Suorin Edge Pod Device w/ Batteries

By Suorin
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Suorin Edge Pod Device w/ 2 Batteries

*NOTE: Pod Cartridges are NOT Included & Sold Separately (See Link Below)

With a vast collection of innovative brands scouring the market, Suorin is one that has remained on top. It’s a brand that has only been in existence for six years, making it a toddler to those who joined the industry before it. Though it’s still considered a somewhat new brand for vaping consumers, there isn’t much it hasn’t achieved in its time. Suorin is now one of the industry’s leading brands, an innovator amongst all, and its highly talented research and development team continues to reveal some of the most groundbreaking devices to date.

There are several products now under the belt of the Suorin brand, all delivering an ergonomic design, class, and incredible performance that exists throughout each release. Continuing its focus on a set of pod systems that make up its extensive collection, Suorin has dropped yet another masterfully crafted device that is a first of its kind. The Suorin Edge Device is another brilliant portable pod system that’s sure to make its way to your current arsenal. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a compact device, including a convenient design, quality construction, and stellar performance.

The Suorin Edge Device boasts an all-in-one design, making it incredibly easy to use it. Its outer appearance is futuristic and offers a sleek design by utilizing high-quality zinc alloy materials and building the device with sharp lines and smooth curves, which also plays a role in the superior comfort of the Suorin Edge. It’s available in several finish options to fit your preference, including Black, Silver, Gold, Living Coral, Red, and Blue. Each finish option looks fascinating and gives the device a whole new personality that you can match.

The device comes with two rechargeable batteries, both offering a 230mAh capacity and a removable design. Once one battery has depleted, simply insert a freshly charged Suorin Replacement Battery into its spot to continue enjoying. Due to its hefty capacity and taking advantage of a voltage-based output, the performance is determined by the current state of the battery. A full charge will yield better performance, and as the battery begins to deplete, performance will weaken. To ensure that the batteries are always charged, the Suorin Edge Device features a Type-C Charging Port, which has a 450mAh current and can charge a battery completely within 30 minutes. An LED battery light indicator is also equipped on the device, which will notify of the current state of the battery. For when not in use, there is a switch to turn the device off as well.

Aside from the many convenient aspects, such as having a draw-activated firing mechanism that eliminates the need for a push-button to use the device, and an ergonomic holster clip to carry the Edge with you with ease, the Suorin Edge Replacement Pod is even more exciting to use. It’s a refillable pod that has a hefty 1.5ML e-liquid capacity, despite the device’s compact design. With the ability to refill the pod, you can use each pod over and over again until satisfaction is no longer met. When that time comes, simply fill up a new pod and insert it to continue vaping. The 1.5ML e-liquid capacity will allow you to vape for extended times, though refilling the Suorin Edge Refillable Cartridge System is a breeze. Each cartridge or pod comes with an integrated 1.4-ohm coil resistance, utilizing organic cotton for its wicking, and providing a stellar vaping experience. You’ll enjoy both a phenomenal flavor and vapor production, which makes using the Suorin Edge Device that much more enticing.

If you’re looking for a device that’s compact, very portable, has an all-in-one design, and has innovative qualities, such as utilizing two removable batteries, all while delivering a fascinating performance, we’re certain that the new Edge Device by Suorin is perfect for you.

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Purchase Pod Cartridges for the Suorin Edge

Purchase Replacement or Spare Batteries for the Suorin Edge

Suorin Edge Device Specifications:

Manufactured by: Suorin

Battery: 2 x Removable 230mAh Batteries

Power Output: Voltage Based - 10W

Resistance Range: 1.4-ohm

Micro-USB Port: Type-C Charging Port - 450mAh Current

Available Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Living Coral, Red, Blue

Height: 3 15/16”

Width: 7/8”

Depth: 3/8”


Suorin Edge Device Includes:

1 x Suorin Edge Device

2 x Suorin Edge Batteries - 230mAh

1 x USB Type-C Cable

1 x Instructional Manual


Suorin Edge Device Features:

All-In-One Design

Removable 230mAh Rechargeable Battery

LED Battery Light Indicator

Type-C Charging Port - 30 Minute Full Charge

Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

Voltage Based Output - 10W

Suorin Edge Refillable Cartridge System

1.5ML E-Liquid Capacity

1.4-ohm Coil Resistance

Futuristic Design

Ergonomic Holster Clip

100% Authentic Suorin


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ian Briggs

this pod system is great. Love the fact that it has removable batteries just in case 1 dies on you. hits amazing and great flavor. Thanks for the quick shipping and suggestion VA.

Genuine Suorin Edge Pod Device w/ Batteries

Works just fine! 2 removable 250mah batteries, sleek design.etc..

No complaints, fast delivery.

Korie Sim
Genuine Suorin Edge Pod Device w/ Batteries

Cool little pod system I use it at work so noone can see me.... it is very private and you dont have to worry about someone noticing. ALso no more cigs Day 24 for me!


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