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RBA Deck Types

RBA Deck Types Explained

Something as simple as a deck to a rebuildable atomizer may not appear as though there’s a huge process behind it, but its shape and size play a huge factor in its performance, while its terminal size, spacing and ‘type’ is certainly a deciding factor on how the RBA can be used. Although RBA’s are very simplistic when it comes to its appearance and the amount of material used to create it, there’s much more going on in its design that will ultimately affect your experience once it’s put to use. Some of these rebuildable atomizers are used for certain coil setups and have different perks. In this article we’re going to share the different RBA deck types and explain each one so you can truly understand the thought process of their design.

The Original 2-Post Deck

The original 2-post deck offered up a great experience with your rebuildable atomizer, but the thought process behind its design wasn’t advanced as what 2-post deck’s have become today. This original deck was designed strictly to allow you to install a single coil and nothing more. The problem with this type of deck is that it was geared towards simple single coils using wire as small as 28g. Other than its small post holes, the 2-posts were centered more towards the middle, making a larger coil or more complex coil impossible.


The 3-Post Deck

The 3-post deck dates all the way back to the Patriot RDA; the time when the 3 post rba deckrebuildable atomizer boom finally struck. During this time, the 3-post deck was a marvelous upgrade, as it allowed you to install a dual coil setup. The two outer posts acted as the negative terminals, while the center post was the positive terminal. Though the beginning of the 3-post deck design offered a way to experience larger dual coil setups, its post holes and deck space limited the user. It wasn’t until later down the road that something like the Dark Horse RDA and Doge V2 offered the same deck type, but with larger post holes, a larger deck space, and adjustable airflow to accompany a larger chamber. 

















The 3-Post “T” Deck






Following in the footsteps of the 3-post deck came an advancement in rebuildable atomizer technology and design. The 3-post deck was designed well, but users had to use a single positive terminal hole when running a dual coil setup. This made installing 2 coils difficult, which forced manufacturers to come out with a solution -- the 3-post

3 post "T" rba deck“T” deck. This deck type became popular with rebuildable atomizers like the Mutation X V4, still offering 3 terminal posts, but the middle positive post had a block at the top with 2 holes. This advancement didn’t change much as far as deck space, nor did it change the complexity of the coils that you were able to install, but it did making installing the coils much easier for the user, thus resulting in a better experience. To this day, even new rebuildable atomizers such as the Wismec Indestructible RDA uses the same overall design, yet offers slight changes to not only allow for more deck space, but also gives you more options in tightening your leads, as well as allowing larger and more complex coils to be installed.

The 2-Post Velocity Style Deck

As the advancements in rebuildable atomizer deck designs started to fade, it was time for manufacturers to rush back to the drawing board and come out with the industry’s next innovative atomizer. Manufacturers began looking back at the original 2-post deck design, as it was a deck that offered the most coil space. With Clapton coils and velocity style RBA deckmore complex coil types becoming the latest trend, it seemed like the perfect solution. And so, the Velocity RDA was built. The 2-post Velocity style deck does in fact offer only 2 terminal posts, but there are 2 holes on each post, and the posts themselves are positioned on the outer edge of the deck, allowing for even more room for those larger and more complex coil setups. There’s been many RDA’s that have used the Velocity style deck, turning it into a staple within the marketplace for rebuildable atomizers. There have also been improvements to the Velocity style deck, which can be seen on the new Geek Vape Tsunami RDA, and design changes that is seen with atomizers like the Twisted Messes RDA Squared.


The Conclusion

When planning to purchase a rebuildable atomizer, you must first realize what you’re wanting to use the atomizer for. Once you have a grip on how you’re going to use it, understanding each deck type will play a vital role in helping you choose the one that will best fit your needs. As mentioned at the start of this article, even though these deck types may seem very simple, they’re far from it, as the different amount of terminal posts, post holes, and deck space can determine what type of experience you ultimately receive.

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- May 09, 2023

Do you have any videos or YouTube link videos to build the RBA coil by the way thank you for the discount on the two packs of coils I used it tonight you said you would also put in drip tips that belong to my tanks thank you for your understanding and offering solutions to my frustration

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