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What Exactly Does "Premium" E-Juice Mean?

by Jenny Spring


It seems that every day a new line of e-liquids hits the market—all claiming to be the best. However, when an e-juice manufacturer asserts that their liquids are “premium,” what does that actually mean?

The answer amounts to two primary factors: ingredients and mixology. Premium e-liquid manufacturers, such as Five Pawns, Suicide BunnyCosmic Fog, Space Jam and King’s Crown use the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade and/or food-grade ingredients. From the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), to the flavorings, what goes into the e-liquids makes all the difference.

King_s_CrownOne key factor rests in where the ingredients originate. Some of the lesser expensive e-liquids purchase their ingredients from China, where the standards are substantially lower than that of the United States. Other liquids come from Europe, where you may still find certain levels of impurities within the liquids. The best e-liquids are wholly made and manufactured within the United States. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a very high set of standards that must be met for the ingredients that can be used for human consumption.
However, it is not only what goes into your e-liquids that matters. Rather, what doesn’t go into them matters just as much. Many recent studies have found that low-quality e-liquids, such as those used in disposable electronic cigarettes that can be purchased at gas stations, contain levels of impurities. These impurities and additives may be harmful to your health when consumed, particularly over long periods of time. Premium-grade e-juices are free of such impurities, and only contain the best ingredients.

Additionally, in the same way that beer and wine varies in flavor from producer to producer, e-liquids vary in flavor from manufacturer to manufacturer. That is, the combination of flavors that are mixed when creating e-juice flavors fluctuate drastically between various e-liquid producers. For example, whereas you may purchase a watermelon flavor from an inexpensive e-liquid manufacturer that tastes very artificial, a premium e-liquid manufacturer will produce a watermelon liquid that captures the true taste of the fruit.

Moreover, some of the more complex e-juices, such as the dessert flavors, represent more of an experience than a simple vape. Extremely careful and meticulous attention is Gambit_Five_Pawnsplaced on all of the overtones and undertones of the liquid, including the flavors that are tasted on the inhale and the subsequent flavors that are tasted on the exhale. It is truly an art form and not something that can be easily achieved.

The question then becomes, at such higher prices, are premium e-liquids worth the money? The answer to that is something that is personal. For example, in the same way that you can purchase tasty chocolates made by Hershey’s, it will never equate to the quality and scrumptiousness of Godiva chocolates. Similarly, you can obtain quality e-liquids manufactured within the United States at reasonable prices; however, the flavor combination and complexity experienced with premium e-liquid brands cannot be easily replicated.

Part of the answer to this question also rests with your level of experience, and the type of vaper that you are. If you are a vaper who uses electronic cigarettes solely for the purpose of quitting cigarettes, then the less expensive U.S. brands should suit you just fine. On the other hand, if you are vaping connoisseur or someone who vapes for the true pleasure of the experience, then it is definitely worth the extra money to purchase premium e-liquid brands.

Whether you find high-end premium e-juice lines worth the extra money or not, it is of utmost importance to purchase e-liquids manufactured within the United States that use food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

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  • Posted by Mike Smith on Sep 23, 2015

    I have been vaping for about six months and I have a vape pen the thing about it is Im on a disability check but want a system I will like better than The Pen. Will someone please get with this advertising thingy and send me info. I like the Idea of dabbing the ejuice on the cotton so I can try alot of ejuices

  • Posted by rimilorin on Sep 01, 2015

    This option is a very smart and effective alternative to actual tobacco used in cigars and cigarettes. E-liquid will give you same kind of feel, if not more, that you used to enjoy while taking a puff on tobacco products. The market of e-cigarettes and liquids is showing every signs to thrive in future as more of the health conscious people are now tuning to this seemingly impossible option.

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