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Best E-Juice Brands and Flavors of 2018

One of the biggest advantages to the vaporizer platform – aside from the cleaner emittance – is the number of available e-juice brands and flavors. Simply put, there is no way that the traditional format, married to its specific flavor profile, can compete.

But while having options is always preferable than the other way around, in many ways, shifting through what works – and what doesn’t – is a challenging venture. Thanks to the tremendous popularity of the vaping industry, more participants exist than ever previously forecasted.

Of course, increased numbers do not necessarily correlate with increased quality. In order to stay competitive, e-liquid manufacturers are incentivized to pump out fresh, exotic blends. In some cases, quantity takes priority over everything else, including accurate translation of flavors and overall texture and enjoyment.

Furthermore, individual vapers have taste preferences. Even within specific e-liquid categories, some brands or flavors perform a superior job of replicating a particular element or experience. To fully understand which e-juice brands and flavors work best could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

To better serve our loyal customers, and to help them make the best choices, we’ve created the following e-liquid guide, updated with this year’s top concoctions. Without further delay, here are the best e-juice brands and flavors of 2018!


Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog E-JuiceMore so than most other e-liquid manufacturers, Cosmic Fog understands that a worthy endeavor takes time. Rather than pump out the same concoctions every production cycle, a Cosmic Fog e-liquid on average takes 7 to 10 months from conception to distribution.

While this might seem like a lengthy period, a quality e-liquid is an investment, both in time and in resources. Unlike your average manufacturer, Cosmic Fog employs culinary experts to fine tune each and every formulation. In addition, the team spends considerable man-hours researching vaping trends to craft the most relevant mixtures.

Recently, Cosmic Fog introduced a new addition to their family – an ISO8-rated facility dedicated to churning out the best e-liquids in the business. Moreover, every Cosmic Fog package is mixed, bottled, labeled, and wrapped in their cleanroom, ensuring that your vaping experience is free from contaminants that may be present in ambient environments.

As you might imagine, it’s incredibly difficult to pick out their best products. However, these four e-juice flavors of 2018 represent their most outstanding work:


Milk & Honey:

Every great story has to start somewhere, and for Cosmic Fog, it was Milk & Honey. Their flagship offering earned rave reviews when it first launched, and the enthusiasm is still as strong as ever. Come check what the fuss is all about with the delectable Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey.

Berry Trio:

One of the latest offerings within the delicious Cosmic Fog portfolio, Berry Trio E-Juice is simply a masterpiece. Utilizing golden fresh raspberries picked at the perfect moment of ripeness, and blended with an assortment of auxiliary flavors, Berry Trio hits home from the very first draw.

Tropical Splash:

Part of their “Platinum Collection,” Tropical Splash combines the refreshing flavors of fresh tropical fruits. Included in the mix are Hawaiian pineapples, exotic passion fruit, and juicy oranges, ensuring an absolutely mouth-watering experience!

Chill’d Tobacco:

The lone tobacco e-juice under the Cosmic Fog portfolio, that hasn’t stopped Chill’d Tobacco from garnering massive industry accolades. Utilizing the world’s finest mild leaf tobacco, and layered with refreshing peppermint and a hint of chocolate, Chill’d Tobacco is one of the most unique experiences you’ll have among vape e-juices!


Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist E-JuiceHave you ever tasted the crisp, tarty flavors of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day, which then took you immediately back to your childhood? Within the culinary library, citrus is one of the rare flavors that not only has a distinctive character, it chemically bonds with our long-term memory.

This is a key reason why several e-liquid manufacturers incorporate the citrus element in their product lineup. However, Lemon Twist is inarguably one of the leaders in this category. Dissimilar to competing manufacturers, Lemon Twist – as the name suggests – focuses exclusively on accurately translating that distinctive, tart and sweet balanced taste.

