OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit

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OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit

For fans of sleek, discreet, and portable vape pods, innovative firm OVNS has everything you need with their latest release, the OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit! Featuring an integrated 400 mAh rechargeable battery with a 7.2W maximum output, and a coil resistance of 2.0 ohms, the DUO Pod System delivers tight draws and reliable performance.

Over the years, OVNS earned a reputation for fun, quirky designs with an emphasis on practicality, functionality, and convenience. Enthusiasts of the brand will fall in love with the effortless delivery here: its bright, bold unicolor scheme is exceptionally elegant, especially when compared to the often-gaudy design work that you find in the current vaping scene.

Moreover, the OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit is a delight to hold and vape. At just under three inches in height and a width of only 1.81 inches, the OVNS DUO was physically designed primarily for discretion. Easily fitting into your pocket, purse, or compartment, the DUO is deployed only when you want it.

Despite this vaping system’s sleek aesthetics and end-user conveniences, the heart of the OVNS DUO Pod is its namesake dual e-juice reservoir. Featuring two separate refillable 2.0 ml pods placed on opposite ends of the vaporizer, the end-user can elect output magnitude.

For those who want an unprecedented blast of flavor, they can run both faucets on full blast. This is a particularly important feature as the OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit was developed with mouth-to-lung (MTL) enthusiasts in mind. Moreover, the DUO is a perfect platform for the burgeoning nicotine-salts craze.

But some enthusiasts desire a soothing session, especially after a rough day at the office. The OVNS DUO responds in kind, allowing the enthusiast to extract their liquid gold from either pod. Better yet, the transition from one channel to the other is smooth and seamless – just change the grips and you’re good to go.

Another innovative design element of the OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit is the draw-activated firing mechanism. With this feature, you simply hold the vape device to your mouth. Once you’re ready, simply draw from the DUO as you would any other vaporizer. An internal mechanism catalyzes the activation process, delivering rich vapors quickly and intuitively.

But the draw-activated feature isn’t just for convenience and functionality. One of the concerns about vaporizers is accidental discharges. Although modern devices incorporate multiple safety features, it’s not entirely impossible for a freak accident to occur.

With the OVNS DUO Pod, that scenario is even more unlikely. Because of the draw-activation functionality, the DUO is completely buttonless. Therefore, unless you have a hidden mouth somewhere in your pocket, you won’t have to worry about any unforeseen incidents. Such smart design work gives you the confidence to deploy the DUO whenever, wherever you go!


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OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: OVNS

Battery: Integrated 400 mAh

Maximum Wattage: 7.2W

Resistance: 2.0 ohm

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red

Height: 2.99 Inches (76mm)

Width: 1.81 Inches (46mm)

Depth: 0.43 Inches (11mm)


OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit Includes:

1 x OVNS Duo 400mAh Battery

3 x OVNS Duo 2.0mL Pods

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

OVNS DUO Pod System Starter Kit Features:

Flagship MTL-specific pod system from OVNS

Efficiently designed for nicotine salts

Bright bold colors for enhanced appeal

Lightweight and ergonomic chassis

Integrates two 2.0-ml capacity e-liquid pods

Draw-activated firing mechanism

100% Authentic OVNS

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
New and Improved

Outstanding in the fact that it has two (2) tanks. I can go run errands and not worry about refilling until I return home. Charge and tanks last all day! Oh, did I mention how very quite it was! That is a MUST for me! I will definitely buy another in the future!


This is the best pod system that you can have, I vape at work, out on the town, and even in the movies sometimes! AVENGERS WAS TOO LONG OK! It it super discrete and you dont have to worry about everyone looking at your huge clouds and finding you out!

Cindie Lou
Genuine OVNS™ DUO Pod System Starter Kit

Amazballs! Super easy to hide from my boss at work hehe
It provides a very satisfying hit while not produceing a huge noticable cloud. The battery life is good as long as you dont chain vape it to death LOL

Amanda T
Genuine OVNS™ DUO Pod System Starter Kit

Great pod system super small but fits great in your hand. Very easy to conceal and take a quick puff on the go. I use it on errands,shopping trips,and nights out! So perfect! Also has GREAT flavor

Jasin Compedo
Genuine OVNS™ DUO Pod System Starter Kit

Wierd little thing thats why I wanted to try it...it caught my eye. To my suprise it hits great and the flavor is really good. Perfect for cig smokers, I would highly recommend this.


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