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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rebuildable Atomizers (RDA, RTA)

New To Rebuildable Atomizers? Here’s A Few Tips To Get You Started

by Todd Slater

Rebuildable atomizers can be a blast, but the thought of them detours many vapers because they just don’t know have enough knowledge about them.  Even if you’re the most experienced of vaper, using these devices will take a good amount of research, not only so you know everything works, but to keep you safe as well.  These devices can be dangerous if you lack information, so we believe it’s necessary to provide you with a few tips to get you started.

An Ohm Reader Is Your Best Friend

Eleaf Ohms and Voltage MeterNot knowing what resistance your coil has been built at is highly dangerous.  If you build a coil too low in resistance than what your battery can handle, then you face the possibility of your battery going thermal, which has the ability to harm you and anyone else around you.  This is why it is absolutely vital to have an ohm reader.

There are many advanced devices that have an ohm reader built in, as well as safety features in place.  However, there are other devices, such as mechanical mods, that can not display your ohm reading, nor do they have those safety features.  Either way you look at it, if you’re building coils, an ohm reader will become your best friend.

Tools That Will Make Your Experience Better

RDA / RBA Coil Jig CoilerLike any carpenter, metal fabricator or any worker for that matter, good tools are a must to get the job done efficiently and correctly.  In addition, having the right tools will also make things go smoother and will give you a better experience rebuilding.

One of the best tools for building a coil is a RBA Coil Jig Coiler.  The coil jig allows you to easily build the most precise coils, and it saves a lot of time from having to form the coil once it’s on the deck.  If your coil is tightly wrapped, which can be done with the coil jig, then you’re less likely to have hot spots. Ceramic Tip Tweezers

Another great tool to have is Ceramic Tweezers.  With ceramic tweezers, you can form your coils the way you want, without having to worry about burning your fingers in the process.  When you insert your coil, to remove any hot spots and to get the coil glowing from the middle out, you have to form the coil correctly, which typically comes down to squeezing it together tightly while it cools down from the glow.  Though ceramic tweezers aren’t a must, it definitely makes the job easier and safer.

Micro Clean CutterAnd, the last tool we highly recommend would be the Micro Clean Cutter.  The micro clean cutter is a pair of snips that will allow you to cut the ends of your wire closer to the base.  Since the cutters are angled, it allows you to reach in close to the deck of a rebuildable atomizer without disturbing any other parts of your build.  These cutters are made from high-quality carbon steel, so cutting most guage wires will come easily and effortlessly.

You Don’t Have To Go Low

Although the industry trend these days are to build low resistance coils and push high wattages, you don’t have to follow suite just to get the best vapor and flavor production.  In fact, it has turned into some-what of a macho-man complex if you run a low resistance, but it’s far from being correct.

What we’re trying to tell you is, you don’t have to go low with your builds.  If you increase your resistance level, it will allow you to drop the wattage on your device.  By doing this, it will save you money from having to purchase a high wattage device and it will give that much more reassurance towards your safe building.

Drop Your Nicotine Strength

Many newbies are simply fascinated with rebuildable atomizers because they have the ability to produce large clouds.  What most don’t realize is that making those large clouds will have you sacrificing your nicotine strength that you’re comfortable with.  See, when you use a rebuildable atomizer, everything will increase, such as the flavor, the vapor and even the throat hit.  In fact, if you’re currently using a high nicotine strength and plan to start using a rebuildable atomizer, the throat hit is so intense that you’ll probably have trouble even getting it to go down your airways.

A study was conducted and showed that advanced devices that put out more power, deliver nicotine greater.  As most know, nicotine is one of the two ingredients in e-liquid that make up the throat hit feeling.  With this being said, drop your nicotine strength before you begin using rebuildable atomizers.

Flavor or Clouds?  We’re All Chasing Something

In most cases, if you’re interested in rebuildable atomizers, then you’re on the chase for either an increase in flavor or an increase in vapor production.  Though rebuildable atomizers Darkhorse RDAincrease them both, there are different devices and different e-liquids that play better for either, or even both.

In most cases, a rebuildable atomizer that doesn’t have very large airflow will work best when chasing flavor.  Now, if you’re looking to make big clouds, you’ll want to purchase a rebuildable atomizer that has large airflow.  Though you may not know it, a lot of the performance from an atomizer comes from the way the airflow has been designed on that device.  For example, something like the DarkHorse RDA will be great for big clouds, while the Eleaf Lemo would be ideal for the best flavor.

As you may already know, the PG (Propylene Glycol) in e-liquid helps with better flavor, while VG (Vegetable Glycerin) helps with better vapor production.  Depending on what you’re looking for, these two ingredients can drastically change your experience, so be sure to find your happy medium when purchasing the right e-liquid percentage for your intended use with your rebuildable atomizer.

Start With A Device That Has Safety Features

There are many vapers that live by mechanical mods, but if you’re just getting into rebuildable atomizers, we highly suggest starting with a device that has safety features already in place.  Though mechanical mods do not offer any limitations, they’re dangerous to use if you lack the required knowledge.  A regulated device, which has safety features in place, will help keep you safe from any mishaps you may run into, as well as not letting you exceed the limits of failure.  However, no matter what device you decide to use, we always recommend that you keep your safety and others around you at top of mind.

Battery Safety Has Never Been More Important

The batteries that power our devices are the most important.  When using rebuildable atomizers, these batteries take a beating, and it is more important now than ever that you Efest IMR 18650 Batterypurchase a good quality battery for your device.

If you choose a battery that can not handle the load you’re putting on it, you’re opening yourself and others to harm.  These batteries are very powerful, and when placed under pressure, they have the possibility to literally explode.  With that said, you’ll want to purchase a battery that can handle the load you’re placing on it, and choosing a battery that has been tried and tested for performance and quality is an absolute must.  We highly recommend the Efest 18650 IMR Flat Top battery because it offers 2500mAh, meaning you’ll have more time between charges, and it is also a 35 Amp battery, which will keep you in a safe zone for most builds on your atomizer.


In closing, we can continue to feed you with various tips on using your rebuildable atomizer, but without you taking them seriously and applying them to your endeavor of these devices, then they’ll do us no good.  We ask that you use this information, apply it to this new journey and the results will provide safety and a great experience with rebuildable atomizers.

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