Their mission purpose is simple and direct: why bother producing e-liquids simply to make up the numbers? To be the top in any industry requires uncompromising vision and effort, deploying your talents and strengths to endeavors that suit both.

For Lemon Twist, this strategy meant delivering a uniquely satisfying experience that harkens back to childhood and other pleasant memories. Thanks to this dedication, Lemon Twist easily belongs in our list of best e-juice brands and flavors of 2018!


Peach Blossom Lemonade:

Fruit-inspired e-liquids have always been in vogue, but few can do it as good as Lemon Twist. Their amazingly fresh Peach Blossom Lemonade demonstrates this point exactly. Featuring juicy peaches layered on top of a classic lemonade base, the Peach Blossom is simply one of the most addictive blends among e-liquids.

Pink Punch Lemonade:

The flavors of our childhood are commonly represented among multiple e-juice manufacturers. However, Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist has an undeniable appeal to vapers, thanks to its fresh and natural homemade pink lemonade interlaced with its classic lemon base.

Strawberry Mason:

With the kind of flavor profiles you extract from Strawberry Mason, it’s no wonder that Lemon Twist bestowed it with distinctive packaging. Taking the classic lemon flavoring but adding a dramatic zest to the overall base, one draw from Strawberry Mason is enough to have you hooked for a lifetime!

Watermelon Lemonade:

Upon its introduction, Watermelon Lemonade quickly became one of the most popular e-juices under the Lemon Twist product portfolio. Blending two of the most desired fruit flavors in the classic e-juice base, Watermelon Lemonade has a distinctive taste that you won’t mistake for anything else.



Reds Apple E-JuiceDue to the incredible competitiveness of the e-liquid sector, consistent success requires more than just a flavorful blend. While critically important, most manufacturers have adopted a similar performance baseline. To exceed that standard – and therefore, to stand out – manufacturers have to be able to deliver a distinctive and intangible essence.

Fortunately, legendary e-juice company 7 Daze knows a thing or two about crafting unbelievably nostalgic blends and formulations. Their Reds series of e-liquids have garnered worldwide acclaim for expertly translating the tones and nuances of organic fruit flavors. Distributed in their signature juice-box packaging, Reds e-juices not only taste amazing, but look great as well.

Unlike many of the foreign e-liquids that have penetrated the North American markets, Reds by 7 Daze is made right here in the USA. Furthermore, Reds incorporates only the finest and premium-grade ingredients in their concoctions, going above and beyond the strict standards mandated by the federal government. Moreover, extensive research and analysis goes into every Reds e-juice, ensuring absolute satisfaction from the first draw.

Because of their extraordinary attention to detail, Reds products consistently make up the best e-juice brands and flavors of any year!


Reds Apple:

Reds essentially spends all their time perfecting the perfect, nostalgic blend, and this investment is evident in the Reds Apple e-juice. Evoking immediate childhood memories from the first draw, the Reds Apple is a go-to favorite among discerning enthusiasts.

Reds Grape Iced:

Although grape-flavored e-juices are among the most popular, many manufacturers fail to get it right. The Reds Grape Iced, on the other hand, hits all the harmonious notes straight out of the gate, making it an excellent choice for the connoisseur.

Reds Watermelon Iced:

One of the biggest problems new vapers come across is e-juice authenticity. With the Reds Watermelon Iced, you won’t ever come across that issue ever again! Featuring the perfect organic blend of freshly-picked watermelon with an invigorating menthol kick, the Reds Watermelon Iced is vaping addiction personified!


Naked 100

Naked 100 E-JuiceOne of the recent and most popular trends in e-juice manufacturing is organic fruit-based flavors. Vapers love taking advantage of the digital format’s extensive options and flavor profiles. Invariably, they opt for experiences with which they are familiar through their memories and everyday activities.

However, there’s a big difference between addressing this demand, and actually meeting it. Too many subpar manufacturers focus on cheap, inauthentic flavor colorings that hardly resemble the target experience. This is where the Naked 100 line of e-liquids comes in. Shocking the vaping markets with a supreme level of attention and quality concoctions, Naked 100 has earned its legendary status.

