The All New Kanger MINI ProTank 2!
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The All New Kanger MINI ProTank 2!

The all-new "Mini ProTank 2 by Kangertech"—Now with removable drip tip!  The visionaries who invented the first Pyrex tank, and coined the term “Glassomizer.” Just a couple short months after the initial launch of the Mini ProTank, Kanger has unleashed the second version of this wildly popular product.  Notwithstanding the short time period, a lot has changed with the new Mini ProTank 2.

Kanger Mini Protank 2 Glassomizer

Similar to the Kanger ProTank 2, the Mini ProTank 2 can be completely disassembled into individual pieces.  That is, the entire Glassomizer can be broken down into four individual parts: The glass tank, a center piece, the atomizer, and a base.  This is very advantageous in several ways.  First, the ability to disassemble it means that cleaning it is effortless.  You can take it apart, clean it up, then fill it with a completely different e-liquid without any trace of flavor from the last one. 

Second, the capability of dismantling the Mini ProTank 2 allows the user to replace broken parts, such as the glass, rather than being forced to replace the entire glassomizer.  This is not only much more convenient, but is also very economical as well.  Other glassomizers must be replaced entirely in the event that the glass tank breaks, but the Mini ProTank 2 allows the user to simply replace the glass tank or a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire glassomizer. 

Kanger Mini Protank 2 Clearomizer

Lastly, the capability of disassembling means that the entire glassomizer is glue-less.  This is important because depending on the amount of heat produced during vaping, tanks that use glue can, and often do, come apart, as did the original Kanger ProTank. The Mini ProTank, as with the ProTank 2, has no chance of coming apart, as all the pieces fit securely together without adhesive of any sort.

However, not everything about the new Kanger Mini ProTank 2 is different. It still fits seamlessly with eGo size batteries, and features a high-quality Pyrex glass tank.  The hits are just as nice as the original Mini ProTank, and offers phenomenal flavor and vapor production.   All the parts are made with high-grade materials, and have been engineered to withstand high levels of heat.

Whether you are a new member of the vaping community or a veteran, you are sure to love the all new Kanger Mini ProTank 2. Purchase your authentic Kanger Mini Protank 2 at the lowest price on the net HERE

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