Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Kanthal Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

By Vaporesso

10 reviews
Price: $17.99

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Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Kanthal Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

The Vaporesso line of tanks are remarkable in several fashions. They are loaded with an array of features, made with high-grade materials, and performs amazingly well. However, what truly distinguishes the tanks is the marvelous atomizer coils that have been engineered to operate with it. Intensively robust flavor is accompanied by thick, rich vapor clouds, together providing for a genuinely satisfying vaping experience.

The body of the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils is made with solid and durable stainless steel. The entire frame is then plated with pure 24k gold. This coating offers superior resistance to rust and corrosion, while also providing for enhanced electrical conductivity. This enables much faster responsiveness when the fire button of the battery is pressed. The wire of the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils is made with high-grade Kanthal resistance metal alloy, perfect when used in Variable Wattage (VW) Mode.

However, what truly makes the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils revolutionary is their entirely wickless design. Whereas the vast majority of atomizer heads on the market are furnished with cotton, silca wick, or other wicking material surrounding the atomizer coil, the cCell Ceramic Coil are devoid of any wicking material whatsoever. Instead, the atomizer coil is encompassed by a 12-micron porous ceramic body, which absorbs the e-juice and uniformly distributes it to the atomizer coil.

The lack of wicking material is beneficial in a variety of respects. Without direct contact with a wick, Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils eliminates the possibility of dry or burnt hits—a problem commonly experienced with standard atomizer coils. Moreover, since the atomizer coil is entirely surrounded by the e-juice, all of the heat generated by it is harnessed and utilized, thereby producing immense vapor clouds and sensational flavor production as well. Finally, since cotton and other wicks tend to clog fairly rapidly requiring you to change the atomizer head, the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils last substantially longer than standard coils.

Long-lasting, capable of providing thick vapor clouds and intense flavor production, it is no wonder why the Vaporesso cCell Ceramic Kanthal Coils are so wildly popular and well-regarded by vapers worldwide.

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Vaporesso CCell Atomizer Coils

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Vaporesso cCell Kanthal Atomizer Coils Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vaporesso

Casing Material: 24k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Wire Material: Kanthal Resistance

Wick Material: Ceramic

Available Resistance: 0.9 Ohms

For Use with: Vaporesso cCell Tank, Aspire Atlantis Tank (1 & 2), Aspire Triton Tank (1 & 2), Eleaf Melo Tank (1 & 2)

Recommended Wattage: 20W - 35W


Vaporesso cCell Kanthal Atomizer Coils Includes:

5 x Vaporesso cCell Kanthal Atomizer Coils (0.9 Ohms)

Vaporesso cCell Kanthal Atomizer Coils Features:

Body Made with 24k Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Made with High-Grade Kanthal Resistance Wire

Utilizes Groundbreaking Ceramic Design

Entirely Wickless for Longer Life

Eradicates the Likelihood of Burnt or Dry Hits

Remarkably Rich, Intense, and Robust Hits

Enormous Vapor Production

Compatible with Several Tanks

Reviews for Genuine Vaporesso™ cCell Ceramic Wick Kanthal Replacement Coils (5 Pack)
4.7 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
from Ca on
Ok. A follow up. Still loving it! Use this for everyday vaping. Last longer than cotton. Flavor is on point. If you’re tugging all day and night under 35 watts, get this.
from California on
Using it on a Silo Beast. No problems thus far. If it keeps working the way it has, I hope VA keeps this in stock.
from Washington on
Vaporesso Ccell coils are the best coils that I have used..Period. They outlast everything else, the flavor is second to none, and the price is low for such a good coil. I also use the GT Ccell coils which are basically an update to these original Ccells and they are flawless as well. I have used the Vaporesso Ccell coils for the last 2 years and absolutely love the vape they give me (in both iterations).
from Washington on
These have been my favorite coils since they became available. Excellent flavor and longevity. The only coils I like more are the new Vaporesso GT Ccell's.
from NY on
Bought For the Vaporesso Target Pro 75w. These kanthal coils are fantastic, super easy to prime and give great flavor. Never had an issue with a bad coil yet and they last me a long time (4-5 weeks before needing a change). I would recommend these kanthal coils over their stainless steel version. The SS version worked fine but a little more finicky with the prime and break in period. Highly recommend the kanthal coils if your tanks can use them.
from Illinois on
Ok.. first off, I use the Tobeco Mini Super Tank with this coil. The guy at my local vape shop recommended these coils, but if you lose the little wrench that comes *with* the Tobeco Mini Super Tank, you're SOL in getting the thing open to change your Vapresso cCell coil cuz it'll just turn round and round like a stripped screw and you'll *think* there's something wrong, but there isn't -- you just need that stinkin' tool! That being said -- this is a great coil, but you gotta know one thing about this coil: it likes to run at a COOL wattage. This will save you a LOT of headaches, my friends, cuz if you got higher than 35 watts -- you'll taste something burnt - -and that isn't so much the coil -- as ceramic cannot "burn" -- but the Kanthal wire gets hot as blazes and *that* is the burnt smell and taste you're getting. READ the specs, people! The coil specs themselves SAY that its recommended wattage is 20W - 35W. Go higher than that, and you're going to get a mouthful of nasty. This is a very specific coil. A lot of vapers -- myself included -- like to go a little higher -- especially with juices that have a lighter flavour -- like citrus-based juices and you're just going to get a burned hit. Run this baby cool, and it's golden.
from mn on
probably the best coils on the market
from Houston on
These are hands down the best coils I've ever used. They last me literally 3 times longer than other coils I've had.
from Seattle on
When these work, they're great. However, every pack of coils I've purchased there's been at least 1 bad coil. I don't alter my filling method, I do the same process for every new coil. It seems lately I'm getting 4 good could that last 2-3 weeks, and 1 bad one that I get a few drags off of before it pops and tastes like a camp fire. Brand new pack and the first coil is bad. I think I'll buy these elsewhere and if I encounter the same problems, it looks like I'll give up on Kanthal and Vaporesso.
from Queens, NY on
I got these coils to try out ceramic in various tanks I have like; Triton, Atlantis, Herakales etc.. They work well in most but better in the Herakles where there is a big inlet for the juice to flow into the coil. They are different that what I was used to with Kanthal/cotton coils, but they do work well and bring out some flavors in your juice that other coils dont. You can and should use higher wattage than you would with other .9ohm coils. I've been using this one for a bit over 3 weeks and it's still performing well.