What brought Naked 100 to prominence is their delicious fruit blends, which feature crisp, clean flavors that have vape enthusiasts begging for more. Contrary to the beaten path, Naked 100 doesn’t focus on ostentatious marketing. Instead, they focus all of their efforts and resources towards creating the most astounding blends and formulations. The emphasis here is accuracy, which they have down to a science.

With abundance of natural flavor profiles on tap, Naked 100 has something that every enthusiast will enjoy!


All Melon:

One of the drawbacks of lesser e-juices is dependency on artificial flavoring. With All Melon by Naked 100, everything that you vape is 100% natural. What’s more impressive, the culinary blend of sweet watermelon, crisp honeydew, and juicy cantaloupe melons is simply out of this world without any need for artificial chemicals.

Maui Sun:

Evoking the tropical flavors that virtually all vape enthusiasts love, Maui Sun has quickly become a favorite among flavor-lovers. Featuring the primary essence of sweet oranges, fresh tangerines, and juicy pineapples, one draw from the Maui Sun is just what you need to unwind from a busy, hectic day!

Naked Unicorn:

For those that want a clean, crisp flavor profile without too many wild extravagances, you need to check out Naked Unicorn. With the primary flavors of fresh strawberries and a silky cream blend, Naked Unicorn has the right balance between elegance and an astonishing, primary profile.

Polar Breeze:

Sometimes, you just want a soothing e-juice to help unwind from a hectic day. For that purpose, Naked 100 introduced Polar Breeze. Combining sweet Hawaiian pineapples, juicy honeydew melon, and refreshing menthol, Polar Breeze is the perfect concoction for restoring your mind and body!


Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter E-JuiceThanks to the tremendous innovation of vaporizers, it quickly became possible for e-liquid manufacturers to develop flavor profiles previously impossible to implement in traditional, analog platforms. Truth be told, these “devices” only had one flavor – tobacco. The only real difference was the level and magnitude of nicotine content and exposure.

Traditional enthusiasts, prior to the vaporization era, could only dream of enjoying eclectic, nostalgic flavors, such as chocolate donuts, sweet and sticky taffy, and rainbow-colored candy. Sensing a wonderful opportunity, Mad Hatter entered the e-liquid arena with what can be termed “carnival-inspired” flavors. Harkening back to our childhood, Mad Hatter introduced unique flavor profiles, such as popcorn, cookies, and soda pop.

From the first hit to the final draw, Mad Hatter e-juices are simply breathtaking. Accurately replicating the original flavors from which their e-liquids are inspired, Mad Hatter evokes immediate nostalgia. As a result, these beautiful concoctions are heavily demanded throughout the entire vaping community. Indeed, it’s not unusual for certain blends to sell-through as soon as they’re introduced.

Make sure to get your favorite Mad Hatter before they’re out of stock!


I Love Candy Blue Raspberry:

Universally adored, the blue raspberry’s distinctive tarty and sweet flavor profile is unmistakable. As a result, e-juice manufacturers have always had difficulty replicating it. Fortunately, we have I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter. Featuring a delectable combo of blue raspberry mix with the tones of a hard candy format, you’ll immediately gravitate towards I Love Candy Blue Raspberry!

I Love Candy Watermelon:

Fruit flavors, such as the refreshingly flavorful watermelon, are well loved but are difficult to replicate in the e-juice format. Fortunately, we have Mad Hatter, a company that’s mad enough to do just about anything! True to its heritage, I Love Candy Watermelon hits hard and flawlessly, delivering the cool, soothing watermelon tones that you have come to expect from Mad Hatter.

