Genuine Vaping AMP / Rig Mod The Tanker Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 pack)

By Vaping AMP / Rig Mod

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The Tanker replacement coils by Rig Mod WW / Vaping AMP

The Tanker Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads by Rig Mod WW / Vaping AMP (3 pack)

In just a few short years, sub-ohm vaping transitioned from a niche market to a veritable cultural phenomenon. Today, vape bars are sprouting like wildfire, while industry conventions and cloud-chasing competitions are frequently advertised on social media and other platforms. Among the top performers in this sub-sector stand Vaping American Made Products (Vaping AMP) and its international subsidiary, Rig Mod.

One of the newer guns in vape manufacturing, its rookie status hasn’t stopped Vaping AMP from establishing a strong presence. Constantly pushing the technological envelope, Vaping AMP devices have consistently flown off the shelves shortly after their debut. As a result, expansion was the only reasonable choice, and thus, sub-ohm tank and atomizer coil producer Rig Mod WW was born!

Designed from the ground-up to deliver the best in draw quality and robust cloud emissions, Rig Mod atomizers have forged an immediate reputation for manufacturing excellence. Their latest product release, The Tanker Atomizer Coils, compete directly against the elite names in sub-ohm vaping. Even more impressive, Vaping AMP & Rig Mod WW have won some key battles.

Included inside popular direct-to-lung (DTL) specialty tank packages, such as Vaping AMP’s The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank by Rig Mod, the Replacement Coils literally serve an integral role in the two companies’ long-term success. After all, you can have all the power displacement in the world – this metric really doesn’t mean much if the atomizer coils are substandard.

Furthermore, modern vape enthusiasts have grown accustomed to uncompromising products. Both intense cloud production and rich, delectable flavor profiles must always be on tap for any sub-ohm system to survive.

With this consumer sentiment in mind, Vaping AMP engineers developed The Tanker Replacement Coils with three core components to achieve: build quality, cloud production, and outstanding flavor. Needless to say, Vaping AMP & Rig Mod hit it out of the park on all three fronts.

This is no hyperbole – peruse leading vape blogs and journals and you will encounter entry after entry from top analysts, connoisseurs, and industry professionals raving about Vaping AMP / Rig Mod WW and their Tanker Replacement Coils. The consistent theme is that with the WW atomizers, a vape enthusiast can quickly up his or her game, billowing out clouds that were previously impossible with their prior setups.

What makes the Rig Mod WW Tanker Replacement Coils emit these enormous plumes is their 0.15-ohm resistance, which runs through a considerable amount of power. Specifically, we’re talking about a range from 50W at the low to a monstrous 180W at the high end.

Naturally, only a few vape experts have the human capacity to endure such an overwhelming wattage rating; more than likely, the vast majority of enthusiasts will dial the WW Replacement Coils down to around 100W. And sure enough, Rig Mod engineers list a recommended wattage range between 80W to 120W for best performance.

A particularly striking attribute of the Tanker atomizers is that even when driving these coils to its limits, draws are considerably more “consumable” than many other atomizers, even those marketed as elite products. This is largely due to the quality engineering that Rig Mod implements on all its products.

For the newcomer to the vaping arts, this attribute is extremely advantageous as they don’t have to impose unnecessary stress on their lungs to enjoy explosive rips. Even hardened veterans to the discipline will appreciate the considerably less wear-and-tear the The Tanker Replacement Coils by Rig Mod levers.

This segues into another advantage – these atomizer coils are incredibly easy to modulate to perfectly fit a vaping style or personality. For instance, not every enthusiast places a premium on cloud production, or they may not feel the mood to rip during specific situations. In this case, running the WW at 50W to 80W is the best choice. And unlike other vape systems, the Tanker never feels “bogged down” at lower ranges.

Indeed, one of the best experiences you can have with these coils is to draw from a lower setting, which creates a delectably smooth and cool hit. Moreover, it’s at these reduced settings that you can concentrate on evoking the subtle tones and chords of your choice e-liquids – a concept that is more challenging to accomplish when you’re blowing smoke all over the place, to raucous applause!

With all the attributes and advantages that The Tanker Replacement Coils carry, you wouldn’t expect any more. However, we would be remiss not to mention a vital one: longevity. An inherent vulnerability in sub-ohm vaping, atomizer coils simply burn out quicker than in equivalent coils installed in mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices.

However, Rig Mod WW engineers integrated only premium-grade construction materials in the WW Replacement Coils by Rig Mod, helping to ensure maximum life. You’ll definitely notice that you’ll be replacing The Tanker atomizers at a far less frequent rate than you would with inferior coils or vaping systems.

Along with the coils outstanding durability, Vaping AMP / Rig Mod made their latest atomizer coils compatible with the groundbreaking Smoktech TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Utilizing all the profound advantages of The Tanker replacement Coils, the combination of the ultra-powerful TFV8 Cloud Beast makes your setup a formidable vaping system.

Best of all, Vaping AMP is a company created by vaping enthusiasts with a mission to deliver tremendous quality at an affordable price. This organizational vision carries over to Rig Mod, which is renowned for being vaper budget-friendly. Every product under the Vaping AMP/Rig Mod umbrella is offered at unbelievable rates, including these powerful, modular replacement coils.

Whether you’re a vaping journalist, a cloud-chasing competitor, or a casual enthusiast transitioning to the digital platform, you’ll find a welcome setup with The Tanker Rig Mod WW Replacement Coils. These long-lasting atomizers show no quit, and will be a reliable companion for all your vaping needs!

The Tanker Replacement Coils by Rig Mod WW / Vaping AMP Specifications:

Manufactured By: Rig Mod

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Available Resistance: 0.15 Ohms

Recommended Wattage: 80W – 120W

For Use With: Vaping AMP The Tanker Sub-Ohm Tank by Rig Mod, Smoktech TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank


The Tanker Replacement Coils by Rig Mod WW / Vaping AMP Includes:

3 x Vaping AMP WW Replacement Coils


The Tanker Replacement Coils by Rig Mod WW / Vaping AMP Features:

Unmistakable design and aesthetic styling

Expert craftsmanship and sturdy build

Runs through an incredible power range up to 180W

Unbelievable draw quality and vapor profile

Incredible durability compared to the competition

Compatible with Smoktech TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

Reasonably priced for any budget

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Genuine Vaping AMP / Rig Mod The Tanker Replacement Coils / Atomizer Heads (3 pack)

Amazing coils. Been using these ones for a while now and have no complaints. You can’t beat Rig Mod’s quality.