Leah G - Missoula, MT

Posted on Nov 01, 2016

"My mom was a smoker for over 30 years, and me for like 9 years or something like that. She was having some serious health issues and I kept bugging her to quit. Anyway long story short, we made a deal that we would both quit at the same time. So we started checking online for company that sold these things and we found Vapor Authority. Well, we got on the site and saw a million different things and had zero idea where the heck to even begin. So, we gave them a ring and asked then some questions. They got to understand what we were looking for and they made some great suggestions. Well then we get our stuff and we are totally clueless how to use the damn things, so we called them again. They sat there and explained every little detail about how to use them and set them up and all that. Like they actually stayed on the phone and said unscrew this and push that button. Really amazing the way that they took care of us. That’s why I wanted to write this and let ya’ll know how much ya’ll helped us."