e-juices.

Moreover, with the absence of cotton, the Kanger SSOCC Ceramic Atomizer Coils are resistant to dry and burnt hits, which is often experienced with conventional atomizer coils. The ceramic material is also substantially less prone to residual build-up from e-juices, thereby lending itself to a much longer lifespan.

Kangertech brilliantly designed their new ceramic atomizer coils to be compatible with a long list of existing tanks. These phenomenal heads can be used in all of the Subtanks, the TopTanks, and the NEBOX. This allows you to use the ceramic coils on tanks you already own without needing to purchase an entirely new device altogether. Please note that you will need to fire these coils a bit hotter than traditional 0.5ohm coils, Kanger recommends 35 - 50w. 

If you are a fan of astonishingly flavorful hit accompanied by tremendous vapor production, then the Kangertech Ceramic Atomizer Coils are an absolute must-try for any vaper.

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Kanger Ceramic Coil Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance (A1)

Wicking Material: Wickless Ceramic

Available Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

For Use with: Subtank Plus, Subtank, Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano, NEBOX, SubVod, SubVod Mega, TopTank Mini, TopTank Nano


Kanger Ceramic Coil Includes:

5 x Kangertech Ceramic SSOCC Atomizer Coils (0.5 Ohms)

Kanger Ceramic Coil Features:

Extremely Flavorful Hits

Massive Vapor Production

Wickless Design

Extremely Long Lasting

Designed to Fit a Wide Range of Kanger Tanks

Evenly Distributes E-Juice to the Coil

100% Authentic Kangertech

Reviews for Genuine Kanger™ Ceramic Wick SSOCC Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)
3.4 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
from The Edge of Reality on
Going from my Evod2 to these was like going from Mad Dog 20/20 to a bottle of Goose Cross Merlot. I'm using them in a Subtank Mini @40-45W and have had an overall positive opinion of them so far.

They do take a moment from when you hit your fire button to getting a good heavy vape,but i don't forsee this as adding up to a significant amount of time taken off the tail end of my life.

On 1 or 2 occasions I've let the fluid level drop to below the top of the juice holes and had a small leak. But that's really the only downside to these that I've had so far. (I hated dinging a star for that but i can't do fractions of a star lol)

They do last significantly longer than the coils for my Evod2, so that to me justifies the price difference. If i went through these as fast as i did those it wouldn't be cost effective enough to bother.

I have gotten some burned hits, but only after using one a few days running on the warmer side. I backed off 5W and it went away in a couple hits. (The other fraction of a star off for this one)

The bottom line for me is always thus: would I recommend them to a friend? Yes. Yes i would.

Would i buy them if i knew about those minor issues i mentioned?
Yes. Yes i would.

from Boston on
-Decent Flavor
-Good vapor production
-Lasts a REALLY long time
-No Leaks
from irvine on
im pretty surprised that anyone says bad things about these coils. for me i actually get really great flavor from them and they last me a crazzzzzzy long time. i think maybe it has to do with the juice or something, but my experience has been rad.
from iowa on
Do not use with subvod mega tc 2300 or similar, Requires way to much power to actually work properly. So my experience with coil is not great tank go supper hot, mod got super hot, no flavor, a very low vape production. Not impressed at all.
from portland on
I read different things about these ceramic coils . . . . Some people seem to love it and some people seem to hate it. . . . Im not sure exactly why but if I had to guess its prob depends on the juice your using????

I dont know. I'm not an expert or anything . . . . But for me its one of the best coils that Ive used so far. . . . Damn good flavor and clouds of vapor so thick that I cant see in front of myself . . . . LOL
from Brooklyn on
Ok so I'll give these 4 stars because I can get a very decent vape with crisp and clean flavor that's even better than the regular SSOCC's. But... some things to mention; Ceramic coils are way different in comparison with regular coils and I think its a love hate kinda deal or they might grow on you, if this is the first time you use ceramic coils then its likely you're gonna think it's strange right off the bat. These have a break in period, it took me about 4 days to even have a solid opinion. They also have a longer ramp up time, so its like your second or third hit will be better and you have to use them at higher wattages which is gonna make your tank hotter if you chain vape it. So all in all, if you can get used to them, you'll definitely save a lot of cash because they last for a month plus. Personally I haven't had any leak problems like I've heard about, I think that probably has to do with vaping them right and at around 40w. Oh yeah, if you got a drip tip with airflow, you'll have a better experience.
from Virginia on
Probably the worst coils kanger has made. They well leak and spit up a lot. As far as taste didn't think they were any better than a cotton based coil. Skip these.
from Marietta,GA on
I just installed one of these ceramic coils. No flavor at all. Very dissatisfied with this product.