Mouth-to-Lung Hits Vs Straight-to-Lung Hits: What is the Difference?
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Mouth-to-Lung Hits Vs Straight-to-Lung Hits: What is the Difference?

If you have been vaping for even a short while, chances are that you have come across the terms “mouth-to-lung hits” and “straight-to-lung hits.” There is widespread confusion regarding this topic as it relates to terminology, devices, and which one is best. Some tanks, such as the Innokin Zenith, is designed specifically for mouth-to-lung hits, while others, such as the Smok TFV16 can only be enjoyed with direct-to-lung hits. This article will help shed some light on this topic and hopefully answer your questions as well.



Before getting into details and explanations, it is prudent to first establish the proper terminology. As with many words widely used within the vaping community, there are several different names that are used to describe the two styles of vaping. Here is a list of various terms used to depict each of the two styles:


  • Straight-to-Lung Hits: Lung Inhale, Lung Hit, Direct Lung Hit, Direct-to-Lung Hit, Direct Lung Inhale, Direct Inhale, Lung Vaping.
  • Mouth-to-Lung Hits: Mouth Inhale, Mouth Hit.



As you can see, there are many different names that vapers use to describe the same thing. Irrespective of your term of choice, they all have the same meaning. Here is the definition of each of the vaping styles:


  • Straight-to-Lung Hit:  As the name suggests, a straight-to-lung hit is one where the vapor is directly channeled through the throat and to the lungs, bypassing the mouth. This is similar to the way in which you breath air directly into your lungs.
  • Mouth-to-Lung Hit: A mouth-to-lung hit is one whereby the vapor is first drawn and gathered in the mouth, then inhaled into the lungs. This is similar to the way in which smokers inhale cigarette smoke.


Which Vaping Style is Right for Me?

straight to lung hitsThere is no universally “better” vaping style per se. Rather, it is solely a matter of personal preference. In general, individuals who have turned to vaping as a substitute for smoking cigarettes prefer mouth-to-lung hits. The reason for this is due to the fact that the vast majority of smokers engage in mouth hits rather than lung hits. As a result, ex-smokers have been conditioned to vape in this way, and generally do not enjoy straight-to-lung hits. However, in time, some ex-smokers slowly edge towards lung hits as well.

Hobbyists and vapers who have never smoked often prefer direct-to-lung hits rather than mouth hits. There are various reasons for this. For some it is due to the type of equipment they have purchased. For others it is as reflection of the person(s) who first introduced them to vaping; while for many it is due to the certain benefits that can be enjoyed with straight-to-lung hits.


Benefits of Straight-to-Lung Hits:

Many vapers appreciate taking lung hits over mouth hits. The reasons for this vary, however the primary factor is the increase in vapor production. Cloud chasers, hobbyists, and tricksters all very much enjoy obtaining the largest and thickest vapor clouds possible. This goal necessitates taking lung hits, as you can gather substantially more vapor in your lungs than you can in your mouth.

However, it is important to note that the larger clouds that is obtained through straight-to-lung hits is done so at the expense of flavor intensity. Since the vapor is bypassing the mouth, and therefore the tongue, the individual’s taste buds do not have the opportunity to make much contact with the vapor.


Benefits of Mouth-to-Lung Hits:

Although those who engage in mouth hits do not do so in order to relish specific advantages, mouth-to-lung vaping does offer some benefits. First, this style of vaping very closely mimics the sensation of cigarette smoking. When a smoker takes a drag of a cigarette, the smoke gathers in his/her mouth then is all inhaled into the lungs simultaneously. This, in turn, creates a particular sensation in the throat called a “throat hit.” This is something that smokers crave, and is part of the reason why electronic cigarettes are such incredible substitutes for traditional cigarettes. Mouth hits offer that same throat hit feeling, thereby providing for a satisfying hit.

Mouth-to-lung hits are also beneficial in that they greatly help to conserve e-juice. Lung hits produce substantially more vapor than mouth hits, which necessarily means that more e-liquid is being consumed.

In addition, mouth-to-lung hits provide for noticeably tastier vapor when compared to a straight-to-lung hits. The reason for this is very simple. When you take a mouth hit, the vapor first gathers in your mouth prior to it being inhaled into your lungs. That collected vapor is then exposed to your taste buds, which allows you to enjoy the various flavor notes within your e-juice.


