Source E-Nail Attachment

By Source
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Source E-Nail Attachment

One of the most unique attributes of vaping products is its incredible scope of modularity. Other industries may claim such consumer-centric focus, but vaping has taken this concept to a higher level. With a relatively small investment, a vaper can mix and match components from different kits, rigs, and nail systems, resulting in what can only be described as an artistic impression.

This of course is the beauty of vaping and its broader enthusiast community. Chasing vape is an open source endeavor. Innovations inspire, leading to even greater and more technologically advanced developments. While the capitalist ethos is obviously present in the business of vaping, the industry itself feels more like a partnership than a competition.

This brings us to the Source Hand E-Nail Attachment. This accessory kit includes the water filtration bubbler, glass globe attachment, as well as three easy to install nails composed of titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Thus, the Source Nail Attachment has everything you need in case a replacement is necessary for your original Hand E-nail accessories.

One of the amazing attributes of the E-Nail Attachment by Source is that all of the components feature universal 510 threading. Essentially, the Source Attachment is compatible with any 510 threaded mod, and therefore -- because the 510 is an industry standard -- it's easily configured to any reputable vaping device.  

Say goodbye to annoying proprietary components that only interact with intra-corporate products! This is what makes the broader vaping community so special. Even though the Source Hand E-Nail Attachment was specifically designed for the company's E-Nail Vaporizer, you can use the attachment to convert a non-Source e-juice mod into a high-powered dabbing device. 

The Source Hand E-Nail Attachment is simply smart thinking by one of the vaping industry's pioneers. Source was one of the first companies to combine the power of a traditional, desktop e-rig system with the compactness of a pen-style vaporizer. The Source E-Nail Vaporizer quickly became a fan favorite when it launched, and it has remained one of the most highly demanded e-devices.

It's easy to see why once you take a look underneath the Source Hand's hood. The e-nail vaporizer is armed with Source's proprietary 40W TC Mod called the Volt. Although diminutive in size, the 40W TC Mod is a dynamo, packing a superior power to weight over most of the competition. With a few quick button strokes, the Source Hand E-Nail delivers precise temperature controls, from a low of 200°F to a maximum setting of 700°F.

Complementing the power of the 40W TC Mod is the Source Nail's deep cylinder. This allows for a greater frequency in dabs, and lengthier sessions without having to constantly clean up undesirable excess or leaks. More importantly to ardent enthusiasts, a vaper can vape more wax concentrates in a single shot. This maxing out on hits is becoming a cultural phenomenon in the dabbing community, and the physical architecture of the Source Nail Vaporizer allows you to go as hard as you want.

Naturally, this leads to some problems; namely, the ability of human lungs to absorb punishment. While tolerances are wide ranging among vapers, there are simple anatomical realities that cannot be denied. This is where the Source Hand E-Nail Attachment is a true blessing. With the included water filtration unit, the vaper can reliably depend upon a consistent, cooling effect. Not only does this add a sweetened texture to the overall dabbing experience, your lungs will thank you for it -- especially if you're undergoing an intensive load. And if you've already bought your Source Hand Nail Vaporizer, chances are you've taken it -- and yourself -- through its paces.

The other great feature of the E-Nail Attachment by Source is the glass globe. This tiny little thing may not look like much to the lay person, but it can add a whole new dimension to a vaping session. Discerning enthusiasts aren't just satisfied with breathing in vapors. There's an entire spectrum of modularity options for your essential flavors, from how much and for how long they are heated, to the type of materials upon which your wax concentrates are dabbed. It's only a natural derivative, then, that airflow and delivery will meet customization. This is exactly what's on tap when you apply the Source Hand E-Nail Attachment's glass globe.

Next on the list is the Source Attachment's three separate nails. Each of these provides a unique dabbing experience, and therefore, having all three is a must in order to enjoy the eclectic tastes of the E-Nail Vaporizer.

As a quick rundown, your titanium nail is your most durable component. Use this for intense, high-pressure sessions -- the Grade 2 titanium will not let you down! For smoother, textured rips that represent a balance between flavor and magnitude, go with the ceramic option. Source nails are high quality affairs, featuring the right mix between performance and end-user experience. The quartz nail, naturally, is one of the most popular routes thanks to its inert characteristics and pure flavor transfer of wax concentrates. For premium wax, go with nothing else but the quartz!  

What many vapers can appreciate about Source's decision to market their E-Nail Attachment is that in life, stuff happens. You don't anticipate it; otherwise, you would have reacted differently to prevent the unfortunate event. And this could be anything from dropping your original, factory provided Source E-Nail attachments -- glass isn't the most durable of materials -- or flat out losing it. In rarer cases, your attachments can be stolen. But whatever the circumstances are, not having your dabbing equipment sucks; multiply that by ten when you're jonesing for a session.

Thus, I think it's a great idea to buy an order of the Source Hand E-Nail Attachment ahead of time. Due to the portability element of the factory E-Nail Vaporizer by Source, a vaper will usually deploy this unit outside of his or her home. That is simply inviting Murphy's Law to strike you when it is least convenient. Even if you've avoided running into unfortunate situations in the past, the more you dab outside of your domain, the more likely it is that an accident can derail what would otherwise be a perfect day to vape.

Finally, think about this. The Source Hand E-Nail Attachment isn't the most readily available item in a physical retail outlet. That means should an accident occur, you're stuck waiting for your E-Nail Attachment to arrive. Or, seasonality trends or unusual spikes in demand could create frustrating backorders. Either way, the message is clear -- avoid the trouble and get your Source Hand E-Nail Attachment today!

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Source E-Nail Attachment Specifications:

Manufactured by: Source

Material: Glass


Heat-Up Time:

Manufacturer Warranty:

Length: 8 Inches

Width: 2.5 Inches

Depth: 2.5 Inches

Weight: 12.8 Ounces


Source E-Nail Attachment Specifications:

1 x Glass Bubbler Attachment

1 x Grade 2 Titanium Nail

1 x Quartz Glass Nail

1 x Ceramic Nail

1 x Dab Tool

Source E-Nail Attachment Features:

Convenient Magnetic Dabber and Carb Cap

Premium-Grade Glass Bubbler

Wonderful Airflow

Standard 510 Threading

Lab Certified Grade 2 Titanium Nail

Easy-to-Clean Nails

Premium Quartz Glass Nail

Constructed with High-Quality Materials


Removable Coil-Less Buckets

High-Quality Ceramic Nail

Very Efficient

100% Authentic Source

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