SKWZD Disposable Vape Pens - 3,000 Puffs

By Skwezed
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SKWZD Disposable Vapes

Skwezed is among the most trusted, distinguished, and celebrated brand names in the vaping industry. Their impressive assortment of choice vape juices is relished by enthusiasts all over the globe. Their award-winning artisans have been hard at work fashioning their latest delights—SKWZD Disposable Vape Pens. These remarkable devices are exceptionally well-made and deliver a truly enjoyable vaping experience that is certain to satisfy even the most discerning of afficionados.

SKWZD Disposable Vapes are constructed with high-quality materials. The radiant exterior is dazzling in appearance and remarkably comfortable to hold. Internally, these compact gems house a powerful battery, premium mesh atomizer coil, and a massive 8ml of delicious e-liquid. The result is a brawny vape pen capable of delivering approximately 3,000 puffs per unit, making them remarkably long-lasting.

Of course, one of the best features of SKWZD Disposable Vapes is the magnificent e-juice flavors they come in. Smooth, robust, and very well-balanced, every offering within the collection has been expertly crafted to perfection.

SKWZD Disposable Vape Pens are currently available in ten mouthwatering flavors, including: Banana Ice, Berry Blue, Berry Bomb, Grape Chills, Green Apple Ice, Icy Fresh, Kilberry, Litty Dragon, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Ice, Purple Ape, Rainbow Drip, Strawtermelon, and Tang Bang.


Banana Ice:

Sweet, ripe bananas with a cool menthol finish.


Berry Blue:

A selection of juicy, mountain-fresh blueberries.


Berry Bomb:

A delicious blend of mixed berries..


Grape Chills:

Sweet, vine-ripened grapes with a kick of cool menthol, for a refreshing finish.


Green Apple Ice:

Crisp and juicy green apple, with a cool menthol finish.


Icy Fresh:

Cool, crisp, and refreshing mint with subtle sweet undertones.



A delicious blend of farm-fresh strawberries and juicy kiwis, for an explosion of fruity deliciousness.


Litty Dragon:

A mouthwatering combination of sweet lychee and juicy dragon fruit.


Lychee Ice:

Sweet and Juicy lychee with a cool menthol finish.


Mango Ice:

Sweet and Juicy mango with a cool menthol finish.


Peach Ice:

Orchard-fresh peaches with a cool menthol finish.


Purple Ape:

Juicy, vine-ripened grapes.


Rainbow Drip:

Your favorite "rainbow" fruit candies.



A delicious blend of fresh watermelon and mountain-fresh strawberries.


Tang Bang:

A delectable combination of fresh orange and silky vanilla cream, very similar to the popular frozen treat.

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SKWZD Disposable Vape Specifications:

Manufactured by: Skwezed

Puff Count: 3,000

E-Juice Quantity: 8ml

Nicotine Content: 5.0% (by Weight) – Tobacco-Free Nicotine

VG: 50%

PG: 50%

Operation: Automatic

Available Flavors: Banana Blast, Berry Blue, Berry Bomb, Grape Chills, Green Apple Ice, Icy Fresh, Kilberry, Litty Dragon, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Ice, Purple Ape, Rainbow Drip, Strawtermelon, Tang Bang

Length: 4.12 Inches

Diameter: 0.75 Inches


SKWZD Disposable Vape Includes:

1 x SKWZD Disposable Vape Pen

SKWZD Disposable Vape Features:

Available in 10 delicious flavors

Robust and flavorful hits

Satisfying authentic experience

Tobacco-free nicotine

All-in-one composition

Operated automatically by drawing on the mouthpiece

No skill to operate

No settings to adjust

Extremely long-lasting – Approximately 3,000 puffs

Long-Lasting – Approximately 1,500 Puffs

Large 8ml e-juice per unit

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vicky Martinez

Lightening fast shipping (received next day)! There was even a personalized thank you note enclosed! What other vape company does that?! Every vape I've ordered has been spot on the best too! Order now! You definitely won't regret it!

Kelly MacDonald

No burn or throat hurting. Smooth and great flavor with no aftertaste

Darren Powell

insanely good flavor, and they last me at least 3-5 days with my constant vaping


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