Setups for Mouth-to-Lung Hits:

When it comes to the specific hardware that is best for mouth-to-lung hits, the battery or MOD is not nearly as important as the tank and coil that are used. In general, lung hits nautilus mouth to lungrequire greater airflow while mouth hits require less air for tighter draws. Therefore, tanks without an airflow control valve are normally best for mouth-to-lung hits, as the air intake is restricted to the pre-drilled air holes at the base of the tank. Moreover, tanks with smaller air intake holes within the tank’s chamber are better for mouth hits as well.

Tanks that are equipped with airflow control valves are certainly not automatically designed for lung hits. Some can be used for both styles; however, the user will have to tighten the valve for mouth hits and loosen it for lung hits.


Setups for Straight-to-Lung Hits:

As mentioned, with mouth-to-lung hits, batteries and MODs are not as important as tanks and coils for those who want to obtain lung hits. The primary factor relating to the mod is uwell rafale - straight to lung tankthat you usually want a device that offers a minimum of 40W of power so that it can accommodate sub-ohm atomizer coils. Although standard resistance atomizer coils can be used for lung hits, the vast majority of lung inhalers use sub-ohm atomizer coils, and therefore need the appropriate type of mod.

When it comes to the best tanks for straight to lung hits, the primary key is airflow. Straight-to-lung hits require substantially more air than mouth hits do. Therefore, tanks that are best suitable for lung hits are those that offer large airflow holes within the valve, as well as enlarged air holes in the chimney. The increased air is not only smoother on the throat, but also provides for a sizable increase in vapor production.


E-Juice and Nicotine Strength:

Another factor that must be considered for each type of vaping style is the e-juice that is being used. In general, straight-to-lung hits are commonly done using lower nicotine strengths. Sub-ohm atomizer coils, high wattages, and large amounts of vapor going directly to your lungs can make it very uncomfortable if the nicotine strength of the e-liquid exceeds 6mg. The most popular nicotine strength for lung hitters is 3mg, with 0mg coming in at second, and 6mg being the third most popular.

Moreover, for those who engage in lung hits in an effort to obtain larger vapor clouds, e-juices with higher levels of vegetable glycerin (VG) is more suitable. VG is significantly thicker and denser than propylene glycol (PG). As a result, higher VG e-liquids tend to produce larger and thicker vapor clouds than lower VG ones.


Best Tanks for Mouth-to-Lung Hits:

Below are some suggestions for the best Mouth-to-Lung tanks by manufacturer at the time this article was last updated:








Best Tanks for Straight-to-Lung Hits:

Below are some suggestions for the best Straight-to-Lung tanks by manufacturer at the time this article was last updated:













    Tanks Suitable for Both Lung Hits and Mouth Hits:

    Some tanks are designed to accommodate both vaping styles. Below are some suggestions:









      *UPDATE: For those of you looking specifically for Pod Systems, here are some popular choices...


      Best Pod Systems for Mouth-to-Lung Hits:

      Below are some suggestions for the best Mouth-to-Lung Pod Systems by manufacturer at the time this article was last updated:










      Best Pod Systems for Straight-to-Lung Hits:

      Below are some suggestions for the best Straight-to-Lung Pod Systems by manufacturer at the time this article was last updated:


        Geek Vape:







        Pod Systems Suitable for Both Lung Hits and Mouth Hits:

        Some tanks are designed to accommodate both vaping styles. Below are some suggestions:










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          All that you have written is very useful.but i want to know about eleaf i just one.can u give the detail on eleaf i just one starter kit.

        • Posted by Curt Lee on Jan 16, 2017

          An interesting article. I was an analog smoker for years, switching to what’s commonly called an e-cig just about 2 years ago. I’m now using a sub ohm device, but started with an eGo set up. Mouth to lung hits had never crossed my mind, with either analog or electronic vaping until a nephew of mine, still an analog smoker, told me that mouth to lung has been his smoking method from his first cigarette.
          It only shows that as with most things we do, there are variations that best suit the person doing it.
          Happy Vaping !

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          good info. even though I’m not new to vaping. I find it to be a fickled mistress

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