I Love Cookies Too:

E-juice manufacturers already have a difficult time meeting the eclectic demands of a growing vaper community. Only a “mad” company would attempt to replicate a flavor that people snack on frequently. But leave it to Mad Hatter to give us I Love Cookies Too. Utilizing a base inspired by freshly-baked, homemade cookies and layered with a creamy strawberry filling, I Love Cookies Too is simply a profoundly mesmerizing – and addicting! – e-juice.

I Love Donuts Too:

Undeniably, one of the most well-known flavors is the ubiquitous donut. However, because of its universal appeal, an e-juice manufacturer has to get the tones and nuances just right; otherwise, something will be off. Fortunately, Mad Hatter is up to the task with I Love Donuts Too. Multi-layered with sugary concoctions, I Love Donuts Too is the perfect companion for your “downtime” vape.


Crème De La Crème

Creme De La Creme E-JuiceWith the excitement generated in both the vaporizer and e-liquid manufacturing sector, it’s understandable that companies want to go for the most marketable and memorable products possible. Due to unprecedented popularity, the vaping sector has exploded in prevalence, and with it, attracted a litany of competitors. To stand out requires a truly special selling point.

Naturally, most e-liquid manufacturers opt for bold, perhaps ostentatious marketing. But what if you wanted something classy and traditional? Crème De La Crème answers this question confidently. Levering a powerful presence, Crème De La Crème doesn’t need all the flash and pizzazz. Instead, they let the quality of their products speak for themselves…and fortunately for vapers worldwide, they speak volumes!

Crafted by the finest vaping artisans in the business, each Crème De La Crème product results from countless manhours, each gear in the cog dedicated to concocting the best e-liquid money can buy. No matter what flavor profile you choose, each draw delivers uncommonly rich and robust evocations. It’s this distinct, but subtle nuance for which vape enthusiasts keep coming back in droves.

If you’re tired of the same-old, same-old, pick up a Crème De La Crème concoction, unquestionably one of the best e-juice brands of 2018!


Blueberry Crème Brulee:

For the vaper that appreciates the finer things in life, Crème De La Crème introduced Blueberry Crème Brulee. Perfectly balanced by the most elite vape artisans, Blueberry Crème Brulee features a wonderfully sophisticated blend of warm, caramelized sugar, and freshly-picked blueberries.

Watermelon Cotton Candy:

Initially, you wouldn’t imagine a cotton candy base to be marketed by a sophisticated e-juice maker like Crème De La Crème. However, the Watermelon Cotton Candy is no ordinary carnival-inspired e-liquid! Featuring the distinctive sweetness of the ubiquitous treat, culinary connoisseurs will also appreciate the subtle tones delivered by the watermelon’s inherent tartness.

Vanilla Crème:

Undoubtedly, one of the classic flavors that put Crème De La Crème on the map is Vanilla Crème. Supported by a delectable base of fresh and succulently creamy vanilla custard, Vanilla Crème proves that upscale does not have to be boring. Indeed, Vanilla Crème is one of the top-sellers in the e-juice category: take one draw, and you’ll be immediately hooked!

El Presidente:

For the true connoisseur of vaping excellence, Crème De La Crème launched the El Presidente line. Featuring a remarkable formulation that includes sweet Hawaiian pineapples, tropical mangoes, and Georgian peaches, this exotic concoction quickly found rabid adoption by the vaping community. With another year ahead of us, don’t miss out on El Presidente before they fly off the shelves!


Grimm Creations

Grimm Creations E-JuiceCompetitive saturation may be a pressure point for industry players, but for the customers, such saturation typically equates to more choices and lower prices…not a bad gig at all! While this is also true for the vaping market, some challenges arise for enthusiasts. Primarily, it’s difficult to distinguish which product is actually superior, and which just claim they are.

