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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Best Mouth to Lung Tanks 2017

Best Mouth-to-Lung Tanks of 2017

Few products in the consumer retail sphere have had the paradigm-shifting impact of their particular industry than the vaporizer. For decades, smoking enjoyment and personal liberties were controlled by a select group of elite companies. "Innovation" in cigarettes was strictly limited to changing branding images, and nothing more. In fact, tobacco products have largely remained the same since its inception centuries ago.

All that changed with the introduction of the vaporizer. First released in the retail market in the late 1990s to early 2000s, vaping has sprung to unprecedented vibrancy just a few years ago. It's not hard to see why: with the vaporizer platform, all the components that make drawing vapors possible -- the catalyst, e-juice or flavor compartment, and the power delivery system -- are integrated into one, cohesive system.

At the same time, the litany of available options -- from vaporizer type down to the granularity of vegetable glycerin content in e-juices -- can be overwhelming, particularly for vaping newcomers. Many vaporizer resources can muddy the picture by promoting products that serve their interests, but not necessarily those of individual vapers.

At Vapor Authority, we have a different approach. We offer the best products at the best prices, providing detailed descriptions and explanations so that you can make the best choice for your individual needs.

With the immense array of tanks now available on the market, it is difficult to identify the one best suitable for your particular needs. At the most macro level, you must first determine if you would enjoy a direct-to-lung tank or a mouth-to-lung one. Many tanks are specifically designed for one or the other, and cannot accommodate both hit styles. Tanks, such as the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King, can only be enjoyed in a direct-to-lung style, while a device such as the Aspire Nautilus, can only be used taking mouth-to-lung hits. However, even once your hit style has been determined, you must then research the very best available tank for you.

To help whittle down the choices, we have selected the Best Mouth-to-Lung Tanks of 2017 -- what they are, how they work, and why they are considered the best in the industry!

Note: The below list is in no particular order, and does not represent the raking of the various products.


Genuine Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Glassomizer

Aspire Nautilus MiniNo stranger to innovations, Aspire set the vaping markets ablaze with their Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Glassomizer. Indeed, when it was first introduced, many vaping critics labeled the Nautilus Mini as the next generation of tank systems. This praise was due to its combination of incredible attributes, from premium quality materials and workmanship, to its very desirable price tag.

First and foremost, the Nautilus Mini is virtually indestructible. Constructed of stainless steel and Pyrex glass (the stuff you put into the oven), the Mini Glassomizer by Genuine Aspire can handle whatever you want to throw at it, and then some! Most importantly, the Mini integrates "Bottom Vertical Coil" technology, or BVC. This innovation is what separates the Aspire Nautilus Mini from pretender contenders.

The BVC system is designed to substantially increase longevity of the vaping session, while still producing the cleanest and purest flavors from your e-juices. This attribute is achieved via a vertically-integrated single coil, increasing efficiency through effective power management. As a single-coil platform, the BVC provides a higher level of resistance to the electrical energy flowing through it. This is desirable for mouth-to-lung vapers, as a low-resistance system could quickly become overwhelming.

In fact, it's quite important for vapers to distinguish between the Nautilus Mini Glassomizer's BVC technology from BDC, or "Bottom Dual Coil." Due to the dual coil arrangement, BDCs split the resistance from the same voltage running through it. This setup ultimately translates into considerably more power being delivered to the vaper. For direct-to-lung adherents, or especially for cloud chasers, this low resistance arrangement is demanded. For mouth-to-lungers, however, they largely prefer the clean and manageable hits of the Mini Glassomizer by Aspire.

The Mini also wins top marks for user-friendliness and vaping experience. Thanks to innovations such as the improved four-port adjustable airflow system, the vapes are silky smooth and can be modulated based on user preference. In addition, the vertical design of the BVC system produces massive clouds which are unprecedented in non-BVC armed glassomizers.

What vapers will truly appreciate after the point-of-sale has been concluded is the ease with which the Mini Glassomizer by Aspire breaks down. Cleaning is a cinch, and can be readily accomplished, even those completely green to vaping. All this at a price point that won't break the bank, and you have in the Aspire Mini BVC Glassomizer a combination that is next to impossible in replicating.


Why It's The Best:

The Genuine Aspire Mini (BVC) Tank Glassomizer has proved beyond doubt that a premium tank does not have to destroy the bank. Imbued with quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass, along with groundbreaking BVC technology, the Mini Glassomizer is a platform that will provide vapers with unbridled enjoyment for years of worry-free vaping!




