Learn All About The Kanger SubTank Series
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Learn All About The Kanger SubTank Series

by Jenny Spring

 Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2007 and became one of the first manufacturers of electronic cigarette products where it has been headquartered in Shenzhen, China.  The company quickly rose as a large-scale manufacturer and a leading brand in North America and Europe because of its innovative design and immaculate quality.  As the company progressed, it went on to receive immense popularity because of its widely known AeroTank, ProTank and GeniTank Series of Clearomizer tanks, as well as being known for its Evod Electronic Cigarette and Clearomizer Series.  Furthering the company and brand even more, and to continue to lead a demanding market, the SubTank Series was released in early 2015, making it the pioneer of the Hybrid Clearomizer.

Kanger SubTank

kanger-subtank-bpdc-clearomizer_large_compactFollowing in the demand of the market for Sub-Ohm capable clearomizers, Kanger released the Kanger SubTank, which not only offered its “OCC” Sub-Ohm Coil, but in leading fashion, also designed the clearomizer with an optional rebuildable atomizer deck, making it the first hybrid clearomizer within the market.  The Subtank weighs only 94g, stands 56mm tall and has a diameter of 25mm, making it one very large clearomizer.  However, when using its dual coil or OCC (Organic Cotton Coil), it has an outstanding 6.0mL tank capacity, while there is 4.2mL tank capacity using the RBA deck.  In addition to its rebuildable atomizer deck, the SubTank also has the ability to hold 3 different coils; dual coil (0.8ohm), OCC (0.5ohm), and another OCC (1.2ohm). Additional features include a 510 spring-loaded connector, made of stainless steel, red/black o-rings and adjustable airflow.

Kanger SubTank Mini

kanger-subtank-mini1_large_compactThe Kanger SubTank Mini is just as it seems, a miniature version of the original SubTank.  With that being said, the weight has dropped down to 60g, the height only 48mm and the diameter at the standard 22mm. Though the size has dropped, the device is still made of stainless steel and offers the same bells and whistles as its older brother.  However, the maximum tank capacity has taken a hit of course, being a maximum tank capacity of 4.5mL. Continue to expect the RBA deck and the various coils available, as well as the red/black o-rings, the spring-loaded connector and adjustable airflow.

Kanger SubTank Nano

Kanger Subtank NanoThe Kanger SubTank Nano has a very appealing look, which continues to offer that fat-bodied appearance, yet packed in a fun size that sits well on almost any device it’s attached to.  The SubTank Nano offers a much smaller design that only weighs just 51g, sits 47mm tall, and is only 18.5mm in diameter; a size that is far smaller than the mini version.  Because of the small size, the tank has a maximum capacity of only 3mL. The Nano is made of stainless steel, continues to offer the red o-rings, the spring-loaded connector and even the adjustable airflow, but does not come with a RBA deck.  However, dual coil and OCC options are still available.

Purpose of The SubTank Series

Subtank SeriesThe SubTank Series was designed first and foremost for performance, as it covers what consumers are after in both flavor and cloud production.  With so many options available in both coil types and tank sizes, the SubTank offers versatility.  And last, but certainly not the least this series offers, is appeal.  With the available size options, the incorporation of the optional red/black colored o-rings and the overall design of its body, the SubTank Series offers an outstanding appearance.

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