Oliver Pierce - Binghampton, NY

Posted on Nov 01, 2016

"I’m writing this to let everyone at Vapor Authority know how much I appreciate you and everything you have done over the past several months. After my heart bypass, my doctor told me basically quit smoking or die—what a choice. Of course the first thing I tried was that horrible gum, which didn’t do squat for me. Then I tried the Chantix pills, and oh my God what a bad choice that was. I thought I was going crazy. So, I bought a little gas station electronic cigarette and some of the liquid for it too. Comparing it to what I have now, it was a piece of junk, but guess what, it worked. A customer at my body shop actually told me about Kanger tank and his battery and everything. So, I did a search and came across Vapor Authority. I was impressed with you from the start. I was guided to the best package for me, and the difference was astronomical. Since then I have made every purchase through you except this one time. I wanted an Istick 50W, but you guys were out of the blue color, so I decided I would buy it from another site (I won’t mention which). Boy oh boy what a mistake that was. I decided right then and there that I will just stick with Vapor Authority. I know what I’m getting with you guys and I know it’s definitely genuine. If I have an issue I know that I can call someone and get help. I honestly appreciate the type of company you are and the great people you have working there."