Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips

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Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips

Although drip tips are often overlooked as a minor component in your setup, they actually make quite a difference with your overall vaping experience. The right drip tip can substantially add to or take away from the comfort of your vape, as well as the aesthetic appearance of your device.

These Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips are fantastic in all aspects. They are extremely beautiful, with a natural marble look and a dashing gloss finish. The deep colors are complimented by the white swirls and veins, which together offer an exceptionally elegant and sophisticated look.

These gorgeous Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips are made with high-grade acrylic. It is not only a beautiful material, but one that is highly durable and resilient as well. Moreover, the acrylic consistency is also more resistant to overheating while in use, making it a very comfortable drip tip to use throughout the day.

Perhaps the most notable feature of these Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips is their ability to rotate or “swivel.” Sitting on a cylindrical bearing, the mouthpiece is able to rotate 360°, which is a very unique and convenient feature.

Regardless of the particular setup you are using, these impressive Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips are sure to make vaping much more pleasurable!

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Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips Specifications:

Size: 510

Material: Acrylic Polymer

Drip Tip Type: Rotatable (Swivel)

Available Colors: Jade, Sapphire, Black, White


Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips Includes:

1 x Acrylic Swivel Drip Tip (Your Choice of Color)

Acrylic Swivel Drip Tips Features:

Gorgeous Marbleized Design

Made With Durable Acrylic Polymer

Shiny Outer Coat

Deep Colors for Superior Aesthetics

Swivel Feature Rotates 360°

Fits Virtually All 510 Compatible Tanks

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kim K.
Swivel tip

I wanted for my vaping comfort. It's a great thing . I have not used them yet @ 4 bucks I bought 2 . They seem well made pivot action is smooth. I'd buy again.

Plastic? Nice idea tho.

I'm not a fan of this drip tip. Feels flimsy and more like it's made of plastic. Doesn't fit very snug. Tiny hole, bad air flow. It's green.. I like green.

Aaron Santos
Didn't last

Had about a month and broke. Plus its not a tight fit so it falls out. I use the Nautilus Gt tank

Eileen Miller

Good product!

Excellent product

The wife loved them, exactly what she wanted to replace metal swiveling tips that has finish rubbed off.


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