VooPoo Vinci Air Pod System Kit

By VooPoo
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VooPoo Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit

No stranger to the portable vaping scene, Voopoo starter kits have consistently set the benchmark for both performance output and compelling aesthetics. But with the latest Voopoo Vinci Air Pod System Kit, the rule book has again been destroyed. Featuring an unreal level of clean, captivating artwork atop a conveniently compact platform, the Vinci Air Pod further shatters expectations with resounding technologies and innovations.

Thanks to the many advancements that the vaping industry has forwarded in recent years, premium manufacturers are blurring the lines between full-sized vape kits and smaller pod mods. With the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit, you’re getting zero compromises in terms of usability yet the platform itself is light and small enough to carry wherever you go.

Crafted out of premium-grade construction materials, the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit has one of the most striking visuals ever launched in the vaping retail market. On the front face of the device stands a crystal-clear digital interface that communicates to you vital information about your sessions. Even under inclement conditions, the optics are easy to acquire.

On the backend of the Vinci Air Pod is an attractive, bezel platform that features an array of color designs and elements of your choosing. From rainbow-inspired kaleidoscopes to sleek carbon-fiber motifs, the Vinci Air Pod incorporates artistry that commands attention. Just be ready to answer a few questions from your fellow vape enthusiasts!

Underlining the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit is the all-powerful GENE.AI Chipset. A familiar processor that ripples throughout the Voopoo DNA, the GENE.AI Chipset in the Vinci Air Pod has been optimized for maximum efficiency in compact vaporizers. What you have, then, is a catalyst that makes tremendous use of the tools at its disposal.

Powering the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit is an integrated 900mAh rechargeable battery. This is really where the magic starts. Built for efficiency, the 900mAh battery drives the Vinci Air Pod to a variable wattage range from 5W to 30W. Furthermore, the voltage output runs from 3.2V to 4.2V. But even at the highest power settings, the Vinci Air Pod battery, in conjunction with the GENE.AI Chipset delivers more than enough juice for several continuous sessions.

Among the innovations of the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit is the paradigm-shattering Auto Mode, which runs an intelligent coil recognition setup. For most vaping newcomers – and even many longtime enthusiasts – the coil configuration process can be a confusing one. But thanks to the Vinci Air Pod’s Auto Mode, the system automatically recognizes which wattage setting is the most appropriate. Of course, you can select your own preferred setting using Manual Mode.

Another remarkable feature of the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit is the dual airflow system. Although pod mods typically attract enthusiasts transitioning from the analog platform, hobbyists also appreciate the compact nature of this product category. With the Vinci Air Pod, end-users can now enjoy both drawing methodologies. By rotating the pod 180 degrees, you can choose between configurations optimized for mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaping.

Finally, the Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit incorporates multiple safety features. These include overtime protection, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, output over current protection, over-discharge protection, and over-temperature protection.

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Replacement Coils for the VooPoo Vinci Air

Voopoo Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Voopoo

Battery: Integrated 900 mAh Rechargeable Battery

E-Juice Capacity: 4.0ml

Wattage Range: 5W – 30W

Resistance (PnP-VM4 Mesh Coil): 0.6 Ohm

Resistance (PnP-R2 Coil): 1.0 Ohm

Height: 3.97 Inches (100.9 mm)

Width: 1.06 inches (27 mm)

Depth: 0.71 Inches (18 mm)


Voopoo Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit Includes:

1 x Voopoo Vinci Air System

1 x Voopoo Vinci Air Pod

1 x 0.6ohm PnP-VM4 Coil

1 x 1 x.0ohm PnP-R2 Coil

1 x USB Cable

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

1 x GENE CHIP Card

Voopoo Vinci Air 30W Pod System Kit Features:

Groundbreaking new pod mod from Voopoo

Striking artwork draws a crowd

Compact dimensions for easy carry anywhere

Integrated 900mAh rechargeable battery

Ultra-advanced GENE.AI Chipset

Clear digital interface

Auto Mode intelligent coil recognition

Dual airflow system for MTL/DTL vaping

Massive 4.0ml e-liquid pod capacity

Multiple end-user safety features

100% authentic Voopoo

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Easy on the go pod

I always like to let other vapers know when I found something good, so I do tend to like Voopoo stuff and this one is perfect for my pocket and having on when im out. I have two of these now plus some bigger full on mods. Im actually using these more and always got one in my car. Hasn't failed me yet! I've had my first one for about 6 months now and no issues. Solid for around 25 bucks!


Fell in love after the first hit. I cant put this down even if I tried.

Flavor and vapor are outstanding!

Kimberly Lagasse
Great system

I ordered this for myself after my battered Smok Nord 2 finally gave up the ghost. I am loving the auto setting that adjusts the wattage to whatever coil/juice combo I am using, and the ability to manually clear the puff count is perfect. The battery could be better, but given the overall quality of everything else, I am not too worried about it.

My Husband Loves IT

God this sleek pod system for my husband birthday! He absolutely
loves it, reminds him of his old bic lighter he had in high school.

Thank you for the fast delivery during these challenging times..

Be safe

Vally B

Diana B
Battery Life SUX! But GREAT other than that.

Just like the Original VooPoo VINCI,but HALF THE SIZE,WEIGHT & evidently HALF THE BATTERY SIZE!!
I could use the Original VINCI for the ENTIRE DAY, before I needed to charge it.
I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN VOOPOO with the battery! Everything else is great, then they mess up a good then with a inadequate battery. VERY SAD!


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