Genuine Smok™ Novo Kit

By Smoktech

9 reviews
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $24.99

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Smok Novo Pod System Starter Kit

While the vaping industry continues to change, develop and progress, SMOK rises to the occasion to lead a path with its innovative products many consumers have come accustomed to receiving. The market and those that purchase from it have been spoiled for nearly a decade as SMOK transforms the way users vape, which is why its lead the industry for years and has become a staple brand for consumers all around the world. Portable pod-based systems have become the highlight within the world of vaping for that last couple of years, and SMOK continues to outpour the industry’s most popular products, starting from the Rolo Badge and continuing its march onward with its latest release, the SMOK Novo Kit, a newly designed pod system device that looks just as well as it performs!

With portable pod devices becoming even more of a desired vapor delivery system, it was obvious that SMOK would continue to improve in the area and expand on its current line-up. Every inch of the Nova was designed meticulously, from its cute whistle-like shape to the cobra pattern that engulfs its entire housing, the whole SMOK Novo Kit is a work of art in every facet. Its pocket-friendly size, its heightened appeal, and its ergonomically designed mouthpiece isn’t all this kit is made of -- in fact, performance is its strongest feature. Combining its remarkable appearance and its high performance capability results in a satisfying vape from the all new SMOK Novo Kit!

SMOK Novo Kit

Blistered with style and great appeal, the SMOK Nova Kit is certainly a sight for a sore eyes. It features a gorgeous appearance, where its shaped like a cute whistle, ergonomically designed for those who enjoy a discreet pocket-friendly device. Its front and back offers an appealing cobra pattern design, while its sides utilize a plated material to perfect the overall quality and its fascinating appearance. Choosing which Novo Kit is the only difficult part of this kit, as there are a total of 8 color choices to meet your preference, including Prism Chrome and Black Cobra, Prism Chrome and Red Cobra, Prism Chrome and White Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Rainbow Cobra, Prism Chrome and Auto Pink Cobra, Prism Chrome and Royal Blue Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Blue Cobra, and Prism Chrome and Green Cobra.

While its looks and superior quality is most definitely a strong point, the SMOK Novo Kit is plastered with features. For instance, it offers a whistle-like mouthpiece that’s integrated into the two pod’s that come included with the kit. Its pod feature a 2ML e-liquid capacity and offers an e-liquid window to accurately view the current e-liquid level at all times. Just to the side of the pod is a rubber plug, which allows you to easily refill it with your preferred choice of e-liquid.

Equally as impressive, the SMOK Nova device utilizes an air-drive system, which allows for an easy and convenient startup. As soon as the air is inhaled, the device automatically responds by activating and producing a massive vapor production. Despite its small footprint of 88.3mm by 24.3mm by 14.3mm, the Novo comes equipped with a 450mAh built-in battery, providing up to 16 watts for the pod-based device. So that your device is charged and ready-to-go at all times, an intelligent battery life indicator has been positioned in the center of the device, while a micro-USB port rests to the side on its plated frame for fast and easy charging. To top it all off, the SMOK Nova Kit was designed to be incredibly user-friendly, where all you have to do is inhale, meaning there is no fire key, no adjustment buttons, and no hassle of leaking. It’s the perfect device that shares the perfect experience.

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SMOK Novo Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Material: Polycarbonate / Aluminum

Battery: Built-In 450mAh Rechargeable Battery

Wattage Range: 10W - 16W

Available Colors: Prism Chrome and Black Cobra, Prism Chrome and Red Cobra, Prism Chrome and White Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Rainbow Cobra, Prism Chrome and Auto Pink Cobra, Prism Chrome and Royal Blue Cobra, Prism Chrome and Prism Blue Cobra, and Prism Chrome and Green Cobra.

Height: 88.3mm

Width: 24.3mm

Depth: 14.3mm


SMOK Novo Kit Includes:

1 x Novo Device

2 x Pod (Refillable)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

SMOK Novo Kit Features:

