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Eleaf is the subsidiary company of Shenzhen iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd., which is a Shenzhen, China based company that is highly known for its manufacturing of clearomizer tanks, as well as other electronic cigarette products.  iSmoka, though established in 2008, didn’t concour hype in the marketplace until the Eleaf iStick Series was released, which has now made it one of the most popular manufacturers currently within the industry.

Eleaf iStick 20W

Eleaf iStick 20WThe Eleaf iStick 20W was the first device to be released within the iStick Series.  At a time within the market where vapers were transitioning away from voltage being the standard, the iStick was born, which offered users up to 20 watts of power and supports atomizers as low as 1.0 resistance.  Its small size and colored coatings gave the device appeal, which was a stray from the markets typical stainless or black appearance.

As well as offering variable wattage, the iStick 20W also offers variable voltage.  Additionally, the small but appealing device also sports an OLED screen that displays battery life, attached coil resistance, voltage and wattage.  Although the device only stands 75mm tall and 32.8mm wide, it still houses a 2200mAh large capacity battery that is internally charged.  The iStick 20W is also packed with safety features as well, such as atomizer short-circuit protection, 10-second cutoff protection, and low voltage protection.

Eleaf iStick 30W

Eleaf iStick 30WThe Eleaf iStick 30W was designed based off of the 20W version.  However, it is considered an upgrade being that it packs 10 more watts of power, resulting in 30 watts that is pulled from its 2200mAh large capacity battery that is internally charged.  In addition, the 30W iStick also supports atomizers as low as 0.4 resistance.

To deliver increased performance, iSmoka followed consumer demand and introduced new features with the 30W version.  The first feature being the spring-loaded center pin, wear-resistance stainless steel threading and a new streamlined design on top of the device to make it more suitable for 22mm/23mm diameter atomizers.

Moreover, an arrow button lock functionality has been added, and continues to provide the features already in place, such as atomizer short-circuit protection, 10-second cutoff protection, and low voltage protection.

Eleaf iStick 50W

Eleaf iStick 50WBased on the popular iStick Series, the Eleaf iStick 50W is an upgraded version that offers an astonishing 50 watts of power and can support atomizers as low as 0.2 resistance.  To support this power, the upgraded version also received a larger 4400mAh battery.  

As a result of offering a larger battery capacity, the iStick 50W increased in size, standing just 83mm tall and 45mm wide, which is still minimalistic in size. However, the 50W iStick continues to come in its colorful coatings that have become so popular.  

The 50W retains the strong spring-loaded center pin and wear-resistant stainless steel threading also.  Along with it carrying the same features, the 50W version received a temperature alarm feature that shuts off the device automatically if the temperature exceeds 70C.

Purpose of The iStick Series

The release of the iStick Series was ultimately a popular device within the market because it offers consumers a low cost option of a higher wattage device.  The iStick delivers rivaled performance, exciting appeal and affordability.


  • Posted by Jill Bordeaux on Dec 10, 2016

    how can I get the instructions on the ELeaf, IStick 50? I can’t find mine anywhere!! Please help me. In my email it is _1@yahoo.com. the 1 didn’t seem to work up there. Thank you!!

  • Posted by Lee Ann on Jun 19, 2015

    Are there tanks/coils etc for my 50w istick eleaf battery so I can use a higher wattage without burning out coils and my throat?

    I have an aspire hollowed out stainless steel tank and use their nautilus bvc atomizers, not the mini either.

    I’m new at vaping but I assume there has to be otherwise what’s the purpose of high watts, besides the fact that the charge last for days, which is awesome!

    Thanks for any help!

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