Genuine Innokin™ iSub V Tank (iSub 5 Vortex)

Innokin iSub V TankOne of the most renowned names in vaping manufacturing, Innokin is the standard bearer for multiple product lines and innovations. Counted among their highly celebrated product launches is the Innokin iSub V Tank. Integrating world-class materials with state-of-the-art technologies, the iSub V quickly found a rave following among ardent vapers who demand only the best.

At the top of the ticket is the Innokin iSub V Tank's avant-garde artistry. The sharp colors of the iSub tanks give the impression that the components are "floating" in mid-air. The overall design integrates artistic simplicity and understated tones with a layered bezel framework. Offered in five different colors, the designers at Innokin gave each a remarkable pop that is unrivaled against other competing models. 

Furthermore, the ISub V Tank by Innokin is incredibly robust, and resilient to high magnitudes of pressure. Unlike other stainless steel competitor models, Innokin integrated high-grade 304 stainless steel into their ISub V platform. This particular iteration consists of "consists of stainless steel, nickel, and chromium in precise consistencies," according to Vapor Authority experts. What this translates to is unprecedented strength and durability, as well as "superior resistance to rust and corrosion." Essentially, the ISub V Tank by Innokin will last the life of your vaporizer.

The iSub V is loaded with an incredible array of attributes for the discerning vaper that it is nearly impossible to list them all in a condensed summary. But key among these factors is Innokin’s remarkable airflow control valve. This system allows the iSub V user to modulate precise calibrations towards airflow volume that is drawn into the tank when the vaper takes a hit. This nifty feature is particularly handy, allowing the vaper to control the "tightness" or "looseness" of the drags. As an added bonus, the ISub V's airflow control valve eliminates the flooding and gurgling problems often encountered when vaping e-liquids of varying vegetable glycerin (VG) consistencies.

For MTL-vapers, the airflow control valve allows modulation that's appropriate for throat hits or other MTL techniques. However, for greater control, the Innokin iSub V Tank is incredibly versatile due to its compatibility with multiple atomizer coils.

Better yet, to forward user convenience in this compatibility feature, Innokin has integrated its proprietary "No-Spill Coil Swap System" in the iSub 5 Vortex. According to Vapor Authority, this "groundbreaking design affords you the ability to very easily swap out the atomizer coil by simply disconnecting the halves of the tank’s deck." Innokin's innovation has a two-fold benefit. First, it's obviously super-convenient for the vaper, encouraging post-sale experimentation. Second, this system substantially reduces the risk of spillage when replacing the atomizer head.

Another convenient attribute of the iSub 5 Vortex is Innokin's "Easy Top-Fill System." Rather than going through the cumbersome process of removing multiple components just to fill the tank reservoir, the iSub 5 features a top cap setup. Simply remove the cap, which exposes the e-juice reservoir. From there, just refill the iSub 5 Vortex with your favorite e-liquid flavors.


Why It's The Best:

Leveraging years of industry experience, Innokin forever changed what is possible in a vaping tank with the iSub V Tank. Featuring multiple innovations, advanced functionality, and rugged craftsmanship, the unparalleled fusion of attributes is what makes the iSub V stand out from the rest of the vaping competition.


Genuine Kanger™ TopTank Mini (Top Fill Subtank Mini)

Kanger Toptank MiniOne of the most prolific vaporizer manufacturers in the industry, Kanger has reversed the misconception that quantity must necessarily sacrifice quality. Although Kanger releases new products on a consistent, monthly basis, none of them are fillers. Each product launch is the result of meticulous hours spent on the engineering floor, and this is best displayed in the Kanger Top Tank Mini (Top Fill Subtank Mini).

Right off the bat, vapers are struck by how gorgeous the styling cues and lines are for the Kanger TopTank Mini. Offered in a dazzling array of colors -- black with red accents, stainless steel, classic white, and Ferrari red -- the TopTank mini will fit exceptionally well with any battery or MOD.

Furthermore, the TopTank Mini by Kanger is constructed of the robust, super-high quality 304-grade stainless steel. Fused with two other metals, chromium and nickel, the additional materials and chemical composition enhances protective qualities against unwanted rust and corrosion. As an added feature, the TopTank is built to withstand incredible pressures -- it will reliably engage any duty which it is called upon.

One of the defining features of the Kanger TopTank Mini is its airflow control valve. Often imitated but rarely implemented, Kanger's unique variant allows for precise calibration of airflow volume that hits the tanks, all while the vaporizer is being used. This system eliminates much of the time wasted calibrating airflow in other platforms as the vaper can receive real-time feedback to his or her modulations. Reduce the intake volume for tighter hits, or increase it for a smoother experience -- the choice is yours. The airflow adjustment also has a bonus feature -- the elimination of flooding and gurgling that can occur when switching e-juices of varying VG concentration.

