Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit

By Suorin
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Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit

 A common fixture among vaping innovations, Suorin set the traditional mouth-to-lung (MTL) community ablaze with their groundbreaking Air Pod System Kit. Building off its tremendous success, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit represents the next evolution. Featuring an upgraded battery and chipset, higher wattage and e-liquid capacities, and two distinct cartridges for freebase or nicotine-salt e-liquids, the Air Plus sets a new benchmark in all-in-one devices.

True to the corporate ethos and production heritage, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is an elegantly designed platform. Featuring its now iconic flattened surface area, the Air Plus resembles a top-shelf smartphone. This design cue gives you the ability to show off your device among your enthusiast buddies or tuck it away when the need for discretion arises.

And whether you find yourself in the office slogging through one conference call after another, or on a long road trip of your choosing, the Suorin Air Plus Pod is a reliable partner-in-crime. Company engineers integrated a brand-new 930 mAh powerplant in the Air Plus Pod, giving the vaporizer astounding range and usability. Facilitating hours of generous sessions, you’ll rarely find yourself out of power.

When you do, the Suorin Air Plus Pod is incredibly easy and intuitive to recharge. Incorporating a USB Type-C charging port, simply plug the Air Plus Pod into another connected device or a USB portal. Within a quick amount of time, you’ll be back in the game.

As you might expect from any offering from Suorin, the Air Plus features gobs of power and performance metrics. The company overhauled the entire system, giving this latest device a maximum output of 22W. Moreover, the second-generation Air has a working voltage range between 3.3V to 4.2V.

Complementing the output and searing performance of the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit is a massively upgraded e-juice pod reservoir. At 3.2 ml, the Air Plus is able to carry approximately 60% more e-juice than the average all-in-one pod vaporizer. This gives you a comprehensive range to tackle that unexpectedly long day at the office without stress.

Moreover, the Suorin Air Plus features a distinctive oil-baffle design located at the device’s sidewall. This innovative feature allows you to switch resistance ratings between 0.7 ohm to 1.0 ohm. An unprecedented advancement in small-scale MTL devices, the oil-baffle design works in conjunction with your choice of a kit-included 0.7-ohm or 0.8-ohm cartridge.

The 0.7-ohm cartridge is optimized for freebase-nicotine flavors. The 0.8-ohm cartridge is geared specifically for nicotine salts. This option gives you a wider range of expression from the Air Plus device, based on your preferences or desires.

Finally, the Suorin Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit incorporates multiple end-user conveniences. A noticeable component of this feature is the LED battery-life indicator. Featuring a grid-light system, it intuitively tells you when a recharge is necessary.


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Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Suorin

Battery Capacity: 930 mAh

Available Resistances: 0.7 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm

E-Juice Capacity: 3.2 ml


Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit Includes:

1 x Sourin Air Plus Pod

1 x Sourin Air Plus Cartridge

1 x Warning Card

1 x User Manual

1 x USB Charging Cable

Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit Features:

Second-generation Suorin Air device

Sleek physical platform enhances discretion

Upgraded 930 mAh integrated battery

Extremely large 3.2 ml capacity pod cartridge

Oil-baffle design for different resistances

Offers your choice between two pod cartridges

Compatible with freebase nicotine and nicotine salts

100% authentic Suorin

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love this Device

I have been using this device for about 5 years now. Have tried others but always come back to this Sourin!

Clair Dennis


Bri Adkins

great lil kit that offers tons of flavor and satisfaction

Ryan Packer

Easy to fill, easy to use, really liking it so far.

Jill Peters

great battery life and flavor


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