A New Addition To The Kanger T3 Family - T3D
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A New Addition To The Kanger T3 Family - T3D

A New Addition To The Kanger T3 Family - T3D

It seems like yesterday that Kanger announced their new “T” line of clearomizers. It was called the Kanger T2 Clearomizer. It took the vaping community by storm. With replaceable bottom coils, great vapor production, and smooth hits, the T2 was the Rolls Royce of clearomizers at the time. In fact, the T2 is so well designed that it is still a relatively good selling product today.

Kanger T3D Clearomizer

Due to its fantastic popularity, Kanger quickly released the T3 clearomizer, which proved to be a greater success than even the T2. The T3 was a larger device than the T2, and had a replaceable bottom coil design. Although wildly popular, and an overall great device, there was one fundamental flaw with the Kanger T3—the entire base and the atomizer were all one unit. So, when your head burned out and needed to be replaced, the entire base would have to be replaced as well. This made maintaining the Kanger T3 relatively expensive, as the heads cost $3 - $4 each.

Approximately 4 months ago, just a few months after Kanger introduced the T3 Clearomizer, it was replaced by its successor—the Kanger T3S Clearomizer. Although Kanger made some minor design modifications, the major difference between the T3 and the T3S is the replacement coils. The T3S replacement coils are detachable from the base, making them much more cost effective. The T3S also addressed the gurgling and flooding that some experienced with the original Kanger T3.

Kangertech T3D Clearomizer

Kanger has now introduced a welcomed addition to their T3 line—the all-new Kanger T3D Clearomizer. However, unlike the T3S, which was a replacement for the T3, the T3D is an addition to the line, not a replacement. This is because the T3D is a Bottom-Dual-Coil Clearomizer, making it a very different device altogether. The dual coils provide an immense vapor cloud, as there are now two heating elements vaporizing the e-liquid. The hits are also rather flavorful when compared to a single-coil clearomizer.



However, with two coils to power, the battery being used must be capable of providing upwards of 4 volts for optimal performance. A variable voltage battery is preferable, as minor adjustments may necessary to satisfy each individual user.

Smartly, Kanger has made the replacement coils for the new T3D the same as the replacement coils for the ProTank 3, AeroTank, and the eVod 2, which are all Bottom-Dual-Coil clearomizers as well. This makes it cost efficient and effortless to switch between your various Kanger tanks.

All in all, the new Kanger T3D Clearomizer is a slam-dunk product. With thick vapor clouds and wonderful flavor production, the T3D is a definite must-have new clearomizer! Don’t be fooled by knockoff T3D clearomizers floating around out there—make sure you purchase yours from a trusted website. You can purchase genuine Kanger T3D Clearomizers at the lowest price on the Internet by clicking here.


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    Hey I own Southern Vapor in Enterprise Alabama and I was wandering if you had a competitive wholesale program? If so I would be interested in selling your products in my stores if prices are reasonable.

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