A new feature of the TopTank Mini is its top-fill e-liquid system: this is actually the first product to integrate this technology. And what a wonderful contribution it is! Rather than removing the clearomizer from the battery and unscrewing the base to gain access to the e-juice compartment, the Kanger TopTank Mini allows the vaper to refill the tank from a predefined slot at the top of the tank. Not only does this save a considerable amount of time in e-juice refills, it also does away with one of the more frustrating processes involved in vaping.

For advanced vapers, Kanger offers an optional RBA deck available for purchase separately. The RBA is screwed in place of the pre-made atomizer coil, which then "allows you to build your own coils using any metal material and wicking material you wish," according to Vapor Authority. Due to this option, the TopTank is technically a hybrid device, which can be incorporated as a standard clearomizer or as a rebuildable atomizer.

As a sub-ohm tank, the Kanger Mini isn't necessarily marketed as an MTL device. Nevertheless, because of its modularity options and advanced technologies such as its control valve, the TopTank Mini by Kanger is extremely well-regarded by the MTL community. Additionally, the TopTank is built for variance. In case an MTL vaper wants to try the DTL method, the Kanger Mini is at the ready -- no need to buy another device!


Why It's The Best:

Endlessly pursuing the perfect vape, Kanger is a vaping company that intimately understands the needs of the discerning enthusiast. The TopTank Mini is the latest evolution in this pursuit, combining robust craftsmanship, creative innovations, and a heritage that speaks boldly from every vapor produced.


Genuine Kanger Aerotank Plus Tank

Kanger Aerotank PlusAs previously mentioned, Kanger is one company that never rests on its laurels. Their engineers are among the best in the industry, pumping out innovation after innovation. The technologies incorporated into Kanger products are second-to-none, and are often imitated by copycat competitors. However, it would be a tall task to match the Kanger Aerotank Plus Tank in either price or performance.

Like all of Kanger's contributions, the Aerotank Plus is an elegant design, befitting its status as the vaping manufacturer's flagship line of glassomizers. Cased in a chic and smooth stainless steel chassis, and integrated with a Pyrex glass body, the Kanger Aerotank Plus screams sex appeal without emitting a single noise.

An evolution from their previous and well-received lineup of glassomizers, this latest iteration features the same conveniences beloved by Kanger enthusiasts. Field stripping the Aerotank Plus is a breeze, allowing for complete access and thorough cleaning. Additionally, the breakdown of the Aerotank  facilitates multiple customization options -- perfect for those that seek personal expression through their vaporizer platform.

Undoubtedly, one of the key features of the Aerotank Plus Tank is the Pyrex tank. Contrary to cheap e-cigarettes that may incorporate plastic tanks, Pyrex glass is an inert material that has the added benefit of being incredibly robust. That's why it's so popular in cookware, as it will handle high heat temperatures without interfering with natural flavors. There are few things more frustrating to a vaper than investing in premium e-juices, only to have the vaporizer components impart undesirable aftertastes.

The heart and soul of the Kanger Aerotank Plus Tank is its signature airflow control valve. A newly improved design from prior Kanger vape tanks, this latest edition allows the vaper to precisely control the volume of air in real time. This eliminates a significant amount of guesswork towards dialing in the perfect setting.

Furthermore, Kanger has incorporated a user-friendly and intuitive functionality for its airflow control valve. To obtain smoother, airier hits, simply widen the valve to dilute the air volume. For tighter, stronger hits, restrict the valve to condense the volume. This variability provides the ideal platform for either MTL or DTL vaping.

The Aerotank Plus is designed specifically to operate with Kanger's industry standard SSOCC Atomizer Coils (one important point to note is that the Aerotank Plus cannot be used with any other atomizer coil besides the SSOCC). These Kanger heads are renowned for their performance and reliability, and are offered in multiple resistances and wire materials.

For the MTL vaper specifically, SSOCC has a large list of high-resistance coils that easily and effortlessly promote strong throat hits. And should you choose to dial down the resistance for flavor and cloud production, the SSOCC coils cannot be beat. Additionally, all SSOCC branded coils are made with 100% pure Japanese Organic Cotton. As Vapor Authority notes, "Void of contaminants, such as pesticides, colorants, and bleach, these sensational heads deliver truly intense flavor, along with plumes of vapor." 


Why It's The Best:

Constantly burning the midnight oil, Kanger can reliably be counted upon to produce innovations that are both functional and practical. The Aerotank Plus Tank is the latest step forward within the remarkable Kanger journey, combining refined craftsmanship, intelligent design, and an attractive price point under one umbrella. 