Portable Pod-Based Device

Refillable Pod System

Large 2ML E-Liquid Capacity

Built-In 450mAh Battery

E-Liquid Window With Fill Plug

Ergonomically Designed Mouthpiece

Air-Driven System

Intelligent Battery Life Indicator

Multiple Protections


Reviews for Genuine Smok™ Novo Kit
4.6 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
from Ca on
Smok Novo is a nice upgrade to the latest trend of pod vapes. The build quality just went up to Apple levels! Nice chrome finish and the design is pretty good too. Even the metallic lower part of the pod with the smok logo etched has been upgraded to a solid shiny metal as opposed to the cheap thin dull aluminum counterpart in the Smok Infinix. I have about a dozen pod devices now and Smok infinix and Smok Novo are on the very top of my list! The infinix has a slightly tighter draw and a bit more cloud than Novo. Flavor is awesome out of both but the Novo feels like a Lexus and infinix like a Toyota Corolla. Both get the job done, but the Novo just feels so luxurious! And has longer battery life. If you like the tighter MTL draw of Suorin, then this isn't for you. But if you like Aspire Breeze 2 wide open or Gusto Mini, then you will like the Novo. The Smok infinix has perfect cloud, hit and flavor, but has a short battery life and does leak a lot at the mouthpiece. With the Novo, it looks like Smok made the battery last longer (bigger) and made it more airy which does reduce the juice leaking (condensation) right at the mouthpiece. I love it!
from Alabama on
I've vaped on and off since 2013. Started out on the crappy ciga-likes and progressed to mods such as my current Innokin Cool Fire Ultra which is a pretty good device which I recommend. I even build my own coils which is fun because I'm kind of nerdy that way. I've never been one who wanted to be a big cloud vapor though. I simply wanted to quit smoking and vaping did that for me. But vaping can be a pain in the ass. Leaky tanks, sub par juices, bulky devices, etc. A coworker recently let me try his Juul which I'd written off with disdain as just another cheap and crappy gas station ciga-like. I was wrong. The Juul is actually an exceptional product. Unfortunately it comes with an exceptional price tag. That being said though, I'd recommend it to anyone whose intent is to only hit it to ease the cravings while trying to quit smoking. If your goal is to short term vape to quit smoking then the Juul is the way to go. I'm really surprised at how good it works. This all led me to investigate the pod style systems further primarily with a refillable pod in mind. After looking at reviews I settled on the Smok Novo. This is an awesome device at an awesome price. There are a couple of negatives though. First, I occasionally get a bit of juice in my mouth. I just started with mine but it seems like it's best to keep it upright whereas the Juul can be laid on its side. It's not a huge issue as it's rare and as time goes on I'll likely learn how to eliminate this issue. Second, there seems to be no indicator of how much battery is left. The light glows white when you hit it and without warning it just dies. That's really no issue for me since I typically can always have easy access to charging. Also, at this price you can get two of them and rotate. It also has pass through charging capabilities so no biggie. Third, and I'm being picky, the pod is concealed so you can't tell how much juice is left. Again, no biggie. Just pop the pod out from time to time and look at it.

Pros. It's not expensive. It functions exceptionally well with a good deal of vapor for MTL. It's about the size of a bic lighter so I really like that versus my mod which is heavy. I really hate bulky things in my pocket so this is a big plus for me. I thought the wide mouth piece was going to be a con but it's really not. I actually kind of like it which is a surprise. The pods are about 3 each for around ten bucks. I don't know how long they last yet but that's cheap compared to the closed pod Juul and it holds 2 ml vs the .7ml of the Juul.

All of that being said, I'll be selling or giving away all of my freebase juices, mods, and tanks because the pod system is so damn much better. It's hassle free and much more affordable. The nic salt juices are just awesome compared to the freebase juices. They pack a hell of a good nic hit smoothly! If your goal is to blow mighty clouds of joy and fill a room with massive plumes of cloud, then this isn't for you. But if you're a normal human being just looking for something to help stay off the stinkies, then pod vaping is the way to go hands down. I highly recommend it! Also, Vapor Authority shipping is pretty quick. I ordered this Wednesday night and received it today, Saturday. California to Alabama in three days is pretty good.
from FL on
Being that I am in the process of quitting smoking via vaping, I started with cig-a-likes, vape pens, and now pods. I was only able to do "mouth to lung" hits, but now with my new Smok Novo, I can direct lung hit smooth...satisfying....nice it! No harshness, even with 50mg nic salts. (Madhatter Tropical Mango)...Highly recommend!
from Florida on
Great little pocket vape on the go! I like the fact I can refill the pod with my own favorite juice and the cloud production is not bad for such a small device!
from MO on
Love this device! It is small and solid, I can throw it in my purse and it never leaks. It is not harsh on my throat and doesn't attract attention with the "clouds". Also, the shipping was super fast!
from Wisconsin on
Great little mod. Good hits and super easy to use. Have 2 of them now.
from Los Angeles on
a lot of positives compared to a juul. Couple negative thoughts would be the pods don’t last 10 refills. Mouth price leaks small amounts . The leak not an issue until you lay novo on cloth for a few minutes and a small stain will appear . I would give this product 3.5 stars out of 5.
from WA on
I love this vape. I love just about everything about it. It's the perfect size to drop in your pocket and go. I'm not big on needing large clouds, so it's great for me. I'm also enjoying the flavor of my juice. The biggest drawback is there is a slight e-juice leak where the mouthpiece connects to the pod tank itself. Since it has a rounded bottom, it can't be stood upright to help alleviate that. Other than that, it's perfect. Hopefully Smok will fix the leak in the replacement pods. I also have the Rolo Badge, but the Novo is my go-to.
from Florida on
Great little device!!! Nice vapor and flavor and it just the ticket for a light weight pocket vape while working