Reds Grape - Reds E-Juice (60 ml)

By 7 Daze

15 reviews
List Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99

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Reds Grape E-Juice by 7 Daze (60ml)

When it comes to fruit-flavored e-juices, there really is no substitute for the sheer authenticity and quality of the Reds line. Their immensely popular Apple and Apple Iced offerings are coveted across the globe for their unrivaled flavor genuineness and robustness. Having earned a series of awards and glowing reviews, the Reds Apple E-Liquids are absolutely remarkable in every fashion. They have now released a new addition to this legendary collection—Reds Grape E-Juice. This marvelous concoction is truly mouthwatering, and made with the same care, craftsmanship, and premium-grade ingredients as the Reds Apple flavors.

Reds Grape E-Juice begins with a base of the same juicy, authentic, and absolutely delicious apple flavor you have come to love from the Apple E-Juice. Reds then adds the perfect amount of sweet, ripe grapes for an added layer of taste that is absolutely out of this world. From the moment you take your first hit, you will be impressed with this masterpiece. It genuinely tastes like natural apples and grapes.

If you enjoy fruit-flavored e-liquids, you absolutely must try Reds Grape—you’ll be glad you did!

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Reds Grape E-Juice Specifications:

PG: 30%

VG: 70%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Available Sizes: 60ml

Flavor Category: Fruit

Primary Flavors: Natural Red Apples, Juicy Ripe Grapes

Steep Time: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured in: USA

Reviews for Reds Grape - Reds E-Juice (60 ml)
5 out of 5, based on 15 reviews
from Florida on
It’s pretty good, I’d buy it again
from Marina Valley on
Wow Wow Wow! Absolutely amazing flavor!!!
from Spokane on
I have tried the Reds watermelon and the apple and they're both AMAZING. I've been eyeing this one for a while, but was a bit afraid to pull the trigger because grape is not easy to do the right way. After reading all of these reviews, when VA threw their 4th of July sale, I said what the hell and gave it a shot. This is incredible! I mean it's amazing! It has the real fruity flavor like the other Reds. And the apple/grape blend is just perfect. I can't recommend this flavor enough.
from Ohio on
I agree with all of the other reviews. Reading them is what made me try this in the first place so I thought I should do my part and write one too. Without a sliver of doubt this is the very best fruit flavor out there. I am going to try the others in this line as well, but as for now this is worlds apart from other fruits I have tried, and I have tried MANY.
from Here on
Reds Grape

Wow! This has a great taste! Granted I am partial because Grape is my favourite fruit flavour. This makes me really picky so I have tried many Grape fluids; all failed miserably and one even made me want to hurl. I finally found EVO’s Insomnia which is very good but this has surpassed that with a very strong grape, non chemical flavour. I even have my mod set well below the wattage I usually have to use and it is pure powerful Grape. Even after a few minutes of taking a drag you can still taste it! This fluid is awesome and I am definitely buying some more. I also bought the Red’s Watermelon and I am really excited to try it. The price is definitely right in terms of quality, plus a little goes a long way. This definitely my new favourite fruit vape! There is also a squeeze bottle included, I am assuming because the droppers can kind of make a mess or just to make carrying the fluid around while out, easier. Either way it was a generous bonus. Thanks to the class act folks at Vapor Authority for their help, great service and suggestions :)
from Los Angeles on
I never thought I'd like a grape flavor but this is like something else. If you're kinda thinking about it, just buy it trust me!
from Downy on
I have a home office with a cabinet, and one whole shelf is for my vape stuff. Most of it is liquids, with a few mods and what not. I have tried so many different juices over the years that I honestly can't even remember anymore. And although there are still some great brands and flavors out there, if you like fruit, there's nothing like Reds.

Just to keep this mixed up, I continued to buy other new flavors and what not, but always feel as though Reds is just better, and I end up cleaning out my tank, getting a new coil, and filling it with reds.

At this point, if I want fruit, I only go with Reds. Why not stick with the best? Nothing tastes so authentic and natural like reds, and that's for all of their flavors.

I'm writing the review for this grape one only because it's my favorite of them, but trust me they're all 10 stars. This one just has a certain bit of something to it that I can't describe, but they're all just amazing.

Whoever is reading this, I know you sometimes read reviews and you buy based on them only to be disappointed, please believe me that if you like fruit juices, then you will 100% be happy with any of the Reds. You have my word on it!
from Davie on
I would never steer a fellow vaper wrong. Trust me that this is exceptional e-liquid and really does taste natural.

Buy with confidence.
from Minnesota on
I'm going to vape this forever. I like true grape (not candied) and this tastes like actual juice. At first I was leary because it's made with apple but it's very faint which is fine by me. Everyone has different taste buds, but I personally only get a strong grape flavor so it's perfect. This is very affordable, too. I saw it at a vape store and it was a lot more money so it's a steal to find it here. I will definitely order again.
from houston on
i was a little worried that the grape would taste like cough syrup or something but that's not the case at all. this literally tastes like you took apples and grapes and juiced it and are vaping it. nothing i've tried in the past 2 1/2 years tastes so real like this. i wanna try the others to
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