Genuine Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

Aspire Nautilus 2Although a very young company, Aspire has set the benchmark among vaping manufacturers for its focus on high-end, premium quality products. Not only that, Aspire has designed vaporizers and vaporizer components for the entire community, and not just to address "flavor of the week" trends. As such, Aspire happens to be one of the few companies that specifically engineers their products for MTL-ers, and the Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank is easily the gold standard. 

The Nautilus 2 by Aspire is a stunner -- the design work is completely original, featuring a sculpted top that widens lusciously to its base. In the middle of the chassis is a pronounced open circle, exposing the inner workings of the Nautilus tank. And unlike other hyped products that dazzle on the outside but are hollow on the inside, the Nautilus 2 reflects artistic class throughout its entire framework. Simply put, these are aesthetic lines that you grow into, not grow out of like many vape tanks that focus on aesthetics only.

Aspire offers the Nautilus 2 tank in three colors: stainless steel, black, red, and gunmetal gray. What's distinct about the Aspire Nautilus 2 from other vaporizer components is that all color options are equally attractive. Thanks to the sheen and immaculate finish that the Aspire team integrated into these MTL-centric tanks, it really comes down to personal preference. No color scheme would be considered too gaudy or otherwise over the top, which perfectly aligns with Aspire's mission statement for the Nautilus 2.

For the internals, the Nautilus 2 by Aspire incorporates high-grade 304-stainless steel for the steel color option. The 304 is one of the most versatile iterations of the stainless steel core, which is able to withstand a multitude of atmospheric environments, corrosive media, and intense heat pressures. Its robustness is attributed to the combination of nickel, zinc, and chromium, which also helps ensure that the Nautilus 2 will last for several years after the initial purchase.

For the black, red, and gray versions, Aspire incorporates an aluminum-zinc alloy, which, according to Vapor Authority, is then "anodized to provide for unsurpassed rust and corrosion resistance." Whether you choose the stainless steel, or the colored options, both variants offer superior protection that should last the life of the vape tank.

For the Nautilus 2's e-juice reservoir, Aspire integrated Pyrex glass into its composition, which significantly boosts performance and end-user experience. Cheaper materials such as plastic can wear down over time, especially through repeated, high-pressure usage. Furthermore, these cheap components can interfere unfavorably with e-liquids, thus eliminating the point of investing in premium flavors. Pyrex, in contrast, is relatively inert, ensuring a full and accurate translation of your e-juice flavors.

A unique bonus that Aspire provides for the Nautilus 2 Tank kit is a second Pyrex glass tube.. Glass, no matter how hardened, has a tendency of breaking -- should an unfortunate accident occur, you don't have to run to the vape shop. Aspire already has you covered!

But the engineering specs for the Aspire Nautilus 2 is where this tank earns its MTL wings. First off, the Nautilus 2 features a state-of-the-art 5-stage airflow control valve. This newly improved system allows the vaper to precisely control the volume of air drawn into the tank in real time. Therefore, much of the guesswork of vaping calibration is needed -- simply tweak the control valve until the right conditions are met.

Second, Aspire includes two atomizer coils in its Nautilus 2 kit -- a 0.7-ohm coil for DTL and cloud chasing, and a replacement 1.8-ohm coil that is perfect for MTL and throat hits. The 0.7-ohm version is pre-installed when you purchase the Nautilus 2. However, this vape tank field strips very easily, allowing for a quick and seamless transition between the two coils.

Furthermore, this vape tank system is compatible with both the current-gen Nautilus 2 coils, as well as the original Nautilus coils. This legacy-compatibility facilitates aftermarket experimentation, a trend that is extremely popular in vaping. The consumer-centric attention to detail is also why Aspire is so beloved among the enthusiast community.


Why It's The Best:

If you're looking for an uncompromising vaporizer tank, look no further than the Aspire Nautilus 2. Featuring premium materials and top-end craftsmanship, the Nautilus 2 has few rivals. Best of all, Aspire specifically designed this tank from the ground up to satisfy the demands of the MTL community.  


Genuine SMOK TFV4 MINI Sub Ohm Tank

SMOK TFV4 MiniOne of the challenges for MTL vapers is to find vaporizer components that works for them. The vaping market is definitely geared towards the cloud chasing, DTL crowd, and the product offerings reflect that fact. Renowned vaping manufacturer Smoktech proved, however, that modern DTL tanks don't have to alienate the MTL crowd. The SMOK TFV4 MINI Sub Ohm Tank is a perfect example.

