Sean Diggs - Orlando, FL

Posted on Nov 01, 2016

"Vapor Authority is a nice change from the whole being treated as a number thing. It seems like no matter where you shop, no one gives a crap about you anymore. I remember when companies really cared about their customers, and today that’s all lost. It like to see good businesses thriving, like Vapor Authority. Look, it’s obvious when a company cares and when they don’t. Simple as that. Vapor Authority has always made me feel like I am valued, and that is worth everything to me. I swear even in the times that I find something for a little cheaper somewhere else, I don't even think about buying from them. Vapor Authority is always competitively priced anyway, and I’m more than willing to spend a dollar or two more to know that I will be taken care of if I need some help. To know that I can trust the company with my information. To know that I won’t have to wait a week or more to get my package. These things matter to me, and this is why I have remained a Vapor Authority customer for so long. Your formula works fellas—keep it up."