Thanks to the innovative work of Grimm Creations, you won’t ever have to worry about this problem again. Made by the expert formulators at USA Vape Lab, Grimm Creations is one of the vaping industry’s best e-juice brands of 2018. Each concoction is carefully crafted to absolute, uncompromising perfection. Moreover, these artisans have their pulse on the vaping market, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

That means Grimm Creations strives always to be relevant, releasing e-liquid blends that enthusiasts desire. Whether it’s a dessert mix, a coffee-flavored inspiration, or something completely out of this world, each Grimm Creations release features crisp profiles that delight the palette, from inception to completion!



Formulated to satisfy the most discerning of vaping enthusiasts, Grimm Creations launched the ever-popular 8-Ball. Utilizing an intoxicating blend of smooth and creamy vanilla custard and delicately layered with premium roasted Columbian coffee, 8-Ball is the perfect catalyst to start your day, or unwind for a satisfying close.


World famous for its dessert-inspired proprietary formulas, Grimm Creations set off another vape craze with the Latte. Accurately representing the rich tones of pure Arabica coffee beans, Latte gives you that undeniable sensation of drinking your first cup of hot morning Joe!

Vanilla Custard:

For the ultimate in dessert inspirations, you have to try Vanilla Custard by Grimm Creations. Expertly replicating the delectable creaminess of a vanilla custard cake, this classic e-juice is a must-have for any vape enthusiast or flavor connoisseur.

Wolf Man:

What many consider Grimm Creations’ pièce de résistance, the Wolf Man is truly a stunner. Combining the culinary delights of vanilla custard, strawberries, and rich cream, the end result is an epic concoction that has even hardened vape enthusiasts clamoring for more. Definitely do yourself a big favor and get the Wolf Man before they’re gone!


Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust E-JuiceIt’s fair to say that many, if not most vape manufacturers entered the business shortly after vaporizers took off. Only a special few can make the claim that they formed the foundation of their e-juice business prior to vaping being an actual thing. Yet that’s exactly what makes Charlie’s Chalk Dust so special.

Charlie of Charlie’s Chalk Dust started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, going door-to-door selling homegrown vegetables. Later, he would assist developing his father’s business, a casual, community-centric restaurant specializing in artisanal confectionaries. Carefully memorizing the delectable recipes, Charlie transferred this knowledge to Charlie’s Chalk Dust, a worthy entry among the best e-juice brands of 2018.

Unlike so many other e-liquid formulations, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is truly authentic. Every culinary endeavor, whether consumed or vaped, has to evoke meaning or an experience at its core. Thanks to Charlie’s on-hand experience, every one of his company’s immaculate offerings transport the vaper to a more simpler, purer time when quality always trumped mere quantity.

Come and enjoy Charlie’s Chalk Dust…you’ll quickly agree that this e-liquid brand stands among the elites in the vaping business!


Mr. Meringue:

One of the most eclectic e-juice manufacturers, Charlie’s Chalk Dust produced an outstanding tribute to its burgeoning reputation with Mr. Meringue. Utilizing lemon-flavored extracts imported from Germany, Mr. Meringue evokes an out-of-this-world flavor profile that no other manufacturer can duplicate!

Ms. Meringue:

The perfect companion to Mr. Meringue, Ms. Meringue is further evidence of Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s expert, culinary talents. Utilizing a warm, buttery base derived from homemade pie crust, the Ms. Meringue concoction is topped off with sweet strawberry cream and freshly-picked strawberries.

Uncle Meringue:

Dialing up their sophistication, Charlie’s Chalk Dust introduced Uncle Meringue, an absolutely mouthwatering dessert-inspired e-liquid. Accurately replicating the signature taste of classic, rainbow sherbet ice cream, Uncle Meringue truly satisfies from the first draw down to the last hit!

Wonder Worm:

A radical departure from their prior e-liquid lines, Wonder Worm was found to be so tantalizing that Charlie’s Chalk Dust layered it with a completely new, pure-white packaging. And no wonder! Wonder Worm hits you immediately with its delectable combo of sweet and tarty gummy worm flavor, leaving you begging for more!

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