Although the TFV4 kit is undoubtedly marketed towards cloud chasers, included in the kit is an RBA deck and an airflow restrictor. When used in conjunction with each other, the SMOK TFV4 system essentially transforms into a high-resistance platform. This facilitates the throat hit that MTL vapers are looking for, as well as satisfying the needs of everyday vapers who may want the occasional smooth hit.  

Right from the get-go, you can see that Smoktech means business with their TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm Tank. Integrated with high-grade, corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, the TFV4 is impressively built. Quite frankly, Smoktech may have engineered one of the best-looking vaping tanks available in the marketplace. Lean and muscular, the TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm Tank is purpose-built.

For color options, SMOK made the choice simple for the TFV4: either classic stainless steel or black with red inlays. To achieve the understated approach, or a color scheme that won't clash with your vaping platform, go with the stainless steel. It's a "ready made" color that will incorporate well into virtually anything. For a little pizzazz, there's nothing quite like the boldness of red on black. Choose this scheme if you want to make a statement with your TFV4 Mini!

Luckily for enthusiasts and vaping aficionados, Smoktech didn't leave their statement just on the aesthetics. First and foremost, the company integrated their distinct "Top-Fill" e-liquid system into the framework of the TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm Tank. Rather than dealing with the nonsense of typical e-juice refills -- detaching the tank, unscrewing the base, refilling the reservoir, putting everything back together -- the vaper simply replenishes the reservoir through a specified filling slot at the top of the TFV4. This makes the TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm incredibly user-friendly, and also eliminates one of the most cumbersome processes in e-juice vaping.

Another distinct feature of the TFV4 by SMOK is its airflow control valve. Other clearomizer manufacturers boast of variable airflow functionality, but SMOK has truly mastered the art. The TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm comes with four pre-set airflow options, which will increase or decrease the air intake volume. This capability facilitates end-user modulations, delivering precise magnitudes in hits and draws. Additionally, the variable airflow cuts down on flooding or gurgling when switching among different e-liquid options.

What truly sets apart the TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm Tank by SMOK is the "wide range of available atomizer coils that has been released to accommodate it," according to Vapor Authority. Although the TFV4 is primarily marketed to the direct-to-lung community, MTL enthusiasts will have plenty of love for this SMOK iteration. Among the vast list of available options for the TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm, MTL vapers can choose to integrate the TF-TF "Standard Core" dual-coil atomizer with 1.5-ohms resistance. Rated with a 20 to 40 maximum wattage, this is a perfect power band for MTL vapers.  

On top of the abundance of atomizer coils, SMOK released the TF-N2 atomizer head, which is constructed out of quality nickel Ni-200 wire. When used in conjunction with a temperature control and limiting MOD, the coil temperature can actually be adjusted to fit particular preferences. For vapers that dig the smooth texture of cool hits, the coil temps can be dialed down, and vice-versa for those seeking the power of warmer hits.

And for those specifically buying the SMOK TFV4 Mini for MTL usage, don't be alarmed by its small, 2.5 milliliter tank. When using the MTL methodology with high-resistance atomizer coils, the power usage is considerably less than that of the DTL process in conjunction with low-resistance coils. That equates to two benefits for the MTL enthusiast. First, the TFV4 will use less battery power. Second, and more importantly, less power means more efficient usage of e-juices. All the while, you're getting the quality of experience that only comes from a genuine SMOK tank!


Why It's The Best:

The SMOK TFV4 Mini Sub-ohm Tank has it all. For those looking a dead-cool clearomizer, the TFV4 stands in a class of its own. Enthusiasts who seek both performance and modularity will find a true advocate in the TFV4, which is armed with a number of features for the discerning vaper.


Quick Guide Chart:


Body Material

Tank Material

Liquid Capacity

Best Feature

Aspire Nautilus Mini

Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass

2.0 mL


Innokin™ iSub V Tank

High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass

3.0 mL

Design, Versatility

Kanger TopTank Mini

High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass

4.0 mL


Kanger Aerotank Plus

High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass

2.0 mL


Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel ; Aluminum Alloy

Pyrex Glass

2.0 mL


SMOK TFV4 Mini Tank

High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Pyrex Glass

3.5 mL




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- October 02, 2017

I’m a beginner when it comes to vaping. My question comes in a few parts. I’m doing MTL. I have a rx2/3 with nautilus 2 tank which I have for at home however I struggle to dismantle the tank because of problems with my hands, So I would like recommendation for a top filler to go with this.
Next one is i use a Curve 2 kit for when I go out because it’s smaller but my tank is now no good, tbh I’m not that impressed with the tank so I need a tank for this if at all I can use a different tank with this mod, or will I need a new kit? (I tried a Smok plus I didn’t like it). so recommendations for something no bigger than the Curve. Thanks

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