Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Coils / (X4, Q2, T6 & T8) Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)

By Smoktech
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Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Coils / (X4, Q2, Q4, M2, T6, T8, T12, Mesh and Strip) Atomizer Heads (5 Pack)

The SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is irrefutably one of the most spectacular devices on the market today. A Smaller version of the wildly popular TFV8, this small beast delivers truly mind-blowing performance. Although many factors contribute to this stellar operation, one of the primary variables is the groundbreaking atomizer coils that have been designed to operate with it. With multiple heads to choose from, you can easily find the one most suitable for your needs.

SMOK offers a variety of atomizer heads to pair with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. With assorted coil configurations and various resistances to select between. each and every one of these marvelous atomizer coils have been skillfully engineered with performance in mind. Made with the very finest available materials, the SMOK TFV8 Baby line of atomizer heads help deliver a genuinely pleasurable vaping experience.


Smok TFV8 Baby Coil Types Include:

V8 Baby Q2 Coil – The Baby Q2 coil features a dual-coil setup, runs a resistance rating of 0.4 ohms, and features a power band between 40W to 80W, with recommendations for best performance between 55W to 65W.

V8 Baby Q4 Coil – The Baby Q4 coil offers a quadruple coil configuration for stronger and purer flavor.  These coils operate at a range of 30-65W with the recommended wattage being between 50-60W.

V8 Baby T6 Coil - These powerful sextuple-coil atomizers are capable of accommodating wattage levels as high as an incredible 130W. With an impressive 6-coil configuration, the SMOK Baby T6 Atomizers are offered at an ultra-low resistance of 0.2 ohms. Recommended settings range between 70W and 90W.

V8 Baby T8 Coil – One of the more intricate atomizer head variations available from the TFV8 Baby Coil family is the Baby T8 Coil. With an astonishing 8-coil arrangement, these octuple atomizers are capable of manufacturing exceptionally flavorful and massively large vapor. Set to a resistance of 0.15 ohms, the SMOK T8 Baby Beast Atomizers work optimally at a wattage between 60W to 80W, but can endure levels of up to 110W.

V8 Baby T12 Coil - A Duodecuple coil 0.15 Ohm with a power output of 50W to 90W with best performance falling between 60W and 80W.

V8 Baby X4 Coil – The Baby X4 coil integrates a quadruple-coil setup with 0.15 ohms of resistance. Equipped with four separate coils, power delivery ranges between 30W to 70W, with best performance experienced between 45W to 60W.  This coil has been noted to have smooth hits with an emphasis on flavor.

V8 Baby M2 Coil - Of course, sheer performance isn’t the end-all, be-all: sometimes, you just want to enjoy a rich, flavorful session. Recognizing the diverse needs of the vaping community, Smok engineers developed the M2 which runs a traditional dual-coil setup. Resistance is rated at 0.25 ohms, featuring a powerband between 25W to 45W. You can expect best performance standards at 35W. The M2 was designed more specifically for the Stick V8 and other similar “direct output” devices

V8 Baby Mesh Coil – The Baby Mesh Coil features a low-resistance 0.15-ohm setup, and a wide powerband between 40W to 80W. Enthusiasts can extract the most out of the V8 Baby Mesh with a range between 60W and 70W.  The mesh core design provides a larger heating area, faster heating process and truly massive vapor clouds.

V8 Baby Strip Coil – The Baby Strip coil also features a larger heating area, with a slightly different design.  Similar to the Mesh design, the mesh coil allows even distribution of heat, higher wattage and denser flavor.  These coils can handle up to 100W of power with the recommended wattage range being between 60w to 80W.

Irrespective of the particular coil you select, all of them are made with the very best materials. The bodies are all made with durable metal, while the wicks are fabricated with 100% pure Japanese organic cotton. Unlike standard cotton, which is inundated with impurities, such as pesticides, bleach, and colorants, organic cotton does not contain any of these contaminants. This results in markedly cleaner, truer, and purer flavor from your e-juices.

Note: These Atomizer Coils Cannot Be Used with the Full-Size TFV8


SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Coil Specifications:

Manufactured by: SMOK

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Resistance (Q2): 0.4 Ohms

Resistance (X4): 0.15 Ohms

Resistance (T6): 0.2 Ohms

Resistance (T8): 0.15 Ohms

Resistance (T12): 0.15 Ohms

Resistance (Mesh): 0.15 Ohms

Resistance (Strip): 0.15 Ohms

Resistance (M2): 0.25 Ohms (*Designed for Stick V8 and Direct Output)

Recommended Wattage (Q2): 55W – 65W – (80W Maximum)

Recommended Wattage (Q4): 50W – 60W – (65W Maximum)

Recommended Wattage (X4): 45W – 60W – (70W Maximum)

Recommended Wattage (T6): 70W - 90W - (130W Maximum)

Recommened Wattage (T8): 60W – 80W – (110W Maximum)

Recommened Wattage (T12): 60W – 80W – (90W Maximum)

Recommened Wattage (Mesh): 60W – 70W – (80W Maximum)

Recommened Wattage (Strip): 80W – 90W – (100W Maximum)

Recommened Wattage (M2): 25W – 45W – (*Designed for Direct Output)


SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Coil Includes:

5 x SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Coils (Model of Your Choice)

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Atomizer Coil Features:

Produce Immense Vapor Clouds

Deliver Rich, Robust, and Intense Flavor

Multiple Atomizer Coil Options Available

Durable Metal Body

100% Pure Organic Cotton Wicks


Can Accommodate High Wattage

Competition-Level Performance

100% Authentic SMOK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Coil compatiblity

Are these coils compatible with the smok big baby prince tank on x-priv baby mod? I'm having trouble finding a compatible coil for it. And is there a RBA Coil available for this tank? Thanks

Jason Hoover
Love Vapor Authority

As long as Vapor Authority is around, they will always be my go to. Coils, tanks, mods, or anything else you need. Shipping is fast, and prices are always on par!

Lynn M
Great coils

Love the coils that I use in my Big Baby Beast Tank by Smok! Finally a coil that last for a long time! Average of 2500-3000 puffs.

Mike T
Love this company!

As usual, the coils are top notch. Also the shipping was crazy fast this time. It usually is but it was like 3 days or something this time and I live in Bama! I also appreciate the little envelope that has your invoice and a ty card in it. In a world where good service is very hard to find I tend to appreciate small things like that. They obviously care about their customers and image. Thanks yall!

Jani Jerusal